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A Homecoming. Chapter 3.

They got into Christine’s small Audi. Erika sat next to her in the front, and Ben had the backbench to himself. Christine drove smoothly and fast.

Ben had to stretch his head forward between the seats if he wanted to converse with the women without shouting. Very quickly, Erika’s cheek moved close to his, and her hair tickled his neck. Ben held still, only reluctantly pulling back from Erika’s tempting nearness whenever there was a break in their conversation.

On bending forward, with their cheeks touching, Ben’s right hand, as if searching for a hold, had found its way across the backrest of Erika’s seat. When his fingers started to caress her shoulder, she turned her head to kiss the corner of Ben’s mouth. And then she drew his hand down onto her breast!

By the time they pulled into the parking station in Salzburg, their play of furtive touching had advanced. Ben’s fingers had slipped under Erika’s loose blouse. With Erika leaning closer to the car’s door, his fingertips could caress the perky nipple of one of Erika’s pressed into his hand boobs. Her mouth, half-opening in a silent, approving gasp, had found his a few times, and her hot breath – when she whispered to him – blew in his ear.

Erika seemed oblivious to Christine’s nearness in the driver’s seat – or perhaps not! Occasionally, the sisters glanced at each other. Christine grinned and – sometimes – shook her head in momentary disbelief of what she witnessed.

As they got out of the car, collected their bags, and Christine pressed the button locking the Audi, she grinned at Ben and said, “You think I’ll be the watcher again like last time? And be a good little girl, and not tell?”

She turned to Erika and slapped her on the bottom, “What will you give me this time for not telling?“

Christine paused, grinning broadly. Then she winked at Ben and said, “Perhaps, she’d be willing to share now? This time I’ll be old enough!”

Both of them broke into laughter. Linking arms, looking mischievously back at Ben, they strolled away.

They had agreed to meet for lunch. Christine was busy for most of the day, ordering and arranging deliveries for the hotel business. Erika had, she said, come along for some personal shopping.

During lunch, after some humming and hawing, Erika asked Ben whether he would like to play husband and help her in choosing what to buy. She wanted to get a dress for the coming carnival season. Putting on a rueful expression, Erika complained that Heinz never took her shopping or told her if he liked what she had bought to wear. Did it turn on the male in him? The sisters shared in a conspiratorial giggle. They had jointly decided to draft him as the judge on Erika’s sexual allure for the coming carnival.

Therefore, after lunch, Ben did accompany Erika on her intimate endeavour. As they strolled through the main shopping streets and looked at the displays in the windows, none of them seemed to attract Erika’s interest. Ben had a suspicion that Erika had found where she wanted to go already in the morning.

They decided on a break in their so far unsuccessful search in a café. There, Erika completed what she had begun to tell him about her life during her visit to Ben’s room.

Regarding the state of her marriage, Erika was pitiless blunt, neither blaming her husband nor seeing herself as a victim. Her husband Heinz, Erika said, has always been a man’s man, mature, a champion in his male circle. She had been young and inexperienced, and it had attracted her too.

And he, Erika admitted, had probably fallen for her girlish innocence. Consequently, when it came to sex – Erika smiled at Ben as she said it – he always treated her with gentle consideration. They were, Erika then believed, in love. However, in the years that followed, Heinz had less and less time for her.

At fault, if you can call it, was Heinz’ career. His successes and expertise in mountain- and avalanche rescues brought Heinz an international reputation and a rapid promotion in the police service. With it came an ever-increasing demand on his time. Five years ago, he also started to train dogs for avalanche-rescue work.

Erika shrugged her shoulders, “So, we are now rarely together. Heinz is mostly away at emergencies and training, at meetings in Switzerland, Slovenia, Italy, or police headquarters. When he is home, it is for a brief rest. Nowadays, he always brings with him one or two of his favourite avalanche dogs for further training. We have stopped being lovers. Being good friends and partners, switching into the mood for sex has become difficult, almost embarrassing. Now, with our son – he is eighteen – in boarding school, I spend most of my time with Christine working in the hotel.”

Erika reached across the table for Ben’s hand. She lowered her eyes and said, “Well, now you know what has become of us: two married sisters -” Erika hesitated before adding, “and both more than a little neglected by their husbands!”

She gathered her bag. There was a gleam in her eye as she smiled at Ben, “Let’s go. I’ll need at least an hour to choose my dress and whatever else will go with it.”

As he suspected, Erika had known all along where to go. The fashion house had, behind large display windows, a front part with racks of dresses. There Erika made her first choice by holding the dresses she liked against her body. She swayed and paraded it before Ben’s admiring eyes, asking for his judgement. He more than approved her choices. It became clear that Erika had no intention to look like a shy little homemaker at the coming balls. For a moment, he wondered if Heinz would find the time to take her.

Eventually, having selected three dresses, Erika, Ben, and the sales lady went to the privacy at the salon’s back. Ben was invited, by the now smiling assistant, to sit down, facing the curtain of the try-on cubicle. After periods of whispering behind it, the curtain would open, and Erika put herself on display. She swayed and turned in the figure-displaying dresses before her admiring husband! Erika hugely enjoyed their deception. Cunningly, she had left the sexiest dress for last.

It was a truly sensational ‘little’ black one. It clung, second-skin-like to Erika’s body, revealing and highlighting every svelte contour of her hips, belly, pubes and thighs.

As she turned, Ben asked her to stop. Swaying on her high heels, Erika did. She smiled down on him over her shoulder. Now Ben was sure that Erika was braless. The dress had one string around her neck and one across. Erika’s back gleamed naked down to the beginning of the cleft and roundness of her ass.

His choice was made, but the show was not over yet. After some more whispering behind the curtain, the saleswoman left. On returning, she carried some delicate items. In passing Ben, she gave him a confidential smile and said, “There is more your wife wants you to see and help her choose.”

In what followed, each time the curtain opened, Erika stood there, her arms lifted. And then she slowly turned, once, twice, three times. She looked down on him, her lips moist, eyes gleaming, and, he thought, her cheeks reddening in barely contained arousal.

Erika was showing herself off in the sheerest of underwear. As with the dresses, she left the most sensually suggestive, the little that was all in lacy-black for last. And Ben, now in unease in his chair and pants, asked Erika to turn slowly twice more before he delivered his judgement, ”Yes, darling. It has to be this one or nothing!”

Later, however, Erika demonstrated to the saleswoman her wifely say when it came to wrapping up the dress. Overruling Ben, she purchased the least revealing she had tried on.

Erika, in high spirits, almost skipped out of the salon on his arm. Outside on the street, she pulled Ben down for a long, not at all wifely kiss.

Then, her voice hoarse with excitement, she burst out, “Ben, that was fun! Weren’t we naughty! Sorry about the dress. The little black number, I loved it as much as you. But I could never wear it with Heinz or for going out in Gastein. Pity, you and I won’t be going out together anywhere else. I would love to wear it with you!”

It was dusk when they joined Christine, as agreed, in a Café next to the car-park-tower. While they had coffee and cake, Christine looked into Erika’s bags. She practised some restraint by admiring the lacy thong and bra out of sight, under the table.

Christine chuckled, commenting that Ben was, as “almost” once before, a beneficial influence on her shy sister, “Erika is turning naughty, and now as a respectable married woman!” Grinning at her and glancing sideways at Ben, she pouted, “And you bought nothing interesting for little Christl? Why am I always missing out?”

The sisters burst into laughter while Erika’s fingers dug into Ben’s thigh. She had been caressing it all along and her hand was already dangerously close to Ben’s painful erection.

When Christine unlocked the car, Erika put her bags on the front seat and said, “I’ll join Ben in the back. You won’t need me to keep you awake, will you?”

Christine laughed, “There will be a greater danger. With you two in the back, how will I keep my eyes on the road?”

When the Audi pulled out of the park-house, night had fallen. Sitting close together, Erika turned her face to him and whispered, “We must not distract poor Christine too much. How will we manage that?”

Ben found her lips, and their tongues met for a brief but saying-all wrestle. Erika’s hand had already moved up to feel Ben’s bulging cock straining in his trousers. He asked, also in a whisper, “Just a few little kisses won’t distract Christine too much if we keep everything else out of her sight. It’s a pity, though. After your showing off in the shop, I badly want to kiss your sexy tits.”

Erika giggled, then she gave him a long, lingering kiss. It was almost like a censored Hollywood kiss of the forties. But her left hand stayed over his bulge while her right hand moved her skirt up her thighs.

Then she whispered, “It can still be exciting, Ben! Hot little kisses and sexy, dirty whispering on top and a bit of groping, out of sight. What my hand feels down there tells me how much I turn you on. You want to touch me too.”

“I always have. I’ve never forgotten how badly I wanted to touch your breasts when we kissed those years ago. And you, being so innocent, pressed them against my chest.”

“God, Ben, I wasn’t innocent! I was on fire, wanted you to touch me! Said nothing, but always hoped that next time you would dare to do something forbidden.”

“I was scared to do more. But God, I wanted to! See your breasts, touch you everywhere! Make love to you! You were so beautiful, and I just could not believe that you wanted somebody like me.”

“I wanted you to touch me! My naked breasts and, yes, my pussy! God, I was so eager, turned on, waiting for it!”

Erika paused, but then she continued, “This was why I was so ready to be groped and, yes, then fucked during the summer holiday by a boy I liked much less than you. And when I came back, I was ashamed. Not about what I had done but that it hadn’t been with you! It should have! I could not tell you, so I broke off with you.”

With the above said, Erika drew Ben into a kiss. Her now brave tongue searched out, deep in his mouth, his wants and regrets. She found them. Her thighs pressed closer and opened as she murmured, “You still want to touch me now? Ben, my Ben, I have waited for it much too long.”

Ben’s hand slid up the smooth inside of Erika’s opening thigh until his hand cupped the soft mound of her pussy. He could feel its moist heat on his palm but did not slide his fingers under the covering cloth. Erika’s tongue wrestled with his, urging for more than this timid touch. She murmured in his mouth, “Don’t be shy with me now. No more! We have waited much too long.”

Ben had concentrated on her words and urgings. Now he felt her hands on his cock. Erika had unzipped him and had begun, slowly and gently, to masturbate him.

Her lips were on Ben’s ear as she breathed hotly her confession, “This is the cock I’ve wanted then as a virgin and want now! When Ben? Tell me, when are we going to make love? I’ve seen your eyes, how you licked your lips as you watched me in the dresses and lingerie. I wanted to turn you on and want me!”

“Will you come to my room, even if Christine knows?”

“Yes, Ben, yes! Oh, Christine, she knows! Just look at her, how she is listening. We have no secrets from each other.”

“I want you to come for hours. I want to make love to you in ways that make up for our lost years, in ways we have never loved anybody else. Not a quick, furtive fuck. Can you make the time?”

“Yes! Yes! Tomorrow afternoon, any afternoon. I’ll come to your room. Tell me how you are going to make love to me. It’s the only thing I want to think about until I’m with you.”

“Oh, Erika, it will depend on you. You wanted me to look at you today. Not only in your dresses but almost naked in the sexy, show-all underwear. You loved it! Do you wish to be naked with me? Make real, wild, wonderful love in daylight?”

“Yes! Yes, God, I want that with you! With you, there is nothing I would ever say no to!”

“Will you wear for me tomorrow the sexy underwear you bought?”

“You know, Ben, that I bought it only for you! I’ve never worn anything like this for Heinz. I could not!”

“Your pussy, Erika, looked so incredibly sexy under black lace. You have the most beautiful pussy. It just begs to be fingered and kissed and not only fucked. When you give it to me tomorrow, it will not be for a hasty kiss in passing. I want to kiss, lick, taste and eat that gorgeous pussy of yours into a climax. And only then are we going to fuck the first time! Now that you know, do you still want to come tomorrow?”

Erika’s hand on Ben’s cock now gripped him hard. With a look at Christine’s back, she turned her mouth hungrily on his. Their tongues fought and entwined in changing from mouth to mouth before her lips moved up to his ear. Erika, fighting for breath, whispered, “Yes, Ben, yes, I’ll come! I want you to love me like this, eat my pussy, fuck me! I wish I could have this hard, lovely cock deep in me now! God, I’ll be hungry tomorrow for your kisses all over my body, and, God, for your cock!”

“Is this the way you like to make love? You can tell me all your sexy wishes. I’ll try to fulfil them all.”

“How could I ask? With you, Ben, I want everything I haven’t had. I am not a sexually experienced woman. I’ve just been taken, fucked; have never been asked or been made love to in the way you promise.”

Erika snuggled up and brought her lips close to his. Her tongue darted out for a playful lick. Then she smiled and murmured, “Now kiss me! Show me how you are going to kiss my pussy tomorrow?”

Teaching Erika the pussy-kissing-lesson kept them busy for the rest of the journey home. Ben took care not to bruise Erika’s lips as he bit them, but they still looked sexily swollen when Christine dropped Erika outside her house. Ben worried for a moment, but no lights were showing. Heinz appeared not to be home to welcome back his wife from her excursion.

Ben changed to the front seat. As Christine pulled away from the kerb, she said, “I’m glad we have met again after all these years. You are a blessing for Erika, even if you are with us for only a short while. With you, she feels young and alive: it’s the first time for her in a long while.”

When they arrived at the hotel, Gerd was manning the reception. It was only half-past-eight. Christine went into the office. Through the glass, Ben saw her taking business papers out of her bag and sorting them out. She and Gerd talked, and their conversation appeared to get heated. Then Gerd, gesticulating, sat down behind the desk and Christine, somewhat brusquely, turned and walked out.

She smiled at Ben and said, “It’s past dinner-time. Let’s see what we can find to eat.”

Christine prepared a plate of cold-cuts and delicatessen. They settled down with a bottle of wine for a leisurely meal in the empty dining room. When Ben asked Christine what had occurred in the reception, she laughed. It had a sharp sound, “Oh, Gerd thought he had been on desk duty long enough. He had planned to play cards with his mates tonight. He expected me to relieve him. I refused.”

But then Christine changed the subject. Sipping their wine, they talked about Erika, their marriages, and the day they had just spent.

They were also more than just mildly flirting.

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