A Homecoming. Chapter 7.

On Sunday morning, Christine served Ben’s breakfast. A badly withheld grin played over her face as she stopped herself from mentioning their outing last night. Ben expected, therefore, to receive during the day a message on his Pad. Just before lunch, it arrived:

To Ben: – “Sorry about ‘your’ spoiled love-life. E. would have loved to borrow Ipad for today, but H. (Heinz, Husband) is home this weekend. So, you miss out again (in addition to other things you missed out on last night) on E.’s hot sexting. Pity. I’d be cross!! C.”

To Christine: – “Do I have to miss out? You are hogging the Ipad! So, why don’t you make up for what I am missing? B.”

There was no answer. At lunch, Christine and Ben exchanged a few words and meaningful smiles. But she made him wait until well after dinner before his Pad came alive:

To Ben: – “Sorry, busy day. Also, I had to think. How will E. react if you and I now truthfully (!) sext? C.”

To Christine: – “I thought you knew. After our date, would a no longer sexting be truthful? If E. asks, will you lie? B.”


To Ben: – “I will have to tell E. that going out with you turned into a hot date. God, we all but fucked! C.”

To Christine: – “Just as well we did not, could not. Gerd saved us! Virtue was preserved. Or was it? B.”

To Ben: – “Remember how I had to take off and put on my shoes in the car. You did not look away! I felt your eyes as I spread my legs. They were stripping off my tiny panties. You did, Ben, yes! You were eye-fucking me!!! By the time I had done with my shoes, your eyes alone had made my pussy wetter than -. Anyway, it has been a long time since!! C.”

To Christine: – “You describe only a few, admittedly, raunchy moments in our evening of wining and dining. You were a perfectly charming, utterly respectable host for the elders! B.”

To Ben: – “Yes, but we left them often alone. We danced. You remembered from yesterday’s sexting how it turns me on being naked under the dress I wore for our date! And your hands searched all over my body while we danced. They discovered it was almost true! And your hard cock ground against my pussy. I just had to touch it! God, Ben – I wanted it not only in my hand! C.”

To Christine: – “What was on your mind? Tell me! B.”


To Ben: – “I thought of the porn E. and I watch: of the women going down on their knees for their exiting foreplay. And I imagined you undoing my dress, it sliding to the floor. I, naked, sinking to my knees, freeing your straining cock. And then, Ben, I imagined filling my mouth with its heat and taste. And you, looking down and stroking my head and telling me how crazy you are about me! C.”

To Christine: – “I am! I was! Your sexiness while dancing gave me a major hard-on. I could barely keep in step. B.”

To Ben: – “And my knees were shaking, and something hot was trickling down my thighs! C.”

To Christine: – “What fore-play! What build-up! And then the sudden end with Gerd’s bloody coming home. Unlike you, with your hand busy on my cock, I had barely touched the pussy you flashed at me all evening. Will there ever be more? B.”

To Ben: – “Whatever my devious mind and now stirred-up imagination can come up with. (I wonder what E. will allow!!??) For tonight, Lively Dreams. C.”

On Monday morning, Erika greeted Ben with a smile just as she greeted all the other guests. Ben, on tenterhooks over Erika’s coming reaction, decided against going out. With his concentration somewhat impaired, he settled down to work. Shortly before lunch, the waited for text arrived: –


To Ben: – “Have just studied the latest sexts on our Ipad. I blackmailed guilty C. into giving me the afternoon off to punish you. And her!!! – HAH!! E.”

Shortly before two, with Ben working at his desk, the door opened silently. He looked over his shoulder, but Erika pretended he was not there. She walked to the bathroom, leaving the door open. Ben listened, enjoying the mental picture of Erika undressing, her stepping under the shower, and her singing while she leisurely showered.

Ben, unlike her on arriving, would not pretend disinterest. When he thought Erika was about to come out, he turned in his chair and faced the bathroom’s door.

Erika stepped out. Finding Ben facing her, she almost frowned as she walked up to him, step by deliberate step. Erika was proudly naked. Kneeing down in front of Ben, she untied the sash of his dressing gown. She folded it open. Erika did not look up as her hands cupped Ben’s balls.

Then, almost reverently, her face sank into his groin, and her mouth, with a licking play of tongue, took in immediately a third of Ben’s rising erection. And the way she continued to pleasure his cock and balls was not a timid, hesitant first-time exploration. It was an oral possession-taking that showed Erika’s unrepressed sexual desire. For Ben, this was infinitely more arousing than the feel of her mouth itself.

When Erika rose from the floor and spread her legs to straddle him, Ben was rock-hard aroused. And Erika impaled herself with an urgency that matched her tongue thrusting in his mouth.


When they stopped kissing, Erika, breathless and stifling a laugh, whispered, “I’m glad I could beat her to be first in sucking your lovely cock!”

When Ben could not find a quick answer, she added, “Even if you weren’t as hard for me as Christine says you were for her. But you are now! If I can excite you so much, I might even share you – sometimes – with naughty Christine! You are thinking about it, aren’t you?”

While Erika talked, she had begun to ride him harder. Ben, therefore, instead of an answer, grabbed her buttocks. He began to arrest every fourth or so of Erika’s downward thrusts to press and hold his now rampant cock into the hot-quivering, milking depth of her cunt. Erika met it first, grinding her pelvis hard against the invader, moaning with her head thrown back. Then, as she rode Ben harder and harder between each arrest, it changed to drawn-out cries, half in lust, half in protest.

Finally, Erika grabbed Ben’s neck as hard as he did her straining buttocks. She shrieked, “I’m coming, Ben! I’m coming! Ben! Fuck! Come with me, don’t leave me alone!” And her voice and her body twisting and convulsing in his arms sucked Ben into Erika’s overpowering orgasm.

Less than comfortably perched on the chair, they still clung together for a while in a loving, post-coital embrace. In pulling apart, Erika glanced down on their wet-glistening nether regions and said, “God, we’ll need some cleaning up.”

Ben replied, “We could share a shower. It would be another first, after our first Quickie.”


Erika was not lost for an answer. Grinning, she said, “I love these sexy firsts, especially our Quickie. It proved that you couldn’t wait to fuck me! Just as I couldn’t wait any longer for the taste and feel of your cock in my mouth. And then fucking on a chair and showering together! Ben, what a perfect way to recover for more firsts. I’m free all afternoon!”

Erika and Ben made the most of their first time under the warm water streaming down on them. They kissed with their mouths sensuously half open with the water streaming down, wetting their searching tongues. Both took an inordinately long time to wash the other’s lower regions. Erika’s hand could not keep off Ben’s hardening cock. In between kisses, she told him how she had loved to suck his cock. If they didn’t get out of the shower, she’d be on her knees again.

But the more convenient expanse of the bed and the joys it promised was the greater attraction. They towelled each other dry before Erika raced Ben to throw herself across the bed. When Ben knelt close to her, Erika was all temptation. With her legs spread and her pubes arching up, she stretched out her arms to pull him down.

With Ben on her side, she immediately reached for Ben’s cock. Now, Erika found her voice; sexily low, she whispered, “Ben! Ben, I love how much this sexy cock wants me! Touch my pussy, feel how wet and hot I am for you! God, I love our lovemaking, having your fingers, your cock, your tongue in my pussy! I’ve never been like that before! Nobody has ever wanted me like you, made love to me like you! And now I can’t get enough!”

Ben’s lips joined Erika’s for a long, telling-all kiss. When two of his fingers began to stroke her pussy-slit open, he drank her gasps from her lips. As Ben’s fingertips brushed in a repeated caress over her cunt’s opening and clit, Erika began to whine. Her groin pushed and ground against his hand until two of his fingers were almost sucked into Erika’s cunt’s slippery opening. When they started to stretch and probe and bend, Erika’s gasps for breath and quivers told Ben they found the hidden spots of electrifying bliss.

When Ben took one of Erika’s straining tits in his mouth, and his teeth closed none too gently over its pointily aroused nipple, Erika gave a shrill yelp. She grabbed his hair, following it with a staccato of “Yes! Ben, touch me! Bite me! Oh, Ben!” as her cunt ground against Ben’s fingers, and her hand dragged his assailing mouth from nipple to nipple.


Erika no longer knew or cared whether it was Ben’s knowing fingers in her cunt or his mouth and teeth on her tits that edged her closer and closer to coming. But when he withdrew his fingers from her cunt and released her tits, Erika moaned in protest.

Ben now pressed her shaking body against his. With his mouth and hot, excited breath on Erika’s ear, he told her what he wanted of her now, “Calm down, no little climaxing yet for us. It’s our day for firsts. You love sucking my cock? Now, lie on top of me. Make love to my cock while your thighs cradle my face onto your sweet pussy. And I’ll do to it whatever your naughty mouth will do with my cock. And when we start to come, we’ll fuck into the wildest climax ever! With no running away this time! Today I want you shaking, thrashing and screaming in my arms as we come together! It’s what you want too, isn’t it?”

Erika drew Ben into a deep-tonguing kiss before she murmured, “Yes, yes, Ben! God, I want to make love like that! Your cock in my mouth and you eating my pussy! And then fuck and, God, come together like that!”

And then Erika turned and slid down Ben’s body until her mouth found and closed over his rampant erection. Without a moment’s hesitation, she angled a leg over Ben’s head. As Erika lifted her pelvis, her pussy, half-open and invitingly glistening, closed in on his face. But there was no waiting for Ben to begin! Erika’s hands took hold of his balls and erection as her mouth closed greedily over the engorged head of Ben’s cock.

As she did so, with her tongue circling and feeling and teasing what her hot mouth had captured, Erika’s pussy pushed down in search of Ben’s mouth. He, in turn, did not leave all to her. With his arms encircling her legs, his fingers dug into her thighs and pulled her pussy’s lips wide open. Ben began to lick her with repeated slow but firm broad-tongue strokes, up over her clit, to her cunt’s inner folds.

Erika’s moans got louder and more guttural as she sank her mouth ever deeper onto Ben’s rampant erection. Ben’s occasional love bites into a swelling-up pussy-lip made Erika yelp. She repaid Ben with matching bites on his cock.


After a while, Ben changed from the up-and-down of broad licks. Instead, he began to torment her throbbing gash with a twirling, no longer just teasing tongue. Whether it was from Erika’s or her body’s desire, it triggered a revealing response.

Whenever Ben made his tongue twirl on her cunt’s inner opening or over the sheath of her clit, Erika pressed her pussy extra hard against his tongue. So arrested, Ben’s twirling tongue found its way repeatedly into the hot and wet opening of Erika’s cunt.

The heated agitation of Erika was not primarily due to the shallow penetration of Ben’s tongue. In Erika’s sensually alive mind, the probing of her lover’s tongue was a thrilling token of his sexual hunger. It filled her with the expectation of his fingers, his cock thrusting into her: it was foreplay of what she knew was to come. Besides, most of her pussy’s pulsating heat and the welling-up juices resulted from Ben’s tonguing of her clit.

It was as much her doing as Ben’s. Whenever his flicking tongue neared her clit, Erika, with a shrill cry, pressed down hard. It pushed this part of her pussy past lips and teeth into Ben’s mouth and so exposed its nervy, so rarely, naked vulnerability to Ben’s loving. Eventually, Erika’s mouth had to release Ben’s cock. She arched up and cried out in naked lust while her hands clawed Ben’s balls and straining erection.

Ben took care not to stay too long on her clit. He did not want to drive Erika into a quick, premature coming. Ben wanted to keep Erika suspended, tethering at the edge of a much longer, tempestuous release. So, he returned to her now greedy clit less often and frustrated Erika’s attempts to hold him there.

Her cries of bliss as his tongue arrived and her protesting moans when it withdrew got louder. Then Ben slid his thumb into her slippery cunt, and its in and out made Erika howl. As her thighs started to shake, Ben reached for her hips to lift her quivering pussy off his face. Pushing Erika’s ass forward, he almost shouted, “Ride me, Erika! Ride my cock!”


As it was a first for Erika, she slumped forward in confusion. Her legs straddled Ben. It made it easy for him to guide his cock into the wet-glistening opening before his eyes. Gripping Erika’s hips, he started to fuck her with deep upwards thrusts. Erika, for the moment, had fallen silent. Ben had surprised her, and her climax had ebbed away.

Ben reacted quickly to Erika’s change in mood. Instead of continuing to fuck her, he began to caress her back and sexy ass. His cock lay waiting in her cunt’s warm, but now, non-responding depth.

Ben did not have long to wait for Erika’s reawakening. With only the slightest of outward movement, the walls and centre of her cunt came alive, gripping and feeling the length of Ben’s shaft. And Erika’s ass began to move against his cock’s stillness and his hands on her ass. He could watch as she slowly began to slide her slippery slot all the length of his cock out and then quicker and quicker in again. At the base of Ben’s cock, after a few passages, appeared a lovely white ring, a tell-tale of her cunt’s awakening passion.

Although Ben could just hear Erika’s low sighs of – what he took – contentment or relief, he thought better of breaking the silence. Instead of asking her to ride, he reached for Erika’s arms. Then, gently, Ben moved them together behind her back and pulled Erika upright out of her crouch. She did not resist, but as she sat up, Ben’s rod pushed suddenly hard against her cervix. Erika yelped in shock and would have jerked off into a total withdrawal had not Ben’s firm grip on her arms stopped her.

With one-third of his cock still in her quivering cunt, Ben’s eyes were drawn to Erika’s ass over his cock. As her buttocks strained and twisted, her ass seemed in indecision between withdrawing and continuing. Then, however, Erika risked a slow sinking down again on Ben’s cock, while he held still. As Erika began her ride, she only allowed herself the briefest electrifying touch of cock on her cervix. Eventually, however, her downward push got more demanding in seeking the sensation that had earlier shocked her.

When Ben’s upward thrusts began to meet the downwards of her riding, Erika found her voice. Uninhibited, free of shame, she let Ben know that she was riding into a storm with ever louder and drawn-out cries. He still had not released her arms, held her upright. But now, Erika had thrown back her head, and her upper body arched as her lower parts began to shake. She also forced her legs forward, out of her kneeling position.


When Ben released her arms, Erika threw herself back on Ben’s body instead of throwing herself forward. Although Erika was already well in the grip of an orgasm, she had reached down and held and pressed Ben’s cock into her cunt. Her convulsions increased as Ben’s hands closed hard over her stretched up breasts, his fingers gripping her nipples. Erika had reached for his head, and their mouths, lips, tongues, cries and moans merged. And when one of Ben’s fingers, pressing hard on her clit slid into her cunt while his cock fucked her in now staccato-bursts, Erika was swept into a whirl of lustful contortions. As she howled, Ben’s roar joined her, and both were swept away in the turmoil of their orgiastic relief.

When eventually the storm ebbed away, Erika wriggled out of Ben’s embrace. She quickly turned, still lying on his body, and her hand and the mouth took possession of his cock. Her tongue licked and caressed his balls and shaft. And then Erika sunk her mouth, totally possession-taking, much deeper onto Ben’s cock than she had done before.

When she came up to kiss him, her face all flushed, she laughed. Half-swallowing her words, Erika murmured, “I just had to make up for before. The way you ate my pussy drove me crazy. You made me cry and whimper too much. It kept my mouth away from your cock.” And then, with a sexy whisper, she added, “And I wanted to suck your cock when it tasted of our coming! Just as you do with my pussy when it’s in heat from your fucking.”

Their kisses and affectionately cuddling up made an answer unnecessary. As lovers, they were – and both believed so – totally, unreservedly in tune with each other.

For Ben, however, matters with their Ipad-connectedness, potentially much more long-term than his brief stay in Gastein, were unresolved. He thought the time had come to open the issue with Erika indirectly. By repeatedly stroking down her back and caressing her ass, he quickly had her still strictly amorous attention.

So, he said, “You know I was once desperately in love with you. And now you have become for me the most desirable woman I have ever made love to. I wish I could tell you what thoughts rush through my mind while we make love. You have bewitched me. Just thinking of our lovemaking makes me hard! And I wish that, on the lonely nights that will come, I could text you to tell you how I feel. But would you want such texts on your shared Ipad?”


Erika laughed. While not surprised, she was a touch embarrassed as she asked, “What would you text me?”

Ben decided to confront her with the truth, “It would depend on what you would text me on your shared Ipad. Would it be different if you had an Ipad of your own?”

This turn in their discussion made Erika slip out of the close cuddle. Just out of reach on the king-size bed, resting on one elbow, she put her body into a provocatively sexy pose. Grinning mischievously, Erika asked, “How would you be sexting me if I had a Pad of my own?”

“I would ask you how a woman of so little experience can have such a cock-loving mouth. It could turn into a lively exchange of sexting, wouldn’t it? Then I would sext you how your reverse-cowgirl ride turned me on. God, I loved watching your ass straining as my cock, glistening from your juices, slid in and out of your cunt.

And I would tell you about frustration. As you rode us into our climax, throwing back your head, your body arching and your glorious tits pressing out, I wished for a mirror. I wanted to see you, eat you up with my eyes! I would finish up telling you that next time, your beautiful sexy ass and all, I would not let you ride me in reverse!

That would just be the beginning! With your exclamations and questions, our sexting would surely heat up!”


It was now Ben’s turn to grin as he waited for Erika’s response. She made him wait while she thought. Then her hand stroked over her breasts and pointily aroused nipples. With a smile and one hand lifting a boob at Ben, she said, “Look what such sexting would do to me. Would my sexting do the same to your cock?”

To focus Erika’s mind even more on their relation, Ben had a further proposition. He took her in his arms and gave her a long, loving kiss. Then he asked Erika if she would pose for him next time in her sexy undies. Hadn’t she bought them, only for him? He wanted her sexy picture on his Pad.

Erika refused an answer. She stalked off to the bathroom to get dressed. When she emerged, she seemed to want to replay her taciturn mode of arrival. Without looking at Ben still resting on the bed, Erika walked to the door.

With her hand on the knob, she turned and said, “All right. I’ll be in my undies next time! Make sure you steady your hands when you take my pictures.” 

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