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A Homecoming. Chapter 5.

It had surprised Ben that Christine and not Erika was the first to text. He wondered if it was, for Christine, just playful flirting.

On his way out the following day, nobody was in the office. It saved Ben from possibly being summoned in by Christine or slinking past her with an evasive wave. The reason was that Ben did not want to talk to Christine about their exchange of texts on the previous night. He wanted the issue of their sharing unravelled, text by carefully considered text, and not in a likely flustered face-to-face conversation. What made it a delicate matter for Ben was his growing uncertainty about what else he and Erika and Christine could share.

It had been, of course, Erika that initiated the idea of including Ben in the Ipad’s conspiratorial use for which the sisters had bought it. Erika did that after they had become lovers. The question immediately arising was whether Christine would be an only interested reader of their texting/sexting or a participant? If the latter, what then?

Ben was honest with himself: far from being worried, the possible developments and outcomes were exciting and fun to think about.

Ben had seen and said hello to Erika when he came down for breakfast. Back in his room, he checked if Erika had texted. She had not. The afternoon before, Erika had left too quickly for them to arrange another meeting. No text from her meant they would not meet today. Therefore, Ben decided to spend the day exploring the town and surroundings.

On returning late in the afternoon, Ben briefly saw Christine. She gave him a warm, welcoming smile and said, “Sorry, Ben. You just missed her. Erika has gone home.”

No more was said. Ben remembered that he had promised his father and Helen to take them out for dinner the coming Saturday. Therefore, he asked Christine about a suitable local restaurant. She offered to make the necessary arrangements for him. In leaving the office, he glimpsed on the desk, half-hidden under some papers, the familiar shape of an Ipad.

In his room, Ben immediately checked his. And Erika, only fifteen minutes earlier, had texted him:

To Ben: – “Sorry, missed meeting you today. Missed you all last night too! I know now what I’ve been without all along. Will 403-door be open tomorrow afternoon? Text reply or nod at breakfast. Love, E.”

As both he and Erika knew that Christine could and would read their texts, Ben decided to raise the stakes in their game. He texted:

To Erika: – “Missed you too, ergo, 403’s door wide, wide open until you arrive. Then we lock it. Have to keep some secrets, don’t we? Or do we?? Love, B.”

The following day over breakfast, Ben took care only to smile politely at Erika. Most of the morning he spent in town, doing some shopping and going to the bank. After lunch, he dropped in at Christine’s office for a chat and espresso. It was becoming a habit. Ben was somewhat relieved that Christine did not mention or give a wink or hint about the texting she must have read.

Instead, she told him that she had made the Saturday-night booking for his parents and him. Christine had heard complimentary reports about the restaurant she had chosen. What made up her mind was that she knew its manager. She and Christine had been classmates in their Hospitality Diploma Course.

Ben thanked her, then an idea struck him, “Would you come with us? I would love you to join us and brighten up the evening.”

Christine’s face lit up, “Ben, I’d love to come! I haven’t gone out in ages.” With a mischievous grin, she added, “It will be out of purely professional interest, I’ll tell Gerd. He will have to stay on duty and miss another card-evening with his mates.”

When Ben left the office to go up to his room, he looked happily forward to the afternoon ahead as well as to Saturday night. His homecoming was turning out well.

Ben showered again and put on his dressing-gown. Experience had taught him to avoid, whenever possible, the struggling out of hindering clothing before a sexual tryst. Unless turned into a teasing strip, its awkwardness too quickly broke the mood.

Ben sat down on the desk and checked the Pad. Nothing from Erika, but Christine had texted:

To Ben: – I’ll be lying to Gerd. It will be, I hope, an unprofessional night out! By the way, I’ll be your driver. C.”

Erika again entered without knocking. Ben, at his desk, heard the click locking the door. Erika walked up, sat down on Ben’s lap and said, “As I was told, I locked the door. Of course, Christine, with her master card, could still join us. Your naughty text let her know too much for her good. Do you think she would?”

The prospect made Erika titter before she stopped Ben with a long kiss from answering this loaded question. Then she stood up. With an “I’ll be quick”, Erika scampered to the bathroom.

When she emerged, wrapped in a towel, she strolled up to the bed. Turning to Ben, still at his desk, Erika demanded,

“I have only an hour this afternoon. Stand up. Shall we play? Show me yours; I’ll show you mine!”

Ben stood up. Both were laughing as – with their eyes fixed on each other- they let their coverings slide centimetre by centimetre to the floor.

Erika’s perky erect nipples were first in signalling her lust. When Ben’s gown slipped to the floor, the well-risen state of his cock also allowed no denial. Quickly they were on the bed. Closely entwined, Erika’s hand took possession of Ben’s cock, and he reached for her for attention-straining boobs. And their mouths and tongues fought over who was to possess whom.

As Erika’s hand grew more and more demanding, Ben matched it by sliding down. Erika spread her legs wide open. But this time, Ben sat up to look and watch as his finger pushed its way into Erika’s pussy. Sliding in and out, the finger searched and – as her gasping told him – found the most sensitive spots in the quickly hot-pulsating depth of her cunt. Ben drank Erika’s moans and whimpers of lust from her lips. But he wanted words too: Hot, sexy, in the heat of arousal, gasped words that Erika had already begun to say in the car. So, he made a beginning, his voice hoarse from desire, “Oh Erika, I love touching you like this, with my fingers finding you so hot and slippery-wet, so turned on for fucking already. Do you want my fingers in your hot pussy, do you, Erika?”

In answering, Erika gave a guttural moan as she jerked and ground her cunt against Ben’s now deeply embedded two fingers before she pressed out, “Yes! Yes, touch me, Ben! God, yes, like that! But I’ll come if you don’t stop!”

As Ben wanted to hear her speak, he continued kissing Erika’s tits and not her mouth. At the same time, his fingering brought her pussy into a throbbing state of arousal. Her heaving groin and the raised pitch in her whimpering signalled how close Erika was to climaxing. For Ben, it was time to pause. He withdrew his fingers and cradled Erika’s head.

With his lips hovering over hers, he murmured, “Don’t you dare to come yet! Don’t you want to fuck? Or have your juicy pussy eaten first? What do you want next? Tell me!”

Suddenly Erika understood Ben’s wish to draw her into sexy talk. She answered quickly. Suppressing a giggle while gasping for breath, she panted, “Oh, Ben! Ben, fuck me! Fuck me now! God, I need, can’t wait to have your cock in my pussy!”

As Erika turned, Ben grabbed and lifted one of her legs to her shoulder. They were in a perfect side-on position. Erika gripped Ben’s cock, and with a lust-filled cry of “Fuck me! Now!” pushed it into her cunt.

And Ben started to fuck Erika with slow, deep, loving strokes. Throughout, whispering words of endearment, his eyes were much on Erika’s beautiful, lust-filled face. It showed him unashamedly the waves of sexual ecstasy flowing through her mind.

But in their open position, Ben had all of Erika’s sensuously arching body in view and reach.

There were Erika’s beautiful tits, which arched provocatively up inviting caress, with her nipples begging to be pulled and pinched. Ben’s hand also gripped, at times, one of Erika’s straining buttocks. As he did so, his fingers pushed into the crack as he pressed her groin hard against his deeply embedded cock. With a finger on her ass’ forbidden rosette, it raised Erika’s arousal to a level where, eventually, her body convulsed. Gasping for breath, Erika whimpered, “Don’t make me wait! Fuck me, Ben! Make me come!”

But Ben held back. He knew that only a few ramming thrusts into Erika’s hot-gripping cunt would suck him as well as her into the vortex.

So, instead, he released her buttock and withdrew his cock. He stopped Erika’s protesting moan with a kiss. As Ben’s tongue parted her lips, two fingers slid again into her cunt. He sank them in deep, bending and turning and shaking. Erika’s frantic tongue and her half-swallowed cries into his mouth told him how almost unbearable it pleasured her. And then, Ben’s slippery fingers settled on the clit, and now his rock-hard cock thrust into Erika’s ultimate depth.

With his lips close to hers and their tongues flicking out in search of each other, Ben started to murmur tantalisingly dirty, sexy words. He aimed to set Erika’s mind as aflame as her pussy.

While Ben fucked her and his fingers pleasured her clit, he poured out his litany of lust for her, “This time I’m going to miss out on eating your hot pussy. You know already how much I love to taste it, just fucked and boiling-juicy like now! Are you sorry to miss out? You love having your pussy eaten up, don’t you, my shamelessly sexy Erika! And God, I love doing it, love tasting your cum! Do you like to have your sexy clit fingered while we fuck? Like now? Tell me, do you? And you are going to come on my cock as hard as you did yesterday. This time I won’t taste you, but I will, again and again. Erika, you are a wonderful, sexy, naughty-wild woman. I can’t get enough of you, or ever will!”

Throughout, Erika could not find words to answer Ben. Instead, as the waves of a mounting orgasm began to crash in on her, as a reply, her hands found his face, his hair, his ass, and were feverishly clawing at his back and chest. And now, with Erika deep into her climax and Ben’s building up, he was fucking her with deeply penetrating impales. His fingers were still on her clit, and with every one of the thrusts, it was cruelly crushed. Erika’s body jerked and twisted as she met every piercing of her cunt with a shrill cry of, “Yes! Yes, Ben! God, fuck me!”

When Ben’s climax hit, he roared and lost his hold on Erika. She burst into an uncontrollable fit of laughter as she rolled away from him, curling her shaking and convulsing body into a ball.

Ben, left by Erika on his own, recovered quicker. He noticed that their explosive separation had made him squirt half his sperm onto the bed. Ben went to the bathroom for a towel and cleaned up. When he glanced at Erika – still rolled up but no longer shaking – he saw her embarrassed grin. So, Ben decided to play the domino. He slapped Erika on the ass, pushed her towards the edge of the king-sized bed, and threw her the towel.

Then he slipped under the over and said, “When you are cleaned up, you may join me.”

Erika poked out her tongue but obeyed. When she slipped under the covers and into his arms, she made good her earlier escape. Erika’s lips immediately fastened on Ben’s, her leg swung over, and her pubes, belly, and boobs pressed and rubbed at Ben’s body. Catching her breath, she murmured, “I’m sorry I left you. I fled. I thought I would hurt you; I was beside myself. God, I came! It carried me away; I never imagined I could climax like this on a cock.”

She pressed closer, her groin grinding against Ben’s rising erection, and whispered, “I’m turning into a wild, wild hussy in your hands, with your fingers, your tongue, and your cock in my pussy! And your shocking, dirty words! And the thrill when I excite you with my sexy ones! God, I never knew that words could get me so hot and my pussy so wet!”

While Erika so openly laid bare her sensual appetite, Ben’s hands had begun to make love to Erika’s ass. It strained sexily as her groin ground against his cock. Ben grinned as he said, “I love your beautiful ass, Erika. There is so much of you, so much loving left for us to do. I wish I could now turn you on your belly and make love to your back. Run my tongue up and down your spine. And then through your gorgeous ass’ crack and the wet-hot slit of your pussy! But you have only an hour today, you said.”

“Ben, such dirty-sexy words again!” Erika giggled, “Do you want to keep my mind and pussy stirred up until next time? God, when? Tomorrow?”

Ben laughed, “Your boss Christine, might object to your truancy from work. But a bit of texting could fill our waiting with excitement. That is why it’s called Sexting! But we couldn’t do it, could we? With you sharing the Ipad with Christine.”

Erika’s expressive face, the way she sucked in her lower lip, showed how much she liked the prospect. But she hesitated with an answer, having to choose between being flippant or truthful.

Turning serious, her voice level and calm, Erika revealed to Ben hers and Christine’s long-standing secret, “Christine is already part of what we do, Ben. If we started sexting – and God, I would love sexting with you in the weeks, months, years to come – Christine would want to join. She has started already, hasn’t she? I know; I’m reading her texts too! And she told me you are taking her out for dinner. She made no secret of what it means to her.”

Erika paused. Taking a deep breath, she continued, “I know, Ben, that Christine loves you, always has. You Ben did not realise that you were Christine’s first crush when you were in love with me. For you, she was my kid sister. You concentrated so much on me that you did not sense that tom-boyish Christine was no longer a child. Oh, I knew! Christine and I had no secrets. I knew that she was menstruating. I saw her prancing around naked in our shared room. I watched her turning side-to-side in front of the mirror, checking her budding tits. She also told me that mine might be bigger, but hers were prettier! For the summer holiday on the lake, she bought her first bikini. And the boys hung around her with unsavoury interests. Christine then was turning into a sexy brat. But she kept herself faithful! It was I that fucked a boy I didn’t care about! I betrayed you! Christine did not. She then wanted only you; she told me so.”

Erika stopped. With an embarrassed little laugh, she added, “You see, you have two crazy sisters with the hots for you. They would have had a problem to sort out back then if it hadn’t ended. And now again!”

Erika got quickly out of bed, thereby preventing Ben from asking the crucial question. Standing before the bed, she lifted her arms over her head and swayed side-to-side. Grinning down on Ben, she asked, “And you may have to decide who has the sexier tits!”

Then, with a provocative sway of her nicely dimpled ass, Erika stalked off to the bathroom. 

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