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A Homecoming. Chapter 4.

The day after the excursion to Salzburg, nature provided a reason for Ben not going out. It poured with rain.

At lunch in the dining room, Erika and a girl-help attended to the fifteen or so guests. He and Erika had briefly greeted each other but were now avoiding eye contact. However, when Erika served him and the Danish couple he shared the table with, she stood close enough for Ben to feel her body’s warmth. When the Danes looked away, her hand stroked over his shoulder and caressed his neck. After a coffee and a pleasant conversation in English with the Danes, Ben went to his room.

He showered and shaved. In his dressing-gown, he settled down on his desk to check his mail and overseas news on his Ipad. He did not have long to wait until Erika entered without knocking. She went up to him. Putting her arms over Ben’s shoulders, she snuggled her face against his, “Sorry for just walking in. I didn’t want to be caught knocking on your door.”

Ben turned on his chair, pulled her on his lap, and into a soft, welcoming kiss. Erika smiled happily, “You knew I would come, didn’t you? Now you’ll have to be patient with me. I’m a working girl. You smell so much nicer than me. May I use your shower?”

Struggling out of Ben’s grip, Erika grabbed the little bag she had brought and skipped, naughty-girl-like, into the bathroom.

Ben was sitting on the bed when Erika emerged from the shower. Deliberately dramatic, she stepped out in prudish disguise. Ambling towards Ben, with one towel draped around her hips and one over her shoulders, Erika stopped, just within reach. Smiling shyly and with a hint of a blush, she asked, “You do want me like in Salzburg again? Choose! Which one should I drop first?”

Ben smiled up at her, “I think you know, Erika. What do you want to show me most?”

Standing very upright and gripping the covering over her breasts, Erika wriggled her hips. The hip towel slid to the ground, and Ben could look, just a handspan, away at Erika’s so enticingly wrapped pussy. The black, soft net-like sheerness of the thong cupped her mound into a shape where its fleshy lips were just slightly pressed open to show a glister of tempting pink.

Ben opened his arms, and Erika, without a moment’s hesitation, stepped into them. His hands slid up her thighs to grip her buttocks. He did not pull Erika’s towards him but bend forward to place the first kiss on her soft belly. When he sank his tongue into her navel, Erika shivered. Both of her hands reached for Ben’s head, and the towel over her shoulders fell to the floor. Erika reacted quickly. She cradled Ben’s face in her palms and brought his lips to her tits.

Earlier, before the bathroom’s mirror, the shamelessness of the bra, more than the thong, had taken Erika’s breath away. And now, she offered Ben the ravishing sexiness she had seen in the mirror.

The firm apple-like roundness of her boobs was enticingly half-covered with a suggestion of a brassiere. Erika’s breasts required no lifting support. The black-lacy shells under her boobs did no more than highlighting the dark-pink areolas and button-hard nipples. The tease of a garment left them sexily exposed. Ben could only utter, “God, you are beautiful, Erika”, before she guided his lips to one of her so temptingly on offer nipples and then to the other.

When she eventually, reluctantly, released her hold on his face, Ben stood up. He wanted Erika on the bed. They were in unison in wanting to continue what they had started. As they stood, she undid the sash on Ben’s gown.

It fell open, and Erika pressed herself full-length against his naked body. While they kissed, Erika freed Ben’s arms out of his robe. When it dropped to the floor, she chuckled. She reached down for his rampant erection and murmured, “I love this! I, so sexily dressed, and you naked and excited already! What are we going to do about this?”

Ben’s answer was clear. In letting himself fall on the king-size bed, he took Erika with him.

Erika stretched out on the bed. Ben knelt next to her and began to kiss her without saying a word. First, on the mouth, gently caressing her lips till they opened with a moan. When Erika responded with increasingly demanding vigour, his mouth left hers to kiss her neck and shoulders.

And then, ever so slowly, Ben kissed a path down to Erika’s so lasciviously displayed tits. As he passed from one straining boob to the other, his teeth closed over her nipples. While his tongue twirled them into hard-pointy arousal, Erika’s hand was in his hair. Guiding his mouth from straining tit to tit, she urged him to kiss ever harder.

Ben deliberately did not allow his hands to grope. When he began to move his kisses to Erika’s midriff, her grip in his hair let him know how much she had wanted his mouth to stay on her tits. But as his lips and tongue moved lower on Erika’s tensing stomach, her fingers began to stroke his hair. But when Ben started to draw his tongue along the edge of the pussy-covering thong, it changed into a feverish clawing.

Eventually, Ben could no longer resist. He passed his half-open lips, heavily breathing, over the part of Erika’s sexy mound in which lay hidden her clit. She cried out, and her fingers pressed frantically in Ben’s hair.

However, Ben changed his mind. He began to kiss a path down Erika’s thigh, and the tension was momentarily reduced for her. But then Ben raised her leg – Erika could have resisted – high on his shoulder. Shifting between her spreading legs, he began to lick and kiss his way up the velvety inside of one of Erika’s opening thighs. In passing over to the other for a licking, kissing passage down, Ben drew his tongue, slowly and pressing down, over Erika’s net-encased, fitfully throbbing pussy.

And Ben loved to hear Erika’s first gasping moan.

On the second move of Ben’s tongue up Erika’s thigh, her hand again grabbed his hair. Did she want to hold him back or pull him on? When his lips were over her pussy he paused for a split second, waiting for what her hand would let him know. And Erika’s fingers clawed his head in momentary indecision before she pushed Ben’s mouth hard against her pussy’s mound.

This time it was not a short passing. Ben licked her slit with broad strokes until the pussy’s lips, held captive under the black lacy net, slightly parted and showed more of its lusciously glistening pink. Carried away by her smell and moans, Ben put his open mouth over the fleshy mound as if to take a bite. Through the lacy net, he sucked her pussy’s lips for the first sampling of Erika’s taste. From far away, he heard Erika’s shrill little cries of lust as her hand urged him to suck her harder.

Ben eventually stopped laying siege to Erika’s so enticingly protected pussy. He kissed his way up over Erika’s belly and her perky, renewed attention-demanding tits to her now ravenously hungry mouth. And Erika had not forgotten the lesson learned yesterday in the car!

When they broke apart for a moment, both panting hard, Ben took on the challenge, “I love to tease your pussy through your sexy panties! But it is too protected to be really kissed. “

“You call that pussy of mine still protected? And what you do not real kissing?” Then, Erika, her face flushed, murmured, “If I let that pussy get out of its cage, I’ll lose all control! Is this what you want? Will we risk it, Ben?”

“You want it, Erika, don’t you? You want to give me your pussy as much as your beautiful but so shameless tits! I missed so much those years ago. God, I wanted to see them then, touch them, kiss and suck the sexy nipples that pressed against your tops. Are you glad that we are making up for it now?”

“Oh, Ben, not just glad! Let’s make up for everything we have missed. Make love to my tits!” Erika broke into an excited laugh and whispered, “But Ben, not only! God, you must love my pussy the way you promised!”

“I will make real love to your pussy!” – Ben almost shouted.

In answering, Erika’s mouth met his in the abandonment of all reservation and shame. Erika reached for and grabbed Ben’s already overexcited cock and then, breathing heavily, stammered, “Why just me? My tits? My pussy? I want to make love to you too, to your beautiful cock!”

As Ben knelt next to Erika and kissed her – still in their outrageous brassiere – breasts, her hand began its play. While he, none too gently, pleasured her tits, Erika started a tantalising game with Ben’s cock and balls.

And Ben knew what could happen. If he now moved down to Erika’s pussy and leave his cock in Erika’s eager hands, she would slip between his legs and into an otherwise so tempting 69. Ben knew that it would bring them much too quickly to a joint orgasm.

And for their first time together, Ben had promised Erika so much more. But when he suddenly stopped pleasuring her tits and moved his cock out of her reach, Erika’s moaned in protest. It was a break in the mood. Ben could only hope, not a destructive one.

Kneeling between her legs, Ben looked at Erika’s face and then down on her still lace-covered pussy. Almost pleading, Ben reminded Erika, “Don’t you want to give me your pussy anymore? Have you forgotten what we promised each other?”

Erika tossed her head from side to side in mock anger until she could no longer hold back her laughter. Her hand shot down and grabbed the strings of her thong. In one movement, she had pulled it halfway down her thighs. Then lifting her legs high, Erika paused. Grinning mischievously at Ben, she said, “Free me! Relieve me of this chastity belt! You may keep it as a trophy!”

When Ben stripped the thong off her legs and threw it aside, Erika’s action took his breath away. Her hands stroked up the inside of her spread open thighs. When her fingers reached her pussy, she hesitated for a breathless moment. Then Erika pulled its fleshy lips apart and whispered, “Look, Ben! Do you want my pussy now? You said it’s beautiful. Make love to it the way you promised!”

As Ben lowered his face onto Erika’s pussy, her shaking fingers held it open. She had an exceptional beautiful pussy; it was girlish tight with shapely lips for a woman her age. With a rosette-like inner opening and a temptingly protruding fold sheltering the clit, it lay before Ben’s eyes, glistening in arousal.

And Ben’s lips and tongue closed in on it without hesitation. Unlike with other women Ben had desired and made oral love to, there was for him no first moment of revulsion with Erika. Ben’s tongue began immediately to lick in broad strokes what Erika so temptingly offered.

Their, for Erika, overlong foreplay had made it slippery and sexily juicy. As Erika moaned a drawn-out, “Yes, Ben! Kiss me there! Yes!” her fingers left her pussy at Ben’s mercy. Erika’s hands now grabbed his head, without knowing yet how to guide his invading tongue.

Ben willingly responded to her urging, and his tongue continued in its exploring first search for what would give Erika’s innocent pussy the ultimate pleasure.

The tip of his tongue started to tease the opening to the innards of her cunt. As it began to push in and out – at first only a centimetre or so – Erika began to whimper. And her groin lifted and ground as if begging for more. So, Ben’s tongue pushed in as deeply as it could reach. Erika’s whimpering had changed into breathily, lust-charged little cries with every in-and-out of Ben’s now fucking-her tongue. And his hands had slid under the token of a bra to grip and cup Erika’s heaving tits.

As Ben’s fingers caressed and pinched the perky buttons that crowned Erika’s boobs into strained arousal, his tongue began its search for Erika’s clit. As it circled and prodded its protruding sheath, Erika’s moans were rising in pitch. As her clit refused to be lured out, Ben’s knowing tongue switched back again to pleasure at length her cunt’s throbbing opening.

When Ben’s attention returned to her clit, he closed his lips over its sheath to suck and tickle Erika’s shy pleasure button out of its hiding. He failed, but Erika’s pussy still began to twitch, with sudden jerks, against his mouth, and her half-swallowed whimpering now turned into gasping repeats of, “Yes! Ben! Ben! Love me! God, yes! Like that!”

As her thighs began to press and tremble against his cheeks, Ben knew that a climax was already washing in for Erika.

Ben did not want her to climax yet. He slid up Erika’s stretched out body and sunk his now cunt-tasty tongue into her gasping, moaning, wanting-to-protest mouth. Erika almost bit his invading tongue, but Ben was lovingly stroking her hair and murmuring comforting sounds. It took a while to calm her.

It was not helped by Ben’s rock-hard cock now pressing against Erika’s palpitating pussy. But Ben held her in a firm embrace, and she could not reach down to ease it in. She moaned in protest, “Ben! Ben! Fuck me! God, I want you!”

Instead, Ben kissed her. Then holding her close, with his cock playing over Erika’s restless pussy, he said, “You know, we men are hopeless in finding our women’s hot little clits. They are so well hidden. Will you show me your shy little clit? You play with it, don’t you? Or are you too shy to give it to me?”

When he kissed her, Erika’s hot-flickering tongue told him she was not.

On his way down, Ben did not neglect Erika’s always tempting, still hard nippled boobs. When his tongue dug into her navel in kissing her belly, Erika’s hand brushed past his face. He raised himself on his elbow, reached for Erika’s near leg and lifted it, over his head, onto his shoulder.

Laid-open before Ben was Erika’s lusciously wet, glossy-pink pussy. Now it was crowned, between Erika’s thumb and forefinger, with a lustrous pearl. Ben moistened his finger to stroke almost reverently over it; it made Erika sharply draw in her breath.

As Ben lay down again between Erika’s legs, he gripped her offering hand and whispered, “Do not let it slip away. It’s been hiding too long and now needs a lot of loving.”

In affirming Erika’s help, he kissed her hand and fingers. But then Ben’s tongue began to flick and lick over the shiny little button which Erika’s fingers pressed out of its covering. As he drew his tongue repeatedly and slowly from her cunt’s opening up over her clit, Erika’s gasping cries got shriller. Her body arched, and her groin jerked against his mouth. Finally, his lips sucked in her clit and brought it against his twirling tongue.

And now, for the first time, Ben slid two of his fingers deep into Erika. With Ben’s tongue on her clit and his fingers in her hot-throbbing cunt, Erika was swept into a wild-twisting coming.

Ben knew better than to stay until Erika’s orgasm was spent. While the waves were still crashing in on her, he sought out her mouth. His tongue, tasting of her hot pussy-juices, pushed hard into her mouth. And then, Ben’ cock, replacing his fingers, thrust into Erika’s climaxing cunt.

Although close to coming, Ben managed to hold back. He also tried to calm Erika, whose body bucked against his, shaken by her orgasm. Ben wished to fuck Erika lovingly and long, either through a continuing or a second coming that he would share.

Ben turned on his side. In pulling Erika in, he bent and raised one of her legs. Now, Erika was sinuously stretched out in his arms, and Ben could look at and caress her face, her tits, her clit – all of her – as they fucked.

In the beginning, Ben let his cock, deeply immersed in Erika’s tight, hot cunt. Its pulsating muscles milked, still in the throes of her coming, his member.

Looking into Erika’s eyes, with his hands caressing her body, Ben told her how beautiful and irresistible she was for him, “Erika, you are the sexiest, most exciting woman I’ve ever known! And now you are mine! I can’t get enough of you! I love your hungry kisses, your beautiful breasts, sexy nipples. I love your moans, the cries you try to hold back. And God, I love, can’t get enough of your pussy, your hot, sexy cunt! I want to kiss, lick, eat-it-up, want to fuck you, from one wonderful coming to the next!”

While Ben, fighting for breath, stammered this litany of desire, he had started to fuck Erika with slow, deep strokes. With his cock’s tip at the pussy’s entrance, he always paused for a split-second before sliding it again into the hot, throbbing embrace of Erika’s cunt’s. After a dozen or so thrusts, Ben reached down to make his cock kiss her pussy’s lush lips and trembling little clit.

Soon, this tension-filled pausing brought Erika again to the brink. Every following thrust of Ben’s cock made her cry out a lust-filled “Yes! Yes, Ben”. With the waves of another climax crashing in, Erika’s could still gasp, “Fuck me, Ben! I love you, Ben! God! Don’t stop! Fuck me! Yes! Yes, like that!”

But then, Ben suddenly knelt and grabbed both of Erika’s opening legs and bent them forcefully up against her chest. With her ass raised, Ben now pressed his face, mouth and tongue anew into Erika’s fucked-open, throbbing, slithery rich-tangy cunt.

Almost howling, Erika shook and twisted as Ben’s ravenous mouth feasted on her. His twirling tongue drilling into her cunt’s now wide opening threw her over the edge. As her groin jerked, the first surge of a renewed and stormier orgasm crashed into Erika.

And now Ben rose and rammed his cock into her cunt. Erika’s arching-up and convulsions Ben met with staccato-bursts of deep-fucking thrusts. And Ben’s shouting as he finally exploded into her, Erika matched with stammering cries that turned into gasping-for-breath laughter of relief. They collapsed into each other, like wanting to drown together.

After what seemed long, long minutes, Erika stirred first. She began to cover Ben’s face with tasting little kisses before her lips closed on his and her tongue slunk into his mouth.

Then she rested her head on Ben’s shoulder. After a while, she giggled and said, “I never knew how my just-fucked pussy tasted. You know, Ben, it’s sexy. I love tasting it on you!”

Ben grinned and replied, “I’m glad you do. You’ll get a taste every time we make love. You have the most delicious tasting, kissable and fuckable pussy a woman can have.”

Encouraged by Ben’s response to her wish to talk sex, Erika turned on her belly, raised herself on her elbows, and looked down on Ben, “You certainly kept your promise, Ben.”

“Did I? What do you mean?”

“You said in the car that you would make love to me – and my pussy – as I have never been loved before.”

“That was arrogant man-talk, only half-serious. But I hoped, wished it would be true.”

“Oh, I wanted it so much to come true! Yesterday, in the shop and car, I was – we were – very naughty! When I got home last night, I got scared. I badly wanted to come to your room today but no longer was sure. Would I dare to be as shameless again as I was in the shop, in the car? And then, did you really want me as much as you said?”

“Oh, I wanted you. Always have, Erika for the last twenty-five years. I was not sure you would come. Until you touched me at lunch.”

”I so hoped you would be waiting for me the way you did! Oh, Ben, nobody has ever made love to me like you. I could not imagine it. I have never dared, even wanted to be so free of all shame, as I am with you! I have always been such a good little girl and wife.”

Erika stretched out, folding her arms under her head. Shameless, gloriously naked, her bush was still coated with her pussy’s rich juices and Ben’s semen. She bathed in his admiring look passing up and down her body.

Smiling at Ben, Erika began to talk; her voice was calm, and every word carefully considered, “I’m not sexually experienced. Unlike you, I’ve never left home. You know it; it’s a small world where you are known, watched, gossiped about if you step out of line. You have a reputation to uphold. So, I met a nice man, got married, became a mother as all respectable, stay-at-home girls did then. Some marriages are happier than others. I was never unhappy with mine. Heinz is a good man that has always loved me in his way. I liked our sex for a long time into our marriage. Making love with my husband was better than with the two boys that had sex with me before him. And now? We are getting older. Heinz is so much away. We are at ease with each other, and sex has become unnecessary, almost embarrassingly out-of-order for us. I’ve never been unfaithful, never really been tempted. But with you, it just had to happen!”

Erika sat up, shaking her head as if stunned about what she had just told Ben. Collecting herself, she said, “I better go. Christine needs me for another two hours. May I have a quick shower?” Grinning broadly, she added, “Christine and, probably, Heinz’ avalanche-dogs would smell you on me! Both are loyal, but the dogs might tell on me!”

When Erika emerged from the bathroom, prim-and-properly dressed, she walked up to Ben. He was again in his dressing gown and sat at the desk. In straightening out the bed, he had noticed that Erika had not left her undies as souvenirs. Erika put her arms around him for a Good Bye kiss. She smiled and said, “You still taste of me. I love that.”

As she glanced sideways at the desk, she saw his Ipad. A sudden idea struck Erika. She asked Ben, “You have an exclusive address for your Pad? Christine and I have one for ours.” Erika broke into a somewhat embarrassed laugh before she added, “If you give me your address now, I will ask Christine if I’m allowed to give you ours?”

Ben thought for a moment before deciding not to ask the obvious questions about the sister’s Ipad-arrangement. He quickly wrote his web address on a slip of paper. Erika put it in her bag, and then – as if no more needed to be said – she turned and walked out the door.

The rain had not let up. Ben stayed in his room, did some writing, and eventually dressed to go down for dinner. As on most evenings, Erika had left for home. After a few drinks and a friendly conversation with the Danish couple, Ben decided to have an early night.

Ben gave Christine behind the glass door of the office/reception a friendly wave on the way up to his room. Although curious, he deliberately avoided going in for a chat. When he got to his room, he switched on his Ipad. An email had arrived:

To Ben: – “Hi, welcome to our Ipad. You are the first person we allow on. Why did you not come in to talk to me? C.”

To Christine: – Too many questions we may not wish to answer face-to-face. It’s great to be connected with you and Erika. ???? How come you two share a Pad? B.”

To Ben: – “There are a lot of answers to this question. All of them are true. Some are embarrassing. All right, we trust you. One of the awkward ones first. We got the Ipad only two months ago. Erika and I wanted to look at things that we did not want to show up on the computers Gerd and Heinz also use. C.

To Christine: – ”What things? B.”

To Ben: – “Mainly Porn & other dirty, sexy matters. Don’t pretend you are shocked. C.”

To Christine: – “Not shocked: Delighted about your healthy interests! But why didn’t you get two Pads? One for each of the naughty maidens. B.”

To Ben: – “ ‘Maidens’!? Almost! Too close to be funny for us two neglected wives. Three reasons for shared Pad: Erika and I have always shared our secrets, esp. naughty ones. More fun so! I can easily hide Pad from G., Erika not so easily from H. and son. We had no intention to start sinning individually! C.”

To Christine: – “Good answers, … but …? B.”

To Ben: – “But what? C.”

To Christine: – “Well: ‘Shared secrets’? ‘Sinning individually’? Now Erika and I are lovers!! Won’t this be a problem for you two? B.”

To Ben: – “Interesting! We’ll see. Is it a ‘problem’ for you? Why? For now – Good Night. C.” 

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