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A Homecoming. Chapter 10.

The first thing Ben did the following day was to look at his iPad. No mail from Christine had arrived, but there was a brief text from Erika. Before the breakfast shift, Erika must have checked their iPad if Ben had posted a wished-for message to her.

He, with all his aroused senses focused on Christine, had not done so. Erika’s reprimand, therefore, hit home:

To Ben: – “Feel neglected, while C. glows. Very suspicious!!! You better set me on fire this afternoon! E.”

Erika served him exclusively at breakfast. The Danish couple had left, and Ben had now the table by himself. Erika flirted quite shamelessly as she stood close on the side of Ben which was out of view of the other guests. Ben ran his hand up her trousered leg as he whispered, “What are your plans for this afternoon? Tell me yours? I’ll tell you mine.” But for the time being, what was foremost on their minds remained unspoken.

Ben only gave Christine a furtive glance and wave on his way up to his room and again later, when he left for going into town. He neither wanted to show her how eager he was for her comment on the photos nor pressure her to judge before she was ready.

When Ben returned to the hotel shortly before lunch, Christine’s mail had arrived:

To Ben: – “Dear Ben, you know as well as I do that these photos are a record of something extraordinary. So, I won’t just tell you I ‘like’ them. Getting you to photograph me in this ‘sinful’ dress started as a bit of a lark for me. I wanted to pretend I was a sexy siren and expected you to try to motivate me into a sexy mood to record me at my put-on, seductive best. It turned into something different because you were not playful in reacting to me. Neither were the images you then captured a pretence. In photographing me, you suddenly knew me in a way I did not know myself. The pictures are, for me, a revelation. In a big way, about myself, about us, and our desires – yours as well as mine! In a small but related way, my eyes were opened about my dress. I know now how much I am changed and reveal by wearing it. I believe now that I would never wear it in public, nor for or with, any other man but you. But with you, any time because I am proud of what you see in me and what I am for you. With Thanks and Love, Christine.”

Christine’s so carefully composed mail differed sharply from her previous, playfully flippant Threesome sexting. Tellingly, Christine had sent it from the hotel’s computer and not the shared iPad!

Ben was in equal measure, pleased and shocked. Christine’s reaction to the images so closely matched what he felt in looking at them. She had accepted the folio as both a confession of sexual desire and a declaration of love. Ben was somewhat uneasy that she recognised it as being both.

Also, Christine seemed unconcerned that it had come into being by excluding Erika. To Ben, keeping it a shared secret seemed a first step in betraying Erika. However, not doing so would force him into breaking the promise of silence he had so carelessly given to Christine.

By the time Erika arrived in the afternoon, Ben had not yet decided what he would do.

Unlike on Erika’s previous visits, Ben had not showered and was not in his bathrobe. Erika looked at him, seated at the desk, dropped her bag, and walked up to him. As she moved into Ben’s arms and his hands clasped her buttocks, Erika giggle and asked, “Am I too early? I was as impatient to get a grip on you as you are with me.”

“You were naughty at breakfast this morning, sidling up to me like that. You invited me to touch you indecently. And I wanted to strip down your trousers and spread you out on the breakfast table! For the best morning-fuck you ever had!”

Erika guffawed, “All the things we have to catch up with this afternoon!”

As she felt Ben’s hand searching to undo the fastening on her trousers, she reached down to undo his belt and zip. She chuckled and said, “I like this stripping: I show you mine if you show me yours: piece by piece, agreed?”

Erika let him be first in stripping down her trousers and panties in one go. Ben bent forward, trying to plant a kiss on her pubes. But Erika stepped back, out of her shoes and hindering trousers, kicking them aside. Then she knelt before Ben, still sitting, and undid his laces. Reaching up for his undone trousers, Erika worked them down and threw them on top of hers. As her hands pretended to tug at his boxers, she looked up at him. With a mischievous grin, she whispered, “It’s showtime for me!”

When she pulled them down, Erika had no reason to be disappointed.

However, this time, Ben stopped her from taking the closer interest Erika seemed to have in mind. He pulled her upright and reached for the top button of her blouse. Erika responded by quickly unbuttoning his shirt and winning the contest. With Erika’s bra and Ben’s singlet on the floor, both were matched in randy nakedness.

Ben stood up and swept papers and pens from the desk onto the floor and his iPad aside. Lifting Erika, he sat her on the desk close to the edge. Standing between her spread thighs, with the tip of his rampant cock on her pussy’s lips, they kissed. And Erika’s tongue in wrestling his was knowing and wanting. As were her lips; between two kisses swallowing an excited laugh, they murmured, “You would not, would you, spread me on this table?”

In the next kiss, her tongue rammed in even deeper, and, to Ben, her throaty moans sounded like, “Spread me, Ben! Fuck me!”

As Ben, gentler than her urgings, pushed Erika’s body back on the desk, she lifted her legs. They slid, almost folded into the waiting crook of his arms. In one swift movement, Ben pulled Erika’s bottom right to the edge. She raised her head to look down on Ben’s cock as it played over her pussy in a, to her, too long delayed, teasing search. And then it parted her pussy’s lips. As Ben’s cock slid into Erika’s already slippery-hot cunt to the hilt, she grabbed the desk’s edges. She stretched out to meet every deep thrust with a breathy whisper, “Yes! Ben, oh Ben! God, I want you to fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

Ben’s eyes, looking down on Erika, so sensuously stretched out as they fucked, were drawn to Erika’s glorious tits with their aroused nipples. With every thrust of his cock, she heaved them up, offering them to be grasped. As he reached for them, Erika lifted both her legs out of the crooks of his arms and slid them up onto his shoulders. With her pelvis now raised, her eyes wandered between looking down at Ben’s cock ramming into her cunt and Ben’s face as he caressed her tits and pinched and pulled her aroused nipples. Erika now had begun, at each of his deep-fucking thrusts, to cry out her lust.

It soon turned into a whimpering that she was coming and could not hold it back. Ben, not entirely coherent, stammered how much he loved watching her come. She was the sexist, the most beautifully passionate woman he had ever known.

And Erika came beautifully. She offered her climax like a gift, crying out as she twisted on the desk with her legs locked behind Ben’s neck. Laughing and moaning, Erika looked at him. At the same time, her whole body trembled as she stayed impaled on Ben’s discharging cock until the last tremor of her orgasm subsided.

And then Erika pulled Ben down into a long, gently fading out kiss before she said, “Are we going to have a shower now? I love showering with you after sex. It’s always a foreplay for something even better to follow! And today, I am greedy! You kept me waiting while you seduced my naughty sister!”

Erika had sat up and slid off the desk. Because she giggled as she delivered her challenge, Ben gave her a parting smack on her bum as she scampered off to the bathroom. But Erika was not done yet. When Ben joined her after relieving himself, Erika seductively posed and turned under the streaming down water. She demanded an answer, “Do you still fancy a plain woman like me after Christine? She offered you her svelte body, I’m sure. The bitch wants you as much as I do.”

Ben stepped under the shower and took Erika into his arms. He decided against a jocular evasion. Ben kissed her, pressed her close. With one hand caressing her back and his lips close to Erika’s ear, with the warm water streaming down on them, he said, “You know how much I desire you. That a woman as beautiful, sexy and loving as you wants me is wonderful. And Christine, she is desirable and beautiful, too. If she wants to be more than just my friend, must I refuse? It is a gift, isn’t it? And both you and Christine are close to my heart. I’ve loved you from way back. Do I have to choose between you now? Can’t I love you both?”

Ben paused, uncertain of whether he had found the right words and tone. Partly to lighten the mood and partly to test Erika’s reaction, Ben kissed her ear before adding, “We are, after all, not getting married; both of you are already. And loving Christine would never make me love you less.”

His hand had wandered down to Erika’s ass. As he pressed her groin against his growing erection, Erika’s lips found his.

Her kiss was at first tentative, but eventually, it became a very long, yes-saying kiss. And then their washing each other turned, as Erika had wished, into foreplay of more and more intimate caresses. Finally, eager for the bed, they dried each other.

Erika, however, was not done. Next to the bed, she stopped. Fronting Ben, she sank on her knees, and her hands took possession of Ben’s already respectable erection. She let her tongue flick expertly, teasing over the cock’s head and up and down its shaft. Then, licking her lips and looking up at Ben with a grin, she declared, “That comes from watching porn on our iPad. We know now what us girls must do to arouse our male.”

But Ben pulled Erika up into a kiss, and both sank onto the bed. Ben hated the implied submissiveness of women on their knees before men to suck their cocks. It was part of the porn scenario of conquering males and brutalised women he detested.

Resting on his elbow stretched out next to Erika, he said, “Kneeling before any man to arouse him is not a lesson any girl should learn. Real lovers don’t want a girl’s submission to gain an erection. They want the desire shown by her body, her words, and her quickening breath.”

While he talked, Ben’s hand had wandered caressingly over Erika’s body. He paused for a long, heating-up kiss as his hand glid down Erika’s belly. She spread her legs and moaned into their frantic kissing as his fingers parted her pussy’s lips.

“And then,” Ben whispered into Erika’s panting mouth, “the girls’ pussies will be as wet and hot as yours is now and their man’s cock as hard as mine.”

Erika’s hand had now taken possession of his manhood, and her tongue matched in fervour Ben’s searching fingers in her cunt. Fighting-for-breath, Erika broke from her kissing and whispered, “And I will suck your cock, and you will eat my pussy?”

She did not wait for an answer but twisted to slide down Ben’s body, swing her pelvis over his face, and sink her mouth onto his throbbing cock. Ben quickly gripped and spread Erika’s quivering thighs and brought her opening pussy onto his lips. Erika’s cunt was, from their fuck before, still hot, slippery open, well beyond the stage of a first arousal. So, he sank in his thumb and let his tongue search out Erika’s clit.

With lips and teeth and not too gentle sucking, he freed Erika’s quite prominent pearl of lust out of its covering. He heard her shrill cry, followed by gasping moans, felt her grip on his balls and her mouth diving with a gurgling sound deep onto his cock. And Ben was equally focused on licking and sucking Erika into a prolonged, clitoral orgasm.

As her pelvis started to twist and her thighs to shake in his vice-like grip, Erika arched up and gave a drawn-out cry of overwhelming lust. Ben held her hot-gushing pussy pressed against his mouth. And his tongue played over her clit, electrifying it through after-shock after after-shock until Erika twisted her pussy away from his mouth and turned.

They clasped each other into the closest of embrace. Erika was still shivering in the last throes of her orgasm. While Ben’s still rock-hard cock pressed against her pussy, Erika hungrily sought his mouth to sample the taste of her coming and draw in its tart-sexy smell from Ben’s skin. It made her prickle; she was gripped by a new or continuing wave of arousal.

When Ben’s hands grabbed her buttocks and pressed her groin against his erection, Erika moved sideways. She swung her leg over and mounted him. Without her lips leaving Ben’s, Erika reached down and guided his cock into her pussy. A slight wriggle, and it had slid in part of the way. Erika did not stop kissing as she gasped into his mouth, “Ben! Ben! Let me ride and fuck you!”

With her lips close to Ben’s, there was laughter and lust in her voice as she murmured, “I warned you I was greedy and needy. Coming twice already is not enough for me! And you said last time you wanted to watch me ride!”

“Oh, yes! I want to watch you ride into another climax. How many more climaxes do you want?”

“How many more can I have? With you, I can’t get enough. I’ll come again and again, like never, never before!”

“What a challenge! Even with you, my poor cock can’t recover that quickly.”

While they talked, Ben had stroked and gripped and parted Erika’s buttocks. His fingertips and nails dug into her crack as he began, almost stealthily, to fuck her. His cock, gently, centimetre by centimetre, penetrated deeper. As it was gripped and kneaded in hot welcome, Ben pushed Erika gently upright. Holding both of her hands, he did not thrust the hard length of his cock up into her. Ben knew from last time that it would ram onto her cervix. Erika needed time and ride gently to begin to enjoy – as he had learned she would – the sensation.

While Erika gradually increased the pace of her ride and took in more and more of his cock, Ben looked at her and let his s hands play over Erika’s body. He cupped her breasts, pinched, and pulled none too gently her lust-charged nipples. And eventually, Ben gripped her buttocks, straining under Erika’s increasingly bucking ride. But time and time again, with fingertips barely touching, he caressed Erika’s face, telling her how beautiful and ravishingly sexy she was. She would ride him, he told her, much too quickly into a glorious coming.

“And you think I’ll let you come on your own?” Erika hissed through her in mounting arousal clenched teeth. She was riding him hard now, with her body arching back. She was close, as she had promised, to carry them both into a stormy, shared orgasm.

But Ben now pushed his finger into Erika’s stretched forward bush and found her clit. Erika, with a gasp sounding like “God, no!” jerked forward. Her in crying out, opening mouth fastened on Ben’s. Her twisting pelvic ground his finger harder against her clit than Ben would have ever done. Ben grabbed her hair, pulling Erika out of her demented kiss. Holding her apart, his voice hoarse, he muttered, “I think your greedy little clit is ripe to be eaten!”

Ben pushed Erika upright. Grabbing her hips, he lifted her off his cock. Erika looked down in shocked surprise. Then she broke into laughter as Ben began to slide down between her wide-open thighs. And Erika inched up as Ben’s hands on her ass guided her well-fucked, fleshy glistening pussy onto his mouth and twirling tongue.

Erika clawed for the headboard of the bed. Pressing her forehead against it, she began a different kind of ride. Now it was her pussy searching out the hot mouth and teeth and ravaging tongue of Ben. Very quickly, the outrageousness of her doing and the intensity of this now self-inflicted pleasure on her clit and pussy threw Erika into a shaking, shivering and shrilly crying-out orgasm. And Ben did not allow her to escape. His fingers dug into Erika’s ass as he pressed her pulsating cunt, as it filled with hot juices, against his mouth

For a while, Erika, breathing heavily and pressing her head against the headboard, meowed and whimpered in shock. When she stopped, Ben very gently moved Erika from his face to where she was before. His hands slid from Erika’s hips to her ass as his rock-hard cock slid again into Erika’s slithery-hot cunt. As Erika moaned half in protest, Ben murmured in her ear, “You owe me a climax now. I want one too! And your red-hot-wet pussy will keep on coming!”

Erika shut him up with a hungry kiss which she followed with licks and flicks of her tongue over Ben’s face, sticky from her orgasm’s juices. She whispered, “God, how you made me come! I almost drowned you. My clit will never be the same again. Am I your sexy, hungry, wild hussy?”

As her answer, Erika sat up, and Ben’s cock was in her to the hilt. She rode him slow but hard, lifting herself until the cock’s tip kissed her pussy’s lips, then ramming down so hard it made her gasp and cry out. Erika looked down on Ben, her hands cradling his face. And with every swallowing up of his cock and it hitting her cervix, Erika found never before said sexy words, “Oh, Ben, I love riding you, love how we fuck! Am I oversexed? You made me so! I’m crazy about your cock, in my cunt, my mouth. And I love how you eat up my pussy and suck and bite my clit! God, I’m coming again! Come too! Come with me! Fill my cunt with your cum!”

Erika carried Ben with her. He had for precious minutes, it seemed, met her ramming down on his rampant cock, by thrusting up as Erika lifted. This interplay gave Erika a succession of teasing after-shocks that took away her breath. Her love song of sexy, dirty words became a succession of pure-lust, husky moans. But what sucked Ben into the whirlpool of their joint orgasm was that Erika was so breathtakingly beautiful. She rode him, abandoning all shame and learned reservations. In her unbridled lust in riding him, Erika’s face was flushed and her eyes shining in glee as she twisted and arched and stretched out her belly and glorious breasts.

They collapsed into each other, moaning, and crying out to burst, eventually, into relieved laughter. Erika, still shivering in the last after-shock of her climax, pressed her body onto Ben’s and declared, “God, how I love our fantastic, wild sex! What a discovery at my age.”

She started giggling, “Now I wonder whether it’s only with you?”

Ben could not think of an answer he wanted to give, so he asked Erika his question, “Do you still believe that I could ever desire you less or stop wanting you?”

Erika’s smile and hug and her kisses were not an answer. Eventually, she got up to go to the bathroom. Jokingly she forbade him to follow, saying that another “foreplay and what follows” would kill them. When Erika returned, Ben followed her example. Afterwards, they settled down for a companionable cuddle and kisses. They shared a vodka from the fridge.

Ben had not forgotten his dilemma with Christine’s private folio. He believed Christine wanted to keep the bedside images and their blatantly sexual message a secret from Erika. Ben would now partly breach the confidence with Christine by telling Erika that he had put such a folio together for her. But he would not show Erika his copies or tell her he had such.

As a lead-up, Ben asked Erika if she would like to see all twelve photos he had kept from their session. Erika had thought that the four images Ben had transferred to their iPad were the only ones he had not deleted.

Hearing that Ben had kept a folio of her, Erika’s first reaction was to pretend she was cross. In reality, she was flattered and excited about seeing it, especially as Ben took her in his arms and asked to be forgiven. He told her that she was so sexy and beautiful in every picture that he had not the heart to delete them. Even selecting twelve from the fifty or so he took, he told her, was torture.

Ben got his Pad, loaded Erika’s folio, and handed it to her. He wanted to give Erika time and not look over her shoulder while she studied picture after picture. Ben moved to the far side of the bed and turned his back on her. Erika took a long time, repeatedly clicking up image after image, with occasional sounds of surprise but voicing no comments.

When she finally put the iPad aside, she moved over, almost throwing herself over Ben. Her voice low, with a quiver of restrained emotion, she said, “They are beautiful pictures. Is that really me? Am I so sexy? I love that sexy me that you have discovered!”

Pressing her tits and pubes even closer against Ben, she whispered, “Why didn’t you pick the sexiest of the pictures for our iPad? I want Christine to be jealous.”

Ben grinned and said, “If you want, I’ll transfer all your pictures onto your Pad. Perhaps, Christine would want all of hers too? You could ask her. Would you like to see the twelve or so of Christine, from which I picked her four photos for your Pad?”

Pretending that she was only mildly interested, Erika untangled herself from Ben and handed him the Pad.

When Ben loaded up Christine’s folio and Erika began to look at the pictures, she could no longer hide her intense interest. She looked at them for a long time. Changing back and forth between images, Erika commented on how sexy and – with a put-on pout of resentment – how beautiful her “pratty sister” was. It did not surprise Ben that Erika was especially taken by the four photos of Christine in her slinky dress.

First, Erika commented on the summer dress. She had seen Christine wear it on many occasions and had sometimes suspected that she wore nothing underneath. But in Christine’s constant movement on the terraces in summer, all one saw were fleeting glimpses of the body under the dress in the shifting play of light. In Ben’s stills, however, Christine was captured at the magical moment where she revealed her nakedness and what was intended. In amused admiration, Erika giggled, “She is beautiful, but what a tease!”

The four images of Christine in her unique dress evoked from Erika a different reaction. She told Ben that Christine had told her about the dress but that she had never seen Christine wear it. Now she knew why! All Erika could say was that it turned Christine into an ultra-sexy hussy.

Erika was especially impressed by one picture. On it, Christine lay languidly stretched out on the bed. Her body in the skin-tight dress was all sexual allure, but her face was pensive, detached. It was one of the last shots Ben had taken. Now Erika was in almost the exact position on the bed as Christine had been. Erika looked down on her breasts and pubes and burst into a laugh, “Wow! I’ll have to borrow that dress and see if it does to my body what it does to hers.”

Ben saw it as the opportunity to tell her that this photo was one of a separate folio that Christine had wanted. He had put it together for her. The pictures in it were all shot on the bed, with Christine in her dress. He openly admitted to Erika that their session got at this stage, quite exciting. The photos he took of Christine on the bed turned out to be very sexy. Christine loved them. Very casually, Ben asked Erika if Christine had shown them to her; Erika said no. So, Ben let the matter rest.

Before Erika left, he reminded her to discuss with Christine if she, like her, also wanted her twelve-shot folio on their shared iPad. He would make the transfer as soon as she texted him a Yes. 

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