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A high school senior teaches his sister’s friends the moves

My eighteenth birthday didn’t feel very different to me. It was a Wednesday and I still had to go to school. My family wasn’t going to celebrate my birthday until the weekend so I really wasn’t expecting much. A senior in high school, I hadn’t even gotten a date yet. The most I had done was make out a little bit with Mary Jane Kapinsky at a party. I was resigned to just another ordinary day.

As I was getting ready to go out to the bus, my sister, Vera, ran out after me. My sister was twenty-one and had dropped out of college. I wasn’t quite sure what she did with her time and she hung out with a pretty fast crowd. “Little bro,” she yelled after me, “I’ve got a favor to ask.”

I thought about continuing on as if I couldn’t hear her. Generally, when it came to doing favors for my sister, my wallet ended up lighter or I ended up taking the blame for her screw-ups.

I turned around slowly. “What is it?” I asked her, trying to look stern — to ward off any requests.

“I need your wrestling expertise,” she told me.

I looked at her in confusion. “It’s not for me, it’s for my friend, Brenda,” she quickly interjected. “Look, she’s auditioning for a role in a woman’s wrestling league and she needs someone to show her some moves.”

“You want me to teach a girl how to wrestle?” I asked her.

“She’s not a girl,” Vera scoffed. “She’s twenty-two and yeah, maybe I’m stupid, but I thought you’d like the opportunity to put your hands on my smoking hot friend.”

I was trying to remember what Brenda looked like but I was drawing a blank. Vera punched me in the shoulder. “That got your attention!” she exclaimed.

“Alright, tell me what I have to do — but quickly, I’ve got to catch my bus.”

“We’ll pick you up from school and head over to her apartment,” Vera told me. “How long do you think it will take to teach her the basics?”

“I don’t know — maybe ninety minutes?”

“Fabulous,” Vera told me and before I could respond, she had turned and was headed back into the house. Vera had a lean, athletic body and I often found myself ogling her. I really found my sister sexy.

I spent the day at school fantasizing about teaching Brenda wrestling. I actually got in trouble for Math class for not paying attention as I imagined Brenda falling in love with me for my great skill at wrestling. I know that sounds pathetic, but I was pretty naïve about women. Anyway, it made the day pass quickly.

As I left the school building, I heard Vera shout out my name, “Don!” and I turned to see a pink Mustang driven by a cute redhead with Vera in the passenger seat.

“Oh, he’s cute,” Brenda told Vera as I climbed into the back seat.

“I really appreciate you doing this,” Brenda told me and then, as if remembering that we hadn’t met, she reached out her hand, “I’m Brenda. Pleased to meet you.”

“I’m Don,” I told her.

As we drove to Brenda’s apartment, she asked me questions about wrestling strategy and rules and I did my best to answer.

Brenda’s place was on the third floor of an old walkup and as we entered her apartment, it was clear she had readied it for wrestling. The furniture in the living room had been pushed out to the edges and in the center of the room was a set of mats.

“I know, it’s not much,” Brenda told me, “but just pretend it’s a wrestling ring.”

As I stood taking in the surroundings, Brenda began removing her clothing, quickly stripping down to her bra and panties. She had beautiful pale skin — and a full ass and plump breasts. I must have looked confused. “I figured it would be easier if we didn’t have a lot of clothes getting in the way,” Brenda explained.

I nodded my head and removed my clothing. I was pretty proud of my body. I wasn’t hugely built, but I was muscular and compact and I even had a six-pack. Brenda looked at me as I undressed, nodding her head as if in approval. I felt vulnerable standing in front of my sister and Brenda in my white briefs.

“Little bro rocking the tighty-whities!” Vera exclaimed. I looked at her sheepishly and she gave me a friendly grin.

I began by showing Brenda some basic moves — a single leg take down, a half nelson. I did these moves in slow motion to instruct Brenda. At first I felt self-conscious in putting my hands on Brenda’s body. As I moved across her body, I could feel the softness of her breasts and her ass, but I put these out of my mind. The last thing I wanted to do was pop a boner in front of my sister and her friend. After a while, I just treated Brenda like another wrestler and concentrated on illustrating the techniques.

Brenda was a good student and she picked up the moves quickly. I could also tell that she was pretty strong for a woman. After forty-five minutes or so of pretty intensive instruction, we paused for a water break.

“Maybe we could have a practice match?” Brenda asked.

“Sure,” I told her. “Let’s see how much you’ve learned.”

We began the match standing up — not exactly according to the rules, but Brenda indicated this was how matches began in the league. It felt odd to be competing with a woman. I grabbed Brenda by the outside of her arms, but instead of putting her to the ground, I hesitated. In that moment, she stepped into me and, grabbing my forward leg, took me to the ground. The hit to the ground awakened my competitive instinct and we grappled. Brenda had one arm around my chest, pinning my left arm to the side and her other arm was between my legs. I was on my side and she was trying to roll me onto my back. Involuntarily as I struggled to free myself, I began to feel myself becoming aroused because Brenda’s arm was pressed up against my dick.

Brenda was placing her weight on me trying to move me from my side to my back and I could feel her breasts pressing against my leg and my rapidly stiffening cock. Fortunately, with a roll, I freed my left arm and was able to flip over and pin Brenda to the ground in one move. The move caught her off guard and knocked the wind out of her. I pinned both of her legs under me, my legs on either side of her and I had hold of her arms. My cock was pressing against Brenda’s pussy. She shifted from side to side, struggling to free herself, and s she did, rubbed her crotch against my cock, driving me crazy. I could feel my cock getting harder and harder and it was hard to think what to do.

Brenda began to buck her hips and she caught me off guard. I bounced forward so that I was now straddling her stomach. I still had her arms pinned out above her, a wrist in each of my hands, and despite her thrashing, I was able to keep her arms pinned.

Vera was cheering from the sideline. “Hell yeah!” she yelled when Brenda made a good move.

In my advanced position, I could feel the sides of her breasts against my knees and I wanted more than anything to feel those breasts against my cock. Taking a chance, I slid myself up further, all the while holding onto Brenda’s wrists. Leaning into Brenda, my cock was now pressed into her cleavage.

“Bro, what the hell kind of wrestling move is that?” Vera asked. I was concentrating too hard to answer Vera. I brought my legs together, pushing Brenda’s breasts together from the side. I could feel their softness against my cock. Like an animal, I couldn’t help myself. I began to thrust my hips, driving my cock into Brenda’s cleavage.

“Bro!” Vera yelled out. She was on the ground next to Brenda, petting the side of Brenda’s face. I saw that Vera had also stripped down to her bra and panties and the sight of my sister so scantily clad both turned me on and made me nervous. Why had she taken off her clothes?

“He’s got a boner,” Vera told Brenda. “And he’s pretty much fucking your tits.”

“I kind of figured that out,” Brenda told Vera.

I didn’t care that they were talking. Fucking Brenda’s tits felt so good and I didn’t want to stop. I continued to thrust, driving my cock against Brenda’s breasts.

“How about a little help,” Brenda called out to Vera.

I stifled a laugh. “Do you give up?” I asked Brenda.

Before she could answer, I felt arms around my neck, pulling me backward. Vera was pulling me off of Brenda. I strived to hold on, but Vera’s grip had now risen up and she was pulling my chin back awkwardly. It was painful and it made it hard for me to maintain my grip on Brenda, who was squirming back and forth. With each shift, Brenda’s breasts banged pleasantly against my cock.

In a moment, Brenda’s hands wriggled free from my grasp. I flailed, trying to grab them again, but all I caught was the strap of her bra.

I didn’t see what happened, but I heard the snap of the bra strap and as Vera pulled me off Brenda, my hand came up with Brenda’s bra. The clasps in the back had broken and the bra had come off completely.

Vera twisted me onto the ground and had pinned one of my arms.

“So that’s how we’re going to play!” Brenda exclaimed. As I struggled to right myself, Brenda grabbed my underwear and pulled them off of me. I felt exposed, my throbbing cock exposed for my sister and her friend to see.

“Hold him down,” Brenda ordered Vera. Vera sat on one of my hands and held my other hand down with both her hands. Straining to lift myself up, I saw Brenda take my cock in her hand.

“Stop struggling,” she told me, giving my cock a squeeze. Tired and obedient, I lay back and ceased my struggles.

“What should we do with him?” Brenda asked Vera.

“Well, it’s his birthday,” Vera told her.

“And he has been so nice to teach me wrestling,” Brenda added, taking her panties off. “You know what would be really hot,” Brenda told Vera.

“What?” Vera asked, and I could sense the excitement in her voice.

“I want you to tell your brother what to do to me,” Brenda told her.

“You are freaky!” Vera told her.

“What do you think about your brother’s cock?” Brenda asked Vera.

“I think you should suck it,” Vera told Brenda.

“Show me how it’s done,” Brenda dared Vera.

I started to protest but before I could speak, I felt Vera’s warm mouth on my cock and my resistance disappeared. I groaned loudly as Vera swirled her tongue around my cock, driving her mouth up and down my shaft quickly. It felt as if my entire body was in Vera’s mouth. I had already been aroused from the wrestling match and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer.

“Oh God!” I cried out, as my cock erupted in orgasm. Vera gagged slightly as my ejaculate flew into her mouth and down her throat. She continued to move up and down my shaft quickly and after several powerful blasts, I felt my throbbing orgasm subside.

Vera reluctantly lifted her head up and Brenda wiped away a stray stream of semen that had dripped on Vera’s chin.

“That didn’t last long,” Brenda laughed. “Maybe if we inspire him, he’ll get hard again.” With that, Brenda kissed my sister, swirling her tongue into Vera’s mouth. She gently laid Vera on the ground and then positioned herself on top in a sixty-nine position. The two women flitted their delicate tongues across one another’s labia. I watched this beautiful sight and my cock began to stiffen for round two.

I positioned myself behind Brenda’s ass and I could see her glistening pussy. It was too much to resist. Straddling my sister’s face, I penetrated Brenda. Her pussy felt warm and inviting and I began to gently fuck her. With each thrust, my balls banged against the forehead of my sister. It felt so wrong and yet so right.

“Oh,” Brenda moaned. “Your brother is … fucking me.” Her slow sultry voice turned me on and I began to increase the force and pace of my thrusts. I drove Brenda forward with the power of my movement. In this position, Vera was able to tongue my balls as I pounded into Brenda again and again, her soft ass cushioning my blow.

“I want my brother to fuck your beautiful tits,” Vera called out.

I stopped fucking Brenda and she rolled off of Vera and onto the mat. Straddling Brenda, I pushed her tits together around my cock. Her breasts were soft and felt wonderful. I slowly thrust between her soft breasts, my cock lubricated with her pussy juices.

Vera positioned herself behind Brenda’s head. “Here, brother, let me do this,” Vera told me, replacing my hands with hers. Vera pushed Brenda’s breasts together and I moved more freely, back and forth, Brenda’s wonderful breasts caressing my cock. Vera pulled Brenda’s breasts up toward her. Each of Brenda’s large breasts was pressed against her cheeks and, moving forward, I could now push my cockhead all the way into Brenda’s mouth. Parting her lips I began to simultaneously fuck Brenda’s breasts and mouth.

The sensation was too much to bear. On my next stroke, I exploded with my second orgasm. The first rope shot deep into Brenda’s mouth, but on the next eruption, my cock slipped free of her mouth and I shot a rope of cum across Brenda’s forehead. The third rope of cum cleared Brenda’s head completely and landed against my sister’s belly and leg. I shot three more ropes of cum onto Brenda’s face, her eyes clenched tightly shut.

My cock finally ceased throbbing and came to rest on Brenda’s mouth. Brenda gently sucked on my cock as Vera wiped the streams of cum off of Brenda’s face. Vera then took the ejaculate and, catching my eye, sucked the semen off of her fingers. For the second time in less than an hour, my sister was eating my cum.

I withdrew my cock and Brenda and Vera kissed soulfully. The birthday weekend that I was looking forward to paled in comparison to my birthday. Brenda got the job with the wrestling league and introduced me to many more women who wanted “wrestling lessons.” And through this experience, my sister and I have grown closer. I’ll be going away to school soon, but I’m sure she’ll find time to visit me.

Seeing his sister standing in the doorway to the living room while he lay on top of her friend freaked Mike out. He stammered, “Kimberly this isn’t what it looks like we uh…”

“Oh shut the fuck up Mike!” Kimberly shouted in playful anger, “I know you just fucked the shit out of my friend! How did it feel Ashley? Looks like you enjoyed it just as much as Mike.”

Blushing, Ashley replied, “I’m not gonna lie Kimberly…your brother’s cock feels amazing! You gotta try it!”

Mike gasped at Ashley’s words and looked up at his sister, surprised when he saw the shit eating grin on her face. He thought she would be grossed out, but she obviously was considering it. He hadn’t really thought of his sister sexually before but she was pretty hot. Kimberly was also 19 and her body was similar to Ashley’s, tall and thin with a nice curvy body but with larger tits that formed a nice D cup and blond hair instead of light brown. He always marveled at how her eyes were the same shade of blue as his. Mike snapped out of his gaze as Kimberly replied to her friend,

“I dunno Ashley…I mean he is my brother…fantasy is one thing but acting on it is another.”

Ashley blurted out, “Oh come on Kimberly! You always drone on about you how you want Mike’s cock! So rather than peek in on him while he’s in the shower and play with yourself later why not try the real thing?”

Mike gasped at Ashley’s words, shocked that his sexy sister actually fantasied about him and spied on him.

With a gasp Kimberly replied to Ashley, “Fuck Ashley you weren’t supposed to tell anyone about that…Mike…I uh…”

Cutting her off, Ashley looked into Mike’s eyes and hissed, “Oh and Mike…Kimberly and I even play together sometimes…wanna come play with us…”

Mike’s jaw dropped so fast he thought it was gonna fall off. His cock quickly swelling against Ashley’s stomach to the thought of his hot sister and Ashley together, Mike was speechless.

Giggling Ashley continued, “So Kimberly…wanna play? Cause from what I can feel Mike definitely wants to!”

As she dropped her purse, Kimberly replied, “You’re right Ashley, it’s about time I made my fantasy a reality!”

Mike’s eyes were locked on his sister’s body as she quickly stripped off her clothes. She raised her shirt over her head and tossed it off to the side, revealing her sexy red bra, flat toned stomach, and the perfectly shaped curves of her hips. Ashley rolled Mike over to his side and got up off the floor, walking over to Kimberly. She started kissing Kimberly’s neck and shoulder as she wrapped her arms around her to unsnap her bra. As it fell to the floor, Mike’s eyes were glued to his sister’s perfectly shaped D cups that hung free from her chest.

As Ashley pulled Kimberly down to couch on top of her, their lips met in a sexy and passionate kiss. Kimberly propped herself up on her knees and elbows, their breasts smashed together as their hands explored each others soft skin. Consumed with lust, Mike got behind his sister and unsnapped her jeans, pulling them down to her ankles and tossing them aside to reveal her cute red thong. Tearing it off her body, Kimberly broke the kiss with Ashley and turned to face Mike.

She cried out, “Hey! Those were my favorite…”

Ashley cut her off by shouting out, “Oh fuck them Kimberly! Why don’t you go down on me and lick your brother’s hot cum out of my cunt!”

Kimberly smiled and giggled, “Oh you dirty little slut! hehehe, you know me too well Ashley!” She slowly crawled down to Ashley’s cunt, excited to finally taste her brother’s seed. Ashley moaned with pleasure as Kimberly began to slowly lick her cunt and enjoy the taste of their combined fluids. As his sister took care of her friend, Mike lowered his mouth to his her pussy and began to slowly lick her juicy cunt lips. Kimberly groaned into Ashley’s pussy as she reveled in the feeling of her brother’s tongue.

As time went on, Ashley couldn’t take any more of Kimberly’s ministrations with her skilled tongue. She screamed out “Ohhhh fuck Kimberly! I’m gonna…fucking…CUM! Don’t stop! ahhhhh shiiiitttt!”

As Ashley’s cunt flooded his sister’s face with cum, Mike stood up behind his sister’s pussy and placed his left hand on Kimberly’s smooth, shapely ass as he grabbed his cock with his right. He slowly guided it to his sister’s cunt lips, teasing her wet folds with his cock head. As Ashley came down from her orgasm, clearly finished from the 2 massive orgasms, his sister whipped her head around and with a smile cried out, “Come on Mike! Looks like it’s just you and me now…hehehe….stick that fat cock inside me! Incest is best bro! Time to put your sister to the test! Hehehehe!”

Grinning with anticipation, Mike placed his cock head in Kimberly’s pussy lips and leaned over her, cupping her tits in his hands as he slammed his cock deep into his sister’s cunt. The siblings both groaned as they reveled in the feeling of each other finally coming together. Mike loved the feeling of his sister’s hot and tight cunt wrapped around his cock. It felt like wet molten silk was tightly wrapped around his cock, slowly pulsating around him. Kimberly cried out as she felt his huge cock sawing in and out of her tight cunt.

As the siblings got lost in their incestuous mating, Ashley recovered from her orgasm and smiled at the sight before her. Both the siblings faces were contorted with pleasure, eyes closed, mouth open, and crying out with the beautiful sounds of pleasure. Mike thrusting hard into his sister as his hands cupped her perfect breasts. Ashley laughed as she could clearly see they were both enjoying their coupling.

The sheer eroticism was too much for Mike and Kimberly, and they felt their orgasms quickly approach. Kimberly cried out,

“Oh shit Mike! Feels so fucking good! I’m gonna cum bro! Cum with me Mike! Fill up your slutty little sister with your hot load!!!”

Mike could only let out a guttural moan as he tightly squeezed Kimberly’s perfect tits and thrusted his cock balls deep into his sister’s cunt. Ashley looked on giggling as the siblings held on to each other tight throughout their orgasms. Mike shouting out with pleasure as his he felt his cock shooting a huge load of his fertile cum deep within his own sister’s cunt. Kimberly letting out a sexy and breathy moan as she felt her orgasming cunt milk every drop of his seed deep into her womb.

As the siblings came down from their orgasms, they broke apart, Mike’s softening cock leaving his sister cunt with a squelching noise. All three of them lie together on the couch, their limbs entangled and panting with pleasure as they kissed and caressed each other.

Suddenly Mike jumped up and shouted,

“OH FUCK! I FORGOT! ASHLEY! KIMBERLEY! Are you two on the pill?!”

The girls looked at each other in horror and said simultaneously,

“FUCK! We could be pregnant!”
Two weeks have gone by since Mike had his hot encounter with Ashley and Kimberly and since then things have been quite interesting. Ashley and Mike became very close, constantly calling and going out with each other, becoming quite the hot new couple. Every night he would fuck her for what seemed like hours, always leaving a huge load of cum deep inside her cunt.

Ashley and Mike truly loved each other and Ashley had clearly gotten over the initial shock of possible pregnancy. They were both overjoyed when she became pregnant, making love the whole night to celebrate.

Mike and his sister Kimberly on the other hand had not yet fully accepted the dangers of what they did, avoiding each other like the plague. Ever since she fucked her brother and let him cum inside her she was constantly worried about what Mike would do if she were pregnant. Mike actually didn’t know what to do if she became pregnant. However in his heart he truly loved his sister and knew that if she were pregnant he would support her.

Kimberly had been throwing up and feeling nauseous for the past few days, so she went to the drug store and bought a pregnancy tester. Since she heard about Ashley being pregnant, she knew it was very likely she was pregnant too. Lying down on her bed, she waited impatiently for the results of the pregnancy tester she just used. Kimberly gasped as two lines slowly formed on the tester; she was pregnant with her brother’s baby. Her eyes locked onto the ceiling and her hands gently stroked her flat stomach as a million thoughts raced through her mind. Would Mike dump her? Freak out? Force her to get an abortion?

Rolling onto her side she took a deep breath and thought to herself, No…I’m keeping my baby whether or not Mike wants me to! But I gotta tell him and convince him its ok… Kimberly jumped off her bed as she heard the front door of the house slam shut. Mike had come back in the house from his gym workout and headed for the shower, she knew what she had to do.

As Mike stood under the cascading streams of hot water, the tension and uncertainty of the day melted away. Kimberly slowly opened the door to her brother’s bathroom and stepped in, closing the door behind her. Clad in only a t-shirt and sweat pants, she walked over to the shower door and knocked loudly.

Mike almost ate shit as he jumped from the banging sound on the shower door, quickly grabbing onto the shower walls to keep from falling. Pushing open the door, he shut off the water and stared at his sister, a terrible look of sorrow and pain on her gorgeous face. The sight of his sister in such a state made Mike’s heart sink as he called out,

“Kimberly…look I’ve been meaning to talk to you….”

Cutting him off Kimberly threw the pregnancy tester to the ground and sobbed, “DAMNIT MIKE!!! I’M PREGNANT! AND I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU SAY! IT’S MY BABY TOO AND I’M KEEPING IT!”

Seeing the tears forming in her eyes, Mike stepped forward and threw his arms around her in happiness, his damp body pressing against her tits as he squeezed her tight. Pulling back from his embrace he gazed upon her confused face as he ran his hand through her hair. Staring deep into her sparking blue eyes, he smiled and gave her a short peck on her lips. Pulling back from the kiss he grinned and said,

“Look Kimberly…I’ve had time to think about it…and…I’m glad you’re pregnant!”

A little smile forming on her face, Kimblerly looked up into his eyes and said softly, “Really…you are?”

“Yes Kimberly, I love you so much it hurts and I would be honored to help you raise our child. Kimberly…I want to spend the rest of my life with you and Ashley…”

Kimberly cried out with happiness as she wrapped her arms around her brother so tight he could barely breathe. Coughing out Mike looked into the mirror at their embrace and grinned at how cute her face looked. A huge grin was plastered on her face as she sobbed with happiness.

Mike’s cock slowly swelled to hardness as he took in the feel of her warm, hot body pressed up against him and the sweet smell of her soft blond hair. Pulling back from him, Kimberly remembered that her brother was standing before her naked.

Looking down at his throbbing cock, Kimberly smiled as she stepped back and raised her shirt over her head as he turned the hot water back on in the shower and stepped back inside. As she tossed her shirt and dropped her sweat pants to her ankles, kicking them aside, she giggled and said,

“Ooooo Mike…you wanna fuck your little sister in the shower? Hehehe kinky…”

Mike gasped as he took in the sight of his beautiful little sis as she stepped in the shower and calmly stood in front of him, wrapping her arms around his neck. As she pressed her forehead against his she stared into his eyes and smiled happily. Mike smiled back at her as he gently caressed her flat stomach and shapely hips. His cock lightly stabbing her thigh and groin, throbbing hard from the sight of the drops striking her hot body, soaking her in warm, steamy water.

Water cascaded all over her, Kimberly’s blond hair turning dark as the water dripped down her perfect body. Noticing his erection poking her leg, her pussy quickly moistened at the realization of what was to come. Smiling, she stepped closer to Mike and lightly kissed his lips. Mike groaned as she brought her hand down his body and grabbed his cock, lightly stroking him as she continued their passionate kiss their tongues sliding into each other’s mouths. Mike lovingly stroked her back, hips, and her shapely ass as they lovingly made out under the hot streams of water.

Kimberly broke the kiss and smiled as she slowly kissed her way down his body, from his collarbone down to his hard pecs and abs, slowly moving down to her knees as the water cascaded all over her back, breasts, and shoulders. His hard cock throbbed hard, now inches from her smiling face as she continued to slowly stroke him, staring up into his eyes. Kimberly hungrily took his cock into her mouth, lightly sucking on his throbbing shaft as she cupped his balls with one hand and gently fingered her soaking cunt with the other.

Mike groaned as he ran his hands through her soft, wet hair, taking in the sight of his little sister lovingly sucking his shaft. Pulling his dick out of her mouth, she pressed it against his stomach and rubbed the underside of his cock as she hungrily licked and sucked on his balls, lovingly sucking each nut into her mouth. Suddenly, she stood up in front of him, wrapped her arms around him and pressed her lips into his for a hot, passionate kiss. Breaking the kiss, she smiled and cried out,

“Fuck me big bro! Fuck your hot little pregnant sister!”

Wrapping his arms around her soft, wet body, Mike kissed her hard on the lips, his tongue sliding into her mouth. As much as Kimberly loved kissing her brother, she needed to get fucked. She broke the kiss and turned around, facing the shower fall. She bent over slightly, pushing her tight ass out towards Mike, who groaned as he took in the sight before him.

Mike almost shot his load seeing his little sisters perfect ass and soaking wet body being offered to him. Kimberly looked back and smiled as she parted her legs and stepped her left foot up onto the edge of the tub, opening up her dripping wet pussy for penetration. Kimberly moaned as she felt her brother gently rub his cockhead on her wet pussy lips, tickling her lips and teasing her throbbing clit. Her heart was pounding in her chest as her body was shaking in anticipation.

Mike slowly pushed his cock into his sister’s cunt, her ample lubrication allowed him to quickly slide deep inside her hot, wet, smooth pussy.

“Oooohhhh fuck Mike! That’s right! Fuck your little sister!” Kimberly moaned as she felt her brother’s shaft spear into her twat. She desperately pushed her ass back against him, trying to get him as deep inside her as possible. Mike placed his hands on her hips and began to slam his cock hard into his sister. Kimberly pushing back at his cock as they settled into a nice, hard rhythm. Mike couldn’t help but gaze upon his sister as he ravaged her. Her body shaking with pleasure as she bounced against his cock.

Kimberly moaned softly as Mike leaned forward, kissing her neck and shoulders and running his hands on her bouncing tits as he slammed into her. Both siblings knew they weren’t gonna last long. Kimberly’s tight, hot, silky smooth cunt felt so good around Mike’s cock as he plowed into her and Mike’s cock felt amazing for Kimberly, letting out soft moans and squeals with each of his thrusts.

For Mike the knowledge that he knocked up his own sister and for Kimberly that she was carrying her own brother’s baby is what made them both so hot. The thought of her older brother’s baby growing inside her drove Kimberly to her orgasm.

She moaned beautifully as her pussy squeezed around Mike’s shaft, her orgasm quickly approaching. Crying out with joy as her cunt spasmed hard around her brother’s cock. Her entire body shaking in ecstasy, she could hardly breathe as her heart beat so hard it felt like it was gonna explode! Seeing how helpless she looked with her orgasm approaching, Mike fucked her mercilessly. Driving his cock harder and faster in and out of her weeping cunt. Kimberly could no longer control herself as she hurtled towards her orgasm. When she finally came, she screamed out so loud the whole neighborhood probably heard it!

Mike couldn’t hold back his orgasm much longer either, as he gripped her ass cheeks hard he stared at her breasts, bouncing up and down with each of his thrusts. His cock slamming in and out of her helpless body as her orgasm overwhelmed her, her body almost hurt she felt so much pleasure from his cock, never in her life had she felt such an extreme orgasm.

“AHHH FUCK!!!!” Mike cried out, “I’m fucking cumming!”

Pressing her ass against him, she barely managed to yell out, “Ahhhh yessss! Cum…inside…meeee! I need your…fucking…cummmmmm!”

Mike squeezed her tits hard as he threw his head back and shouted out with pleasure. His cock jerked hard as a massive load of cum fired deeo into her pussy. Falling against her, he held onto her heaving tits tightly, both of them panting hard as he finished cumming within her, his sperm disappointed to find her already pregnant. As they came down from their orgasm, Mike pulled out of her cunt and they fell down to shower floor together, exhausted from their hard fucking. This however didn’t stop them from kissing and caressing each other lovingly. Time meant nothing to the siblings as the water continued to fall all over them.

Breaking the kiss, Kimberly and Mike ran their hands along each other’s bodies, caressing each other. As Mike’s hand gently caressed her smooth stomach, Kimberly smiled and said,

“Mmmm you sick fuck…you like knowing you knocked up your poor little sister huh?” Lightly kissing his neck she brought her lips to his ear and whispered, “Well I guess I’m a sick fuck too…cause I think it’s so hot I’m carrying my own brother’s baby…”

Knowing they had little time before their asshole parents came home, they quickly showered off all the evidence of their lovemaking and with only a few playful kisses, pokes, and caresses they dressed and headed out into the hallway. After Mike walked Kimberly to her room, the siblings made out in the doorway until they heard their parents come in through the garage. Breaking the kiss, they went to their separate rooms, Kimberly jumping onto her bed, both her hands resting on her belly as she giggled with happiness and joy.


Ashley and Kimberly decided to attend the same college as Mike in the fall, moving into Mike’s apartment under the guise of cutting costs. The next few weeks was made up of hot, nonstop sex between all three of them. Mike ended up marrying Ashley only a few months later with the full blessing of her parents, who always liked Mike and were ecstatic about having a grandchild. Mike, Kimberly, and Ashley all agreed however that Kimberly should lie by telling her parents she got pregnant by getting drunk at a party and making a mistake. They were angry at first, but happy when Mike played the dutiful brother and offered to support his sister and her child.

The siblings and Ashley were slightly scared Mike and Kimberly’s baby was going to be deformed. But 9 months later they were relieved when Ashley and Kimberly both gave birth to perfect little girls, Ashley named hers Beth and Kimberly named her twins Kate and Kelsey. Two years later Ashley went on to have two more kids, fraternal twins she named Sarah and John. Kimberly had one more child three years later, a terrific son they named Danny. Six kids seemed enough though, even with Mike’s lucrative career in law, so the girls went on the pill as to not interfere with their lovemaking. Through thick and thin all three of them stuck together, their love bonding them forever.

As their kids grew up, they excelled both in school and sports, their parents and grandparents couldn’t be prouder of them. Mike and Kimberly’s parents never figured out their incestuous relationship, thinking to the very end that their irresponsible daughter was lucky to have such a loving brother…if only they knew

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