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A Homecoming. Chapter 13.

Most of the next day, Ben spent with his father and Helen. On returning to the hotel, he dropped in at the reception. Christine welcomed him with an espresso. When they settled down with the desk between them, Christine gave him a conspiratorial smile. Pointing at the glass wall between the office and foyer, she said with a put-on pout and shrug of her shoulder:

“Pity, we are so on view. This desk would be perfect for me to be photographed spread out on and climaxing like Erika. I’d be all for it, Ben!”

Ben, for a moment only, was stunned before he answered, “So would I! Especially, knowing now that you and Erika share all your secrets and want to share me as well!”

Then, nodding at guests walking through the foyer, Ben added, “It has been too long for us. Tomorrow night we will be ravenous! And this time, with no Gerd snoring next to us, we will have all night.”

For some seconds, Christine and Ben contemplated that prospect in silence.

Then Ben switched back to his earlier intention. He began telling Christine about Gerd’s plans for a commercial hunting-lodge, and that Gerd wanted to finance it by selling the hotel. Gerd had not known about his long-time friendship with her and Erika. Therefore, he felt safe about revealing his secret plans, and with Ben a short-time visitor, he could boast about his cleverness in planning this coup.

Gerd, in his drunken state, Ben told Christine, laid bare his resentments and anger as additional motives. He got the impression that Gerd wanted as badly to be rid of the hotel as he wanted the hunting lodge. Doing so would free him of any further obligations to his and Christine’s business partnership. Ben swallowed the “- if not marriage!” as he watched for Christine’s reaction.

Without any sign of surprise or anger, Christine contemplated for a while what Ben had related. Then, her voice calm, she said, “Thanks, Ben, for telling me. I’ve been wondering about the bistro-plan of Gerd since our weekend at the hut. Now I know what he is up to. I’ll see my solicitor and will prepare.”

Then, with a smile that almost broadened into a triumphant grin, Christine added, “This could turn out to be fun! As the co-owner, I can block him from mortgaging the Hotel to finance his lodge. Gerd will need to mortgage his hunt and the forest! And he won’t be able to force a sale of our hotel to clear his debts.”

The following two hours until dinner, Ben spent answering mail. Also, fired-up by Christine’s suggestions of her spreading out on her desk, Ben viewed the series of shots he had taken of Erika. The raunchy abandonment of all shame by Erika was incredibly sexy and beautifully honest. Ben was somewhat ashamed that he was almost tempted to send one of these intimate pictures of Erika to Christine as an inspiring turn-on.

Close to dinner time, before she went home, Erika texted Ben:

To Ben: – “Dearest, as you are leaving us on Sunday, I will ask C. for Friday afternoon off, if it suits you. By then, you should have recovered from Wednesday night! With what C. has in mind, I wish I could be there to ‘protect’ you. Or would I? Protect you, I mean? From talking to and being interrogated by C., I know all about her wish-list. She is a copycat!!! See you tomorrow at breakfast. Behave! E.”

After dinner – Ben was watching television in his room – his iPad binged:

To Ben: – “Have read E.’s rather telling text. I want an early night tomorrow (!!?), have asked Erika to be at the reception for me until 10. She has the night watch and will sleep in my room. I suspect she would love to join us instead! I did not feel like inviting her to our first night together. Should I have? C.”

To Christine: – “Although it’s our second night, we should make it ours alone. Like E. though, I regret it too that our Threesome remains only half-realised. Never having had a ‘proper’ Threesome, aren’t you wondering what it would be like with us? Are both of you as curious and turned-on like I am? Could you arrange another meeting while I am in Germany? B.”

To Ben: – “Wicked!!! How do you know us sexy sisters have never been in a Threesome? I will ask E. if she can be ‘persuaded’ (I’ll threaten her with going on my own!!) to come with me for an overnight (!!!) Christmas shopping trip to Salzburg or Munich. This time, you would have to partner us both!! C.”

To Christine: – “What a meeting to look forward to, to think about over the next barren weeks with our inventively dirty minds! It will make our Farewells tomorrow night and Friday afternoon all the hotter and sweeter by not being a Goodbye! B.”

To Ben: – “Will, for now, be lady-like, e.g., not start thinking dirty thoughts to take to bed. But God, there is tomorrow night! C.”

This exchange of texts had taken more than one-and-a-half hours. While Ben answered quickly, Christine had put in lengthy pauses. Ben suspected it was only partly due to her reception duties. Ben helped himself to two mini-bottles of brandy from the room’s drinks supply while Christine kept him on tenterhooks waiting. Still, Ben had to admit that far from being annoyed, he relished the tension of waiting for Christine’s responses.

When Christine signed off, Ben knew he had a night’s wait ahead. This critical exchange of texts about the realisation of their Threesome was not over. He expected, no, hoped there would come the concluding words from Erika the following morning. So, fortified with another mini bottle of comfort, Ben went to bed.

For quite a while, however, sleep would not come. The challenge and associated imaginings of being in bed and making love with Erika and Christine kept more than his mind awake. Ben had never been in a threesome relationship. Also, until now, it had never really attracted his interest in such porn offerings.

What he had sampled in the past days – motivated by his situation – had not given him any insights. The FFM ‘Sister’ Threesomes, although quite plentiful, were all commercial porn productions. With no amateur contribution, they were fictitiously unconvincing about how the partners responded to each other emotionally.

However, one factor characterised almost all the threesome examples Ben had viewed: the passive role was assigned to the single-sex individual in the partnership. It amused and excited Ben thinking that this would most likely be the case for him. Thinking about it, lying in bed with an erection kept him awake for a long time.

The following day, as he had hoped, Erika’s text arrived. It did not disappoint:

To Ben: – “What a great idea: us three ‘Christmas-shopping’ in Munich! It almost felt as if C. tried to talk me out of coming along. As the older sister, I had to insist on coming! You know how much I like going shopping with you!! Will you be able to keep your eye on both of us as you did on me in Salzburg?? Or will we have to fight for your attention? That could be fun too! Love. E.”


On Wednesday morning, Erika sidled up to Ben on the from public view protected side closer than ever before. There was no hint of resentment about Ben’s and Christine’s coming night. But the way Erika leaned in and how her thighs closed and rubbed on Ben’s hand as it stole up to her pussy, asserted her claim.

When Ben returned to his room after dinner, Erika was already in charge at the reception. He smiled and nodded at her in passing. Ensconced behind the desk, she lifted and showed him the iPad. Then, putting on a studied pout, Erika poked out her tongue. He knew what she meant by her gestures.

Therefore, Ben opened his Pad back in his room, but there was no text from Erika. Her pouty signal could have meant that Erika was obsessing about Christine’s sexy pictures on their iPad. So, Ben sent Erika a brief text, “Are you cross at me tonight? Remember, you agreed! Look at your picture. How could I ever love you any less?” He attached to his text the most beautifully explicit image of Erika twisting in orgiastic surrender on his desk.

Then Ben decided to shower and to receive Christine, whenever she would come, in his bathrobe. All his attention could go then on seducing Christine, undressing her, without him having to scramble out of his clothing. When, after a leisurely shower, Ben left the bathroom, a surprise awaited him.

Spread out on the bed, in her slinky dress, was Christine. With the water pouring down on him in the shower, Ben had not heard her enter.

Christine had turned off the ceiling light. With only the bedside lamp on and she languidly resting on the pillows, Christine had not only created a provokingly seductive display. It was a message of unfinished business. She wanted the night to be an all-fulfilling conclusion and not a beginning!

When Ben, smiling in surprised delight, stepped up to the bed, Christine’s words confirmed it, “I had the choice to wait for you naked under my dustcoat but decided to wear the dress. You know how this dress transforms me!”

Christine paused. She edged her body close to Ben, licked her lower lip and murmured, “In this dress, on this bed, I wanted you to fuck me last time. But you concentrated on just taking my pictures.”

Ben had sat down on the bed. There was nothing tentative in the way he started to run his hand down her dress. He knew that Christine welcomed the touching, especially through the sensually soft covering of her sinful dress. As she squirmed in pleasure under Ben’s possession-taking touch of her breasts and of his fingers parting the swell of her thighs, Christine murmured, “This time, your hands are free to touch me! No more gripping your iPad. Kiss me now, Ben! Yes, touch me but kiss me!”

And they kissed: different now than the hurried, prepared-to-break-apart kisses in the car and at the cabin. Now their lips met and opened on each other, their tongues entwined, lovingly sucked and sunk in repeated relish into the depth and taste of the other’s mouth. There was nothing tentative, nothing hidden and reserved in their wanting to be one.

Ben’s hands began to learn every secret of Christine’s body throughout the long minutes of their kissing. Her tongue twirled in excitement as Ben cupped her tits and brought her nipples into rampant arousal under the skin-tight cloth. Christine’s muscles tightened and throbbed under Ben’s hands as they gripped and parted her buttocks. He moaned into her mouth – “God, I love your sexy ass!” And Christine’s crying out as her ass squirmed in his grip was not in protest. And when Ben’s hand, eventually, parted her thighs and began to move the seam of her dress up to her crotch, Christine moaned a hoarse, “Yes, Ben! Touch me! Like you did in the hut! God, you made me come.”

But Ben muttered a “No” as he pulled the dress down again to cover her pussy. He kissed Christine’s neck and her shoulders that were left bare by the dress. Then, with his lips on her ear, he whispered, “You want to get fucked in this dress, don’t you?”

“Yes, Ben! God, I wanted it last time!”

“It’s a dress made to be fucked in! It slinks so sexily up over your luscious pussy and ass. So, I have to love you from the bottom up, peeling your pussy and ass out of its cover and make love to them first. Your sexy tits and the rest of you will have to wait. Do you want me to love you like that in your sexy-slinky, lick-me, fuck-my-pussy first, dress?”

“Yes! God, yes! As long as we keep kissing and loving each other, not just fuck! I promise I’ll never wear this dress for any man but you.”

Instead of making it into more of a confession, Christine burst into a laugh and began to push Ben’s head down. As it slid over the smooth material over her breasts, her tummy and pubes, her body squirmed in expectation. And when Ben, starting at the toes, began kissing his way up her legs, Christine joined him quickly at play. She held back and only centimetre by playfully granted centimetre spread her legs.

The first time, still a handspan from her pussy, her thighs had not opened far enough for Ben to kiss their soft inside. In the hollows of Christine’s knees, his hands resisted the temptation to pull them open as his lips passed up and down her thighs. And all by themselves, they opened further with each passage of Ben’s lips and tongue. Eventually, he could put his love-bites onto the inside of her thighs.

Finally, Christine’s spreading thighs slid her tight dress up past her trimmed bush. With a flicker of his tongue, Ben’s mouth repeatedly passed over the pussy’s mound and glistening slit as he continued to mark Christine’s thighs with kisses. Suddenly, with a gasping moan, Christine pushed Ben’s passing mouth against the lushly opening lips. His tongue dived into the wet-hot heat of Christine’s pussy, and his mouth filled with its alluringly sensual taste.

It told Ben that it was not the time to be gentle. So, he gripped Christine’s buttocks hard as he sunk his curling tongue into her cunt’s opening, and her hands were pressing his head to urge it deeper. When Ben’s tongue switched to suck Christine’s clit out of its hiding, two of his fingers began to slide in and out of her slippery cunt. It took not long before the shudder in her groin, the arching of her body, and Christine’s gasping for breath signalled the onset of a first orgasm. And Christine allowed Ben no escape; her hands and thighs locked Ben’s mouth and tantalising fingers onto her bucking groin. And repeatedly, she gasped out, “Ben, I’m coming! I’m coming! Suck me, fuck me! God, you make me come!”

When Christine released her hold, Ben moved up to embrace her. His face was wet from her pussy’ juices, but Christine immediately and hungrily sought his mouth. As his rock-hard cock slid unguided into Christine’s hot-slippery cunt, her tongue dived with a throaty moan deep into his mouth.

And then Christine lifted both her legs, crossing them over Ben’s hips. She now met every thrust of Ben with a countering thrust or, more often, pressed and held him to milk his cock in her tight cunt’s pulsating depth. And she sang a beautiful, dirty love song. All too quickly for Ben, Christine’s breathless urgings to fuck her, to come and make her come again sucked him into a – groaning in protest – climax.

Christine joined him, twisting and shaking and laughing out loud in her triumph. While his cock still twitched in the after-throes of his orgasm, Christine hurriedly withdrew. Turning swiftly, she threw herself over Ben’s midriff. She gripped his glistening cock and muttered, “God, I want you! I have always wanted you, all of you, even then as a girl!”

Then her mouth closed hungrily over Ben’s cock, fuck-engorged head.

The lengthy and loving attention Christine paid to his cock prevented any shrinking into rest. Ben’s arousal was aided by Christine turning her shapely ass in reach of his hands.

The dress had slipped up to Christine’s midriff as Ben began his play. With the slightest of pressure, he drew the tips of his fingers through the cleft of her ass. The buttocks muscles twitching in his palms tried to clamp it shut. But Ben’s fingertips, always lightly pressing, continued to stroke up and down. Finally, remembering the night in the hut, Christine’s resistance ceased. Ben’s fingers could slide now through the lush lips of Christine’s pussy, before his nails, repeatedly, grazed over the puckering rosette of her anus. It made Christine whimper in shock and lust. And in reprisal, her mouth and grasping hands threatened violence to Ben’s cock and balls.

It made Ben think. He pulled Christine up for a cuddle and a pacifying, now almost gentle but denying nothing kiss. He murmured, “We better stop before we commit a crime. You are a cannibal! And your sweet ass! God, help me! It’s a turn-on, hard to resist.” As he swung his legs out of bed, Ben added, “Got to go to the bathroom.”

As Ben sat up, Christine reached for his hard-on and said, “Don’t you dare have a cold shower!” Then, pointing with a broad grin to a sizeable wet spot on the sheet, she added, “But bring a towel. I just can’t stop it! The way you love me, it will get wetter still.”

When Ben re-entered, Christine was naked. She had taken off her dress and thrown it into the middle of the room. She stretched out her arms for Ben, giggled, and said, “I’ve done what I wanted in my sexy dress. I’ve worn it for a man I fancy. It did its job! It turned you on like crazy. I had my pussy eaten and fucked, and, God, did I come! Like never before! I’ll remember it; every time I look at the dress, try it on, alone in my room, before the mirror! But now it’s a hindrance. I want to be naked for what comes next!”

And Christine stretched out with her legs invitingly apart while her hands caressed her breasts. Smiling at Ben as he leaned over her, she whispered, “You have neglected my tits and become obsessed with my sexy ass. They need some loving too. Aren’t they sexy enough after Erika’s boobs?”

So far, Ben had only seen Christine’s breasts as she stripped for him in the flashlight’s glow in the hut and under the translucency of her summer dress. Now they were his in all their glory: firm, smallish but perfectly shaped with dark-pink areoles and delectably pointy nipples that signalled their desire to be more than just kissed.

Ben paid them their due as Christine’s hand guided his mouth from arching tit to tit. His hand had slid down over Christine’s tensing belly, and his fingers had parted her pussy’s lips. As one sank into her cunt, Christine moaned a “Yes” and pressed Ben’s mouth harder onto a rampant nipple.

Eventually, Christine wanted more. She pulled Ben’s face away from her breast. While she pressed her body against his, her mouth captured Ben’s with an all-demanding kiss. Ben’s cock almost slid into her waiting pussy as Christine swung over a leg to straddle him. Ben grabbed her buttocks. Holding her still, with her pussy pressed against his erection, he whispered in her ear, “Christine, darling, don’t ride me now. Your sexy ass has turned me on so much. Feel my hard cock! It wants to fuck your pussy from behind?”

Christine burst into a giggle as she scrambled onto her knees. Bending over Ben, she wriggled her ass and whispered huskily, “Yes, Ben! Oh, yes! Take me from behind! God, fuck me like that, fuck me hard!” She pulled him into a wild kiss before she murmured, swallowing an excited laugh, “But only my pussy, this time only my pussy!”

Already on her knees, Christine was all ready to be mounted. But Ben wanted to play, make her squirm, and wait. He pressed Christine’s body down flat onto the sheet and began to run his fingertips over her back and ass. Then he started to kiss his way down from Christine’s shoulder. His skin-tasting, possession-taking kisses passed down her midriff, over buttock and thigh, down to the bend in her knee. Then, crossing over, Ben kissed his way up.

Christine responded by stretching her arms over her head and purring in pleasure. Ben now began to draw his tongue slowly down her spine. Ben felt the shiver under his tongue and heard Christine draw in her breath as it closed in on her buttocks’ cleft. So, he kissed his way up to Christine’s ear and whispered, “Are you turning shy? Want me to stop?”

Christine only moaned as an answer.

When Ben began anew to draw his tongue – even slower than before – down Christine’s spine, she began to whimper. And as his tongue licked a few times over her fevering, pressed together crack, Christine moaned a questioning “No?”. But then, the tip of Ben’s tongue started to play over the slit of her pussy. So tempted, Christine spread her thighs and lifted her ass to be able to push her kiss-eager pussy on Ben’s mouth.

Ben, now lying between Christine’s spread open legs, buried his face in her crotch. At first, the broad, her pussy-lips-parting licks of Ben’s tongue elicited from Christine a succession of moans of pure pleasure. As his tongue, millimetre by millimetre, began to intrude on her cleft, Christine’s moans changed into a whimpering. Her attempt to escape the invasion by lifting her ass higher only widened the crack.

And Ben’s fingers pulled aside the fleshy folds and laid open the glistening pink of Christine’s pussy. No longer blind, his tongue began to lick and circle over her clit. Then it passed on to push into the palpitating opening of her cunt, teasing its nervy rim. And then Ben allowed his tongue, flickering and barely touching, to circle Christine’s puckering rosette.

The first time she responded with a shrill cry of shock. But then, over the following minutes, with Ben’s tongue passing to and fro, from circling her clit to twirl and flicker over her openings, Christine’s throbbing pussy filled with hot juices. And her ass shivered in lewd expectation of Ben’s trespassing tongue as she gasped and cried out in unbridled lust.

Christine was well into coming when Ben lifted her onto her knees. He gripped her buttocks and pulled them apart. With Christine’s ass squirming under his grip and probing finger, he sank his rock-hard cock into her cunt. Christine cried out a guttural – “Fuck! God, yes!” as she shuddered under the shock of tipping over the edge.

And then Ben fucked her through wave after crashing-in wave of a stormily renewing itself onslaught of coming. He thought he could feel his rampant cock being sucked into her womb with every thrust. Eventually, Christine’s knee gave out, and she slumped forward. Ben, now in the throes of his climax, mercilessly continued to ram his cock into Christine’s, flat on the bed, twisting and shaking body. As her fingers clawed the sheet, Christine’s howl was joined by Ben’s roar as he discharged his sperm deep into her womb.

They stayed locked together until both had regained their breath. When Ben, with a deep sigh, rolled off, Christine immediately embraced him. She reached for his hand and put it on her heaving breast before sinking her tongue into his mouth. It suggestively repeated the dance with which his tongue had bewitched not only her pussy.

When Christine finally pulled away, she murmured, “I love our kissing! And God, I love it how your naughty kisses below make me come! I could not imagine it. I thought Erika was exaggerating to make me jealous. I’m lying in a puddle!”

Christine swung her legs out of bed. She spread the towel over the patch and said to Ben, “I’ll need a shower; are you going to join me, or is showering together reserved for Erika?”

Giggling, she skipped away with Ben’s eyes fixed on her cheekily bouncing ass.

Under the shower, Ben quickly learned that Christine not only responded as readily as Erika to the sexual insinuations of getting washed by him. Her hands were considerably more daring and inventive than Erika’s had been in the beginning.

And, as Ben’s hand began to wash Christine’s in expectancy twitching ass, her crack readily opened. And as Ben’s soapy fingers rubbed up and down – in passing threatening to press into the puckered opening – Christine not only sank her twirling tongue into Ben’s mouth. Her soapy hands were on his ass, and her nails dug into his buttocks. When they shifted to stroke open his crack, Ben cried out and moaned into her mouth as she tortured him much harder than he had teased and tempted her. And he felt Christine’s body shake in lust and suppressed laughter.

Then Christine did sink to her knees. But there was no sign of submission in the way her mouth took possession of Ben’s cock. Already better than half-erect, she sucked his manly pride into its full and desired glory.

Then Christine stood up. Pressing her pubes against his erection, she looked up at Ben. With a flush on her face, she stated, “We will need a big shower for the three of us in Munich? I better study the hotel prospectuses on the net to make sure. We wouldn’t want to miss out on our shower foreplay!”

Back in bed, the way Christine’s hand gripped and masturbated Ben’s cock left no doubt that her mind and expectations had not settled on a cuddle and rest. Ben was quickly seduced. He turned on his side and reached for Christine’s leg. Raising it high, he pushed his cock – still in her hand – onto her pussy’s fold.

Planting a playful kiss on her forehead, Ben took up what Christine had started. Moving just slightly, his cock had begun French-kissing her opening lips as he said in a token, conversational tone, “You better make sure that the room you book has a king-size bed to welcome your visitor on. That is if you and Erika are planning to invite me to stay the night?”

With Ben’s concluding – “Aren’t you?”, his cock had slid into Christine’s hot tightness about halfway. Ben glimpsed down on Christine’s hand. It still clasped his cock while her thumb was stroking her clit.

Christine’s voice was hoarse and fighting a stammer as she replied, ”God! Yes! We are both excited about getting you into bed with us. And yes, both of us want a night of wild naughty sex! But is it going to happen? How are we going to make love as a threesome? Neither Erika nor I can imagine it yet!”

Christine had given Ben’s cock free rain by now, and he was fucking her with slow, deeply penetrating strokes. Her groin pressed and ground against his insertions, and Christine’s fingers, searching for a grip on Ben’s back, were leaving their mark. Far from distracting, their talking only heightened the arousal with which they fucked.

In between gasps for breath, Christine whispered what was obsessing her mind, “Am I just going to watch while you and Erika fuck? Is she going to lie next to us while you lick my pussy, or I suck your cock?”

Ben grinned, playing a finger over Christine’s now pouting lips and said, “I can picture it. Doesn’t it turn you on? The watching – or, perhaps, even more so – the being watched!”

And as Ben gripped one of Christine’s buttocks to fuck her harder, she responded with possibly unrelated moaned shouts of – “Yes, Ben! Yes!”

Ben pulled Christine into a series of passionate kisses, from her nipples to her throat, neck, and mouth and finishing on her ear. Into it, he whispered, “You know you won’t be just watching and being watched. We’ll be a threesome and make love to each other in a dozen different ways. It will just happen. And you’ll be as hot and turned on by Erika’s kisses, by her lovely boobs and luscious pussy, as she and I will be by yours. And you will want her tongue -“.

Christine interrupted him, her voice more anxious than angry, “But we are sisters! Can we be like that?”

Ben felt like laughing, “If you want it, what’s stopping you? Because others say, sisters are not supposed to make love to each other? Everything in our relationship is already beyond what is forbidden by others. Why have qualms then about kissing and touching each other in our threesome relationship? It’s going to happen. I can see us now!”

Ben had released his grip on Christine’s ass. Instead, he had taken hold of his cock. He was playing its tip caressingly over Cristine’s glistening-lush pussy-lips and clit. Now and then, Ben allowed it to slide teasingly a third into her cunt. In between gasping in frustrated pleasure, Christine, her voice sexily hoarse, demanded, “What do you see, Ben? What will we do? Tell me!”

“I see myself making love to you like before, to your back, your sexy ass. It could easily be even wilder, even more charged with excitement!”

“Yes! Yes!”

“There is Erika close by, naked, watching us, her fingers playing with her pussy! She loves doing that!”

“Yes, and?

“I make love to your ass and your pussy. At first, with my fingers teasing your ass and my tongue in your pussy. And then we will fuck like crazy, but you will no longer cry into and claw the sheet. Your hands will grasp at Erika’s thighs. And she’ll slide her pussy onto your mouth. As you eat up her pussy, you’ll not only taste her. You’ll taste me as well in Erika’s already by me, hot-fucked cunt.”

“God, yes! And what then?”

“And then you’ll come, drawing me with you. Remember how hard we climax together? But now you’ll cry your lust into no sheet. You howl and gasp it into Erika’s climaxing cunt while your nails dig into her quivering ass. The three of us will be tossed into a wild coming together! Can you see us like that, Christine?”

Christine did not answer, but it did not matter. She was with Ben well in the grip of a surging-in orgasm. While Ben painted for Christine his imaginings, his cock had dug into her cunt, hot kissing her womb, again and again.

As Ben held her captive with his hand on her ass, Christine was gripped by her imaginings. Shivering and twisting, she climaxed. And for Ben, it was Christine’s face and her beautiful arching-up tits that dragged him into the torrent. After crying out and then choking with laughter, they sunk into each other’s arms.

With their sexual hunger stilled, Ben and Christine clung to each other for a long, lovingly awake time. Neither he nor she wanted to turn away for restful sleep. In a rush of affection for each other, they were unashamedly smooching.

Suddenly Christine burst into a giggle and whispered, “Should I tell Erika what you are planning with us, or will you? She has suddenly turned extremely sexy. I don’t think she’ll be either shocked or surprised?” 

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