A Homecoming. Chapter 6.

On the way down for dinner, Ben gave a wave to Gerd. He was, surprisingly enough, behind the desk in the reception office. Christine was supervising and waitressing in the dining room. After dinner, Ben went to the Lounge for coffee and celebratory cognac after a day well spent.

Christine, making her rounds, joined him briefly. Sitting down quite close to Ben, she explained that two of her staff were absent and that she was rushed today. Ben silently offered her the balloon with cognac. After a furtive look, if anybody watched, Christine took a healthy sip.

With a sigh of relief, she said, “You do know what a woman in need needs.” But then she got up, “I better relieve Gerd in the reception. He wants to go out again.” Christine lowered her voice, “It’s just as well that I have never missed him going to bed!”

Back in his room, Ben checked his mail and replied to one from his sponsors in Germany. When he finished, a text from Christine had arrived that invited exchange:

To Ben: – “Sorry, Ben, (Am I?) for messing up your sex-life. E. is desperately needed tomorrow, Friday, all day. Also, Saturday. E. will manage Hotel. I have a date!! Need all arvo to pretty up! Until next week, for you and E., the Ipad will have to substitute for whatever. Sorry!? C.”

To Christine: – “Hah! Christine as a sorry BOSS?! And why am I rather pleased that C. isn’t all that sorry? Her ‘date’ and need to ‘pretty up’ could require lengthy texting! My texting E. is, I fear, third-party censored. Hardly a substitute for your ‘whatever’. It’s like taking a sleeping tablet instead of Viagra. B.”


To Ben: – “For a man, Ben, that (I have heard!!) doesn’t need Viagra, you moan unconvincingly. At least you understood my sorry message. As a teacher, you should not misspell exting. And who is afraid of the bogeyman Censor? Not I nor E.!!! Want to hear about my date and how I’ll pretty- up? C.”

To Christine: – “Thrilled, excited about sexting with both of you. Hope getting often and hotly sexted back, by C. and E. in competition! I know E. has never sexted. Have you? Does it turn you on? Especially among us three!! Tell me about this date and how and why you will ‘pretty up’? B.”

To Ben: – “Neither C. nor E. have ever sexted. Both are willing to lose their sexting virginity with the right partner! Your question on my ‘date’ is a challenge for a sexting beginner like me. C.”

To Christine: – “How come? B.”

To Ben: – “I’m accompanying a man on a family outing. I’ll have to be at my best behaviour. I fancy that man somewhat. I call our outing ‘my date’ and prepare for it as if something naughty-date-like might happen. But it won’t! So, nothing real to sext about, is there? C.”

To Christine: – “If there isn’t, why am I getting excited? Tell me about how you will ‘pretty up and prepare’ for your non-date this Saturday? B.”


To Ben: – “I’ll first have a long warm bath to collect my thoughts, keeping my fingers in check!! It will remind me to restore the sexy trim on my too-long neglected bush. A labour of love since E. and I reached for the razor (Ask E. about the details.). I’ll use no perfume; all my lovers must love my natural smell. The dress is a difficult choice. I would like to wear the silver-grey knit-fabric one that I slip on, skin-tight, like a stocking. I’ve never worn it going out, would not wear it going out with Gerd! And now I can’t. Much too sexy for a family outing. It barely allows the sheerest of panties underneath without spoiling its magic!

I will have to wear a modest summer dress. I like it for immodest reasons. The almost see-through fabric and loose cut have tempted me occasionally on hot days to wear it naked underneath, among people, out on the terraces.

For a date where everything could happen, it would be just the dress. A short zip unzipped, and the dress would slide from my shoulders to the ground, revealing all of me!

For our outing, with my secret date, I regretfully need to compromise. But I’ll wear my sexiest underwear. (I know it’s his fetish. Pity, he won’t see!) Oh, yes; I’ll also wear the highest-heel shoes. It will give my rather nice bottom (I’ve been told) a sexy sway.

So, all this just to please my dirty mind. Wait a second – sexting it to you could inflame yours?? C.”

To Christine: – “Indeed, it could have consequences beyond just sexting? Aren’t you, the driver? After being so well-behaved during dinner, won’t you drive your date home in your car? All sorts of things could happen then. B.”


To Ben: – “Home is out for misbehaving. Car will be tempting, but it’s only sporty to drive. In parking, it’s not suitable for what you seem to have in mind!? My car only allows – maybe – a few kisses and clumsy groping across centre-hump and gearstick? It may just whet the appetite for more harmless sexting. For now, Good Night and Sweet Dreams. C.”

To Christine: – “P.S. Next time you slip into your silver-grey dress, take a selfie on your Ipad and post it to me! I love sexy-tall women in slinky dresses, especially when naked underneath. B.”

On Friday morning at breakfast, while she poured Ben’s coffee, Erika whispered, “Christine told me she has started sexting with you. She is naughty! I haven’t read it yet.”

It put Ben on tenterhooks for the rest of the day. He worked till mid-afternoon on the material he needed to prepare for his coming guest-lecturer-ship. He regularly checked for arriving mail. Then he went to visit father and Helen to tell them about the arrangement for tomorrow’s outing.

Christine gave him a wave and broad smile on returning to the hotel as he passed the reception. And now, at last, Erika’s message was on his Pad. It read:

To Ben: – “Sorry, I was rushed all day. It gave me time to think about what to say. So: Wow! C.&B. have moved quickly from T to S, on to N! Am all stirred-up about their Next. But, much more so about ours, next week. I will be your hot, jealous, but not greatly surprised, E.”



On Saturday evening, when Ben met Christine in the reception office for their going out, there was no sign of tension between the sisters. As Ben had been told, Gerd had point-blank refused to sacrifice another evening of billiards and card games. Therefore, Erika had stayed on duty. Sitting behind the desk, she cast – Ben thought – an approving eye over them.

Christine, under a dark mantilla, wore a short-sleeved summer dress. A silk scarf dressily camouflaged its, perhaps, too summery revealing décolletage. Together with the cape, it was a fitting concession to the coolness of the autumn evening and the semi-formality of the occasion. Christine was as tall as Ben with her high heels and a picture of elegance and natural grace.

Once they sat in the car, Christine burst into a non-ladylike giggle and said, “Shit! I can’t drive with these shoes.”

Then, even less lady-like than her announcement, she drew up one leg past the steering wheel to unfasten a shoe, repeating it with the other. Her dress slipped up high, but she did not hurry. Glancing sideways, she saw Ben ogling her stockinged thighs and the sheer panties covering her pussy. When she had the second shoe off, Christine put the pair in Ben’s lap. Then she laughed, “There is a different way of doing it, but I’m enjoying this one. Don’t you, Ben?”

Outside the parent’s flat, the streetlights were brighter than at the hotel. When Christine asked for her shoes, she had not yet thought of a different way. And putting them back on took longer. However, after father and Helen had been helped in the Audi’s back, Christine, with the door open and sitting sideways, quickly slipped off her shoes. With an innocent smile, she passed them to Ben to hold.


Miriam, the restaurant’s manager, welcomed them and especially Christine. She took them to their reserved table and ordered for them complimentary pre-dinner drinks. As it was early, Miriam took Christine on a tour of inspection. Ben watched them walk away. Christine’s beautiful ass – as he was told and saw it now – was sexily asway under her flowing dress.

With Christine assisting Ben in being the host, they had a splendid meal. Afterward, they shifted to the adjoining lounge bar. It had a small and crowded dance floor and a three-person band. The music, while civilised sedate, was still too modern for his father’s taste. So, he only watched as Ben danced a few times with Helen.

Ben also danced and wanted to dance much more often with Christine. In Ben’s eyes, and with what she had let him know, the Christine of tonight was not only beautiful. She was bewitchingly tempting! It was left to her to be considerate of their situation while at the table. She flirted only slyly with Ben while full-on charming his father.

But on the dance floor, hidden from Helen’s and father’s sight in the crowd, Christine melted into Ben’s arms. As one in the swing of the music, Ben’s hand glided over Christine’s sides and hips, her back and down to her swaying ass. And how she pressed and rubbed her breasts and groin against him in the beat of the music. She looked at him, smiled, winked, blew him an occasional kiss.

Christine was all sexy temptation on the dance floor, every move of her body asking, ‘Why don’t you?’ On their last dance, her hand even stole down to Ben’s dance-steps-hindering erection. She looked up at him and whispered, “I’m so glad you like me too. Now I can feel it!”

They dropped a pleased by their outing father and Helen at their flat. When Christine pulled into the hotel’s dimly lit parking lot, she quickly turned off engines and lights. She smiled at Ben, undid her seatbelt, and slowly raised one leg over the steering wheel.


When she reached for her shoes in Ben’s lap, she missed. Quickly distracted, Christine’s fingers found a belt and zip that needed undoing. Ben’s cock was firmly in her hand as he bent forward to press a kiss on Christine’s stretched-over thigh. Held back by his seatbelt, the spot he could reach was, to his regret, too close to the knee and Christine’s barely covered pussy well out of reach.

Ben looked down on his cock growing hard in Christine’s hand as he sat back to undo his seatbelt. Wanting to see the expression on her face, he bent towards her. Christine’s half-open lips immediately met his. With her eyes closed during a long kiss, her tongue in his mouth and hand on his cock let him know of her hunger. When his hand slid up her thigh, Christine’s ass lifted from the seat as she pressed her pussy into Ben’s grip. When his thumb parted her fleshy-hot lips through the sheer cloth of her panties, Christine moaned a loud “Yes!” into Ben’s mouth.

At this moment, a car turned from the street into the hotel’s parking lot.

Ben and Christine just managed to pull apart. Christine’s feet were safely under the steering wheel as their car was flooded in light. The car pulled in next to them in the reserved space.

Christine realised that it was Gerd. She uttered an oath, then quickly opened her door. Sitting sideways to put on her shoes, she managed to draw Gerds view away from Ben’s exposure. Ben swung swiftly out of his seat. Standing up, behind the car, out of Gerd’s sight, he stored away his arousal.

When Gerd got out of his car, they exchanged greetings and a few words about their respective nights. Gerd mumbled grumpily about something that had gone wrong with his. Nothing in his manner suggested that he had noticed anything untoward as he pulled in. They walked into the hotel together.


Before parting – Gerd was waiting – Ben thanked Christine for her help in making it such a fantastic night out for his father and Helen. They looked at each other, and neither blushed. 

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