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A Homecoming. Chapter 14.

On Thursday morning, Ben and Christine were woken by the alarm set on Christine’s phone. When Ben turned to Christine to embrace her, she laughed and struggled free. She apologised, “I’m sorry, Ben. I should have reset my getting-up time for an hour earlier. I would have loved an hour of great morning sex before getting up for work. I often wish for it. I’m always randy in the morning! And now I’m missing such a great opportunity.”

Christine took a shower. Before leaving, she stepped up to the bed to kiss Ben. The way her hand snuck under the blanket put-paid to Ben getting more sleep after she left. So, he eventually got up and was the first of the guests to be welcomed by Erika for breakfast.

She greeted him with a cheery “Good Morning” and “How are you today?” As he was the only guest, Erika could give all her attention to Ben. Standing even closer than usual on the blind side of the table, Ben felt the warmth radiating from Erika’s body. He succumbed to temptation.

His hand slid between Erika’s immediately slightly opening thighs. As his thumb pushed caressingly up against her pussy, she rubbed it with a slight turn and twist firmly into place. As the serving girl was still in the kitchen, Erika bent forward for a hot breath stolen kiss. In pretending to rearrange the correctly laid-out table, Erika brought a boob so close to his face that Ben punished its intrusion with a quick bite.

Erika burst into a half-swallowed laugh; then she whispered, “After a wild night with Christine, you are still randy for me! I love that!”

Ben took his time over breakfast, and Erika smiled and hovered over him, even after another two guests arrived. Waiting for an opportune moment with the girl busy at the other table, she sidled up to replenish Ben’s coffee. Bringing her tits again precariously close to his face, she murmured, “I wish we could make up now for what you seem to have missed out on with Chrissy!”

It greatly pleased Ben that Erika accepted so readily their sexual adventure of a threesome. Her suggestive banter indicated no jealousy or hostility regarding Christine. But she did see her as a competitor in their playful sexual interaction.

He decided there and then that he would not breach the issue of sex between her and Christine. Unlike with Christine, Ben would leave it to their being together in bed as a threesome. He was confident that Erika’s spontaneous sensuality would overcome any reluctance or awkwardness.

Ben was leaving for Germany on Saturday morning. He spent, therefore, most of the day with his father and Helen. In the morning he bought some presents. They went out for lunch, and Ben stayed with them well into the afternoon. Father expressed his regret that Ben’s sister had not tried to make contact. Ben apologised for not returning to Gastein for the ten-day Christmas break. He explained that he needed to prepare for the final six weeks of teaching in Frankfurt.

Both father and Helen promised to be at the station to see Ben off on Saturday morning. The emotional strain of a leave-taking – obviously present at father’s advanced age – had, therefore, during their day together, been banished.

When Ben returned to the hotel, Christine waved him into the office. She welcomed him with a broad smile, a cup of espresso, and no sign of delayed embarrassment about last night’s romp. Although she left it unmentioned, what she told Ben left no doubt of her wish to make her sexual bond with Ben part of her life.

Christine gleefully related how she had talked to Gerd, pretending she was enthusiastic about his bistro idea. She suggested to him that they could open the business already for the coming winter season. It could be converted into a traditional alpine hut-tavern serving day-time skiers with basic snacks and drinks with minimal alterations to the existing building. She offered Gerd, Christine grinned, to arrange the staff and manage the catering.

Gerd, of course, rejected her obviously sound business idea. He got flustered and angry. It was clear that he wanted neither a temporary bistro business nor Christine to get in the way of his hunting-lodge plan.

Almost triumphantly, Christine concluded, “And for the hunting-lodge business, Gerd will have no assistance from me and no finance by mortgaging the hotel. So, once he has built his lodge, we will most likely divorce. If not, we’ll live apart: I, with Erika, in my hotel! He with his hunting- and drinking-mates, up the valley!”

Christine burst into laughter, “Just imagine, Ben, with Gerd out of the way, what fun we could have! We would then lure you back to Gastein with our sexiest emails! Just imagine us three, with my hotel our playpen! You would come, wouldn’t you?”

However tempting, Ben immediately sensed danger in locking himself and his future into Christine’s scheme with a binding promise. So, he treated Christine’s proposition as made in fun and answered, “God, I’m looking forward to your and Erika’s emails! Do you realise how hot they will have to be to draw me back halfway across the globe?”

Ben waited for an answer, but none was forthcoming. They just grinned at each other, and he took his leave.

Before dinner, Ben’s iPad binged. With the earlier banter with Christine about future sexting left in the air, he had expected to hear from the sisters.

To Ben: – “Have just told E. about my likely separation from Gerd and a future where the hotel is ours. And how wonderful this would be for the three of us. Both E. and I are sure that we do not want to get into any sexual adventure with guests. But with you – yes, yes, yes!!! – We don’t want it to end. How can we lure you back for visits? You refused me an answer. C.”

To Ben: – “We will be stoking the fire with red-hot sexting!!! All of it from our shared Pad so that you know it comes from both of us. But will words alone be enough? E.”

To Ben: – “As always, my unexpectantly, suddenly so naughty older sisters came up with the wicked idea of sending you sexy photos and videos from both and with both of us. Am all for it!!! C.”

To Ben: – “We would start with sexy shots of me in C.’s slinky dress. And then C.’s pussy and tits on display in my sexy undies. Would that turn you on? Pity, I could not make her squirm on a desk as you made me! E.”

To Ben: – “And how about a video of E. and I, naked, wrestling on the bed! Both of us flashing our pussies with their latest fashion trim. We will expect a reply. You never told us if you liked pussies bald, au naturel, or well-dressed like ours! Eager to meet your preferences if it brings you back quicker. C.”

To Ben: – “And I would send you videos of practising and – with your advice – perfecting my strip-tease in front of the mirror!!! Wouldn’t that bring you back? E.”

To Erika and Christine: – “So much to look forward to in our sexting and beyond. The combination of your so deliciously dirty minds and seductive bodies will be hard, hard, hard to resist! In Love, B.”

To Ben: – “See attachment.”

The download was a photo of Christine and Erika sitting in a close embrace behind the office’s desk. Both were giving him with a mischievous grin the thumbs up. 

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