A Homecoming. Chapter 15.

At breakfast on Friday morning, Erika paid Ben the usual close attention. Was it because it was his last day? Ben was not in a playful mood and kept his hands on the table. Erika, remaining unmolested, eventually just told him quietly that she would have the whole afternoon off. If it suited, she could come soon after lunch.

Ben spent the morning with a last stroll through the town and a visit to the bank. On returning to the hotel he settled, with Christine, the account for his stay. They also exchanged, for the first time, their private phone numbers.


With phones, there was always the chance that they could fall into the hands of others. To avoid this possibility, Christine, Erika, and Ben had restricted their traceable messaging to their secure Pads. The arrangements for their get-together in Munich would also be made that way. But for the on-site meeting in Munich, phone contact would come in handy. Ben’s number on Christine’s phone – she as the hotel’s manager and he a guest – carried no risk.

Ben realised, however, that he and Christine had now – in addition to the hotel’s computer – means for getting in touch that excluded Erika. The possibility alone made Ben feel uneasy. He hoped it would not threaten their threesome.

Not long after lunch, as promised, Erika came. Ben was sitting at his desk, and she quickly stepped up and into his arms. With a mischievous smile, Erika bent forward. As she kissed him, Ben’s hands grasped at her ass to pull her closer. He felt the twitching of muscles as she slipped out of her shoes. Ben got the message. Erika was ready to undress.

So, Ben stood up. Without bothering the buttons, he pulled Erika’s business blouse up over her head and threw it aside. Drawing the zip of her trousers, he stripped them slowly down her legs. Erika chuckled as she stepped out of her pants.

Except for her stockings, she was naked. Erika had taken off the bra and panties underneath her business attire before she came. Ben sat down in surprise. She giggled in delight as she silenced his incoherent mumbling by guiding one of her tits onto his lips.

Erika blushed, more about her words than being naked in Ben’s arms, as she confessed, “Today, I came ready. I wanted to be ready for you. A striptease would take too long. I’ll leave it for a hot video, for our sexting. Today you want me naked, Ben, don’t you? Ready for anything?”

Erika was already busily at work, undressing him. Ben’s shirt had joined her trousers and blouse on the floor. Having unbuckled and unzipped his pants, she sank to her knees. Erika grinned up at Ben and stated, “I am not submitting. I’m taking possession of your shoes, socks, trousers, jocks. And then, yes, your cock! And after, you can take me to the bed or spread me out on the desk or the floor!”

Erika was as good as her word. Ben, looking down on her, drank in her beauty. And then the raunchy eagerness with which she peeled down his boxers to let his cock spring free. Erika greeted it with a triumphant yelp, “I knew it! For me, your lovely cock is always ready! It’s waiting for my loving mouth, just as my pussy now waits for yours! But today, I’ll be first!”

And then her mouth and caressing fingers did take possession of Ben’s cock and balls. She did not bury her face in his groin. Erika looked up to catch Ben looking down on her as her tongue played lovingly over the tip and shaft. And then her mouth began to suck in more and more of the length of his cock.

Ben sat down. He stroked Erika’s face and hair, confessing how much he loved her. She was his bewitching woman, and he never wanted to lose her again. Everything she was, did and said was for him a precious, undeserved gift in their lovemaking. For him, her lovely tits, her ass, her delectable pussy and shameless mouth – whether in kissing or devouring his cock like now – were an irresistible turn-on.

Eventually, Ben pulled a resisting Erika up before her mouth and wicked tongue could undo him. With her legs straddling his, he pulled her breasts to his mouth. As his teeth closed over her swelling-up nipples, his fingers dug into her straining buttocks to stop her from ramming her cunt onto his cock. Erika, in the grip of lust, would have rushed him into a much too early climax.

Pressing Erika’s twisting body against his, Ben kissed her moaning mouth before he murmured in her ear, “Sorry, darling. I’ve got to hold you back. You’d make me come much too quickly. And you wouldn’t be loved the way, I know, you wish to be. Should I tell you?”

“How do I love to be loved? What are you going to do with me? Tell me, Ben! Tell me what I want? God, yes, yes! I do!”

Erika’s exclamation was in response to Ben having allowed his cock to push partly into her so badly wanting-to-fuck pussy. Ben’s tongue flicked into Erika’s ear as he whispered, “I want to make love to you for a long, long time by loving your pussy, first with my cock. But then, I’ll eat and suck and lick your hot, just-fucked pussy into a coming. But then, I’ll fuck you and myself into a stormy-long coming together. You love coming that way, don’t you? Are you still too shy to tell me?”

“God, no! I want us to make love like that, want to give you my pussy, my clit, my cunt. But now, don’t wait! Fuck me! Kiss me! Love me!”

With Ben seated in the chair and Erika straddling him, his grip on her ass guided his cock into a sinuously caressing in-and-out. With their lips locked and tongues lovingly entwined, Erika was soon shivering and mewing in pleasure. When Ben released his hold, Erika continued unguided to sink the hot-slippery grip of her cunt again and again on Ben’s thrusting-up cock.

Then, suddenly, Erika pulled up her legs. As she ground down hard on Ben, she locked her arms around his neck, and her mouth and tongue took him captive with a rapturous kiss. Erika’s buttocks twitched and spread open in his grasping hands as she cried out, “Ben! Ben! Take my pussy! Eat me up as you promised! I’m beginning to come! I can’t hold it back!”

They pulled apart, got off the chair, and rushed to the bed. Erika threw herself on it, turning at once spreading her legs. She reached down and pulled her pussy’s lips apart, offering Ben the temptingly glistening pink of her pussy. She laughed at Ben before she hoarsely uttered, “I’m shameless, no longer shy, it’s all your doing! So, make love to me as you want: fuck me, kiss me, eat me out till I come, fuck me again as I keep coming!”

And as Ben sank his mouth on Erika’s for him so irresistible pussy, a surprise awaited him. Erika had remembered! Her knowing fingers had coaxed the pearly clit out of its sheath. As his tongue started its circling caress, he could hear Erika’s first gasping, half-swallowed cry. In reaching up for her breasts, his fingers closed over excitedly enlarged nipples that just begged to be pinched.

The shiver in Erika’s groin and thighs, as well as her increasing love sounds, soon told Ben of Erika’s mounting arousal. This time, his pleasure in orally pleasuring Erika would be brief. But he prolonged it by only in quick bursts of licks exciting her exposed clit. Instead, he sank and twirled his tongue into the cock-widened, hot juice seeping, opening of her cunt or closed his teeth over and sucked her pussy’s fleshy lips.

It tipped Erika quickly over the edge. With drawn-out and repeated screams of “Yes!” Erika’s hands pressed his face onto her convulsing groin. Giving no quarter either, Ben’s mouth and tongue ravaged her palpitating cunt. When he eventually escaped her stranglehold, Ben drew his tongue over Erika’s heaving stomach to her arching tits. There, his lips and teeth paid their due to Erika’s perky, attention-seeking nipples.

They were finally mouth to mouth, exchanging their hot breaths. As their tongues were fighting, which was to breach first into the other’s mouth, Erika’s legs spread, and her twisting groin searched for Ben’s cock. Ben responded with blind jabs that made her gasp in expectation. And then one of the stabs parted her pussy’s slippery lips, and Ben’s cock sank to the hilt into Erika’s, in her coming still hot-throbbing cunt.

She cried out. When Ben raised and bent back her legs and began now to ram his cock – with teasing pauses – into her, Erika’s nails dug into his back. And with every thrust, she let Ben know of her unbridled lust in such fucking.

At first, it was her tongue darting to engage with his. But then, Erika’s moans turned into gasped, stammering words that urged Ben to fuck her harder, fuck her and fuck her, and not to stop! She whimpered she was coming, again, she could not stop coming! And God, how she loved to be fucked by him and only him! She could never get enough of their wonderful loving!

As Ben held Erika, with her legs raised, in a tight embrace, he had missed the increasing shivering of her body. Distracted by his onset of coming, Erika’s piercing scream caught him by surprise. His cock was gripped in the shaking grinding of her groin as a hot stream gushed from her cunt. With a cry of “My God, no!” Erika grabbed his head and drew him into a panting, gasping for breath, telling-all kiss. Then, with the final frenetic bursts of his cock ramming into her, they both howled in lust as they were tossed into the torrent of a wanton-wild coming.

They stayed closely embraced until the last throes of the orgiastic turmoil ebbed away. When Erika stirred, she murmured, “I’m sorry, we are lying in a puddle. I couldn’t hold back. I had no idea I could come like that. God, did I ever come!”

Ben grinned and gave her a comforting kiss. Then he said, “Oversexed women like you need to be punished! If we were married, I would make you sleep on your wet patch every night.”

Erika giggled, “If we were married, I’d gladly take this punishment. And every night, I would try to earn it! But now, I better get a towel.” However, instead of getting off the soaked sheet, Erika’ snuggled up to Ben and suggested, “Want to come with me and have a shower? Just for the two of us, it will be our last one.”

Under the shower, Erika and Ben indulged in their now perfected foreplay. Ben gave Erika a lengthy but gently intrusive washing of her ass and pussy. He whispered in her ear how sorry he was that her lovely pussy was now so sore from him having been so brutal and having fucked her much too hard. And he wanted so much to make love to it again, with his tongue and fingers and cock.

Suppressing a welling up laughter, he said because he loved her so much, he would have to hold back now to let her pussy recover for their meeting in Munich.

Erika, under the water streaming down on them, was also busily at play. Her tongue kept poking at Ben’s lips to interrupt his mumbles as her ass’ rosette and pussy squirmed invitingly against Ben’s too gentle fingering.

And her hand had taken a firm grip on Ben’s still tender cock. As Erika – none too gently – was masturbating it into a growing erection, she asked, “Well, then I better stop exciting your naughty cock! It’s getting hard again. Do you want me to stop? Make this cock wait for Munich, for my and Christine’s pussy!”

Erika sunk on her knees and let her tongue flick over the tip of Ben’s cock. Looking up at him, she demanded an answer, “For the last time, don’t you want me and my tender pussy alone? It is still itching for your tongue, your fingers and your lovely cock!”

Erika’s mouth, searching for an answer, not in words, closed possessively over Ben’s cock. Her hands, with fingers and nails digging into his buttocks, pressed his cock deep into her mouth. But then, she pulled back and let her tongue and teeth punish his swelling-up tip.

Eventually, Ben had to stop her from doing more violence to his tender cock. He fumbled for the tap to turn off the water streaming down on them and pulled Erika – she moaned in token protest – to her feet.

As they towelled each other dry, Ben asked Erika a loaded question, “With you being such a passionate, wild woman, will there be any room for Christine?”

To Ben’s surprise, Erika started to laugh. She pulled him into a kiss and then breathily said, “Stop worrying, Ben. I’ll be a sharing-all partner in our threesome at Christmas. I look forward to it! But today, I have you all by myself for the last time. Now, off to bed! You have to give me something to remember for the next three lonely months.”

As Erika turned to skip away, Ben smacked her hard on her bum. It turned her giggling into a scream. Throwing herself on the bed, Erika rubbed her reddening buttock. First breaking into laughter and then putting on a sulking expression, she said to Ben, “Now my bottom will remember you! I’ll warn Christine how we might get punished if we don’t behave in Munich.”

Then she grinned, pulled Ben down on top of her and said, “Something more to look forward to!” Then, wrestling free from Ben’s embrace, Erika straddled him. As her pussy began circling in search of Ben’s cock, Erika cradled Ben’s head and breathily whispered, “I’m going to ride you, and you can smack my bottom as hard as you like!”

“And you would tell Christine? Ask her if she’d like it too? How much do you tell each other? Everything?”

Ben knew from the exchange of emails that the sisters talked freely about their meetings with him. What he was curious about was whether Erika and Christine exchanged the saucy details of their love sessions.

Erika, for the moment, did not answer. Her grinding groin had captured Ben’s teasing cock. So instead of talking, Erika kissed him hotly. Her tongue snuck into Ben’s mouth just as his rod slid into her slippery-ready cunt.

As Ben began fucking her with slow, penetrating upward thrusts, Erika whispered her admission, “Yes, we tell each other everything. Always have. Do you mind that I know what you and Christine got up to in the cabin? That Christine will know how you made me squirt and wet the bed at my fourth climax today. She’ll be excited and jealous! I know we are wicked. Are you shocked?”

Ben grinned, giving Erika with both hands a loud smack on her buttocks. Then he said, “You are naughty, both of you. I love it! But how about you watching Christine sucking my cock? And her, looking at you as you ride me, like now!”

Erika had sat up and, with Ben’s cock sunk in to the hilt, had begun to ride him. His question stopped her. She lifted her pussy almost off his cock. Upright, with her arms on her side stretching out her lovely breasts, Erika looked down on him. She smiled as she saw his eyes consuming her as they wandered from her face over the swell of her breasts and then, finally, down to her pussy. Its plump folds hugged the tip of his cock.

Erika’s lips formed unspoken words as she swayed over Ben with a sinuous movement out of her hips. She wanted to be and was the seducer in their play. As Ben thrust his cock up into her, he almost shouted, “God, Erika, you are a witch! You are irresistibly sexy!”

She bent forward, cradled Ben’s face in her hands and said, her voice low and hesitating, “Am I, really? I want Christine to see me as you do now. She must see too, how sexy I am, why you want me. And I expect to see the same from Christine – and you!”

Then Erika kissed Ben; lovingly and long before she admonished him, “Stop talking and worrying about what is to come between the three of us. For now, we have another two hours on our own!“ 

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