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A good girl is seduced by the town’s bad girl

Grace, so appropriately named, was such a good girl before Robyn came along. So fucking innocent. She was the kind of girl who always had perfect grades and a perfect track record, who attended church every Sunday, and barely wore any makeup except for subtle lip gloss.

But then, she met Robyn, with her chipped black nail polish, rock band tees and taste for obscure music. Robyn would look at Grace with lust clouding her blue eyes, it would make Grace shudder, the way her gaze traveled the length of her body. But the shivers that ran up her spine gathered in a pool of warmth in the pit of her stomach and lower still. Especially lower.

They sat in the same row during mass, and Grace always caught Robyn looking at her, but Grace looked at her, too. At the way her fingers drummed an invisible beat against her thigh, at the teeth marks perpetually indented in her bottom lip, and most of all, at the way she looked back at her with a sinful expression. It made heat rise to her cheeks and she would always turn away. She could never hold that girl’s gaze for too long, otherwise, it would make her feel violated, stripped bare, causing her to press her thighs tightly together.

Because this was a small town with a close-knit community, a group had volunteered to stay behind and clean up after the latest luncheon, which had always been a regular event at the church. And much to Grace’s surprise, Robyn had volunteered as well. After the helpers had gradually filed out, Grace turned, only to notice that only she and Robyn now remained in the empty church. Robyn was folding and moving some chairs in an almost automatic manner, as she turned to collect discarded program leaflets from the lectern. Suddenly, she felt an unexpected weight pressing against her back, making a breath escape her lips at the contact, at the way she was being pinned against the lectern.

“I know you think you’re not being obvious, but I’ve noticed the way you look at me,” Robyn whispered in Grace’s ear. She gripped the lectern to steady herself, becoming all too aware of the plain of the stomach, the fullness of the breasts, the sharp, protruding hipbones and the slight bend of the waist all leaning against her. It made her throat go dry and her heart race fast and heavy.

“L-look at you?” Grace stammered in a soft reply, as innocently as she could. “I don’t look at you.” But she knew she’d been caught, almost glad that she had, if the only consequences she now had to face were that body against hers, and that hot breath against her neck.

“Lying in a church, are we? That’s not very holy, is it?”

Grace didn’t turn to face her, instead, stared rather intently at the stack of chairs Robyn had propped against the wall. Anything for a distraction.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she still tried to deny.

She turned around then, facing Robyn, which would undoubtedly prove to be a mistake because the girl in front of her was so pretty, and so much taller than her, her vanilla-scented perfume filling her nostrils.

“Are you sure?” Robyn questioned again, giving her another chance to change her answer.

She placed her fingers on Grace’s jaw, who didn’t even try to pull away. Then, they moved to her mouth, pulling her bottom lip down slightly, taking her continued immobility as a sign of consent and moved forward until their lips met. For a second, Grace was frozen in place. Because even though she was now in college, nobody had ever kissed her before, let alone another girl. But damn if Robyn’s mouth wasn’t so soft and sweet and wet, and despite her inexperience, found herself kissing back in the same way she did.

Robyn’s hands were now on Grace’s waist, grazing down her black skirt, a skirt that was too long and too modest, that left too much to the imagination, until she finally found skin just above the knees, slightly shaky, she noticed, an advantage for parting them and gaining access between her thighs.

“Do you want to show me how much of a good girl you’ve always been? Because I’ve never known what that’s like. Or maybe you want me to show you how to be a bad girl instead?” Robyn cooed, her tongue skimming over Grace’s lips. Grace could only affirm with a nod and an exhaled “yes”, tasting a hint of cherries and pomegranate as their mouths merged and coalesced anew.

“You probably spend hours on your knees, saying your prayers. But wouldn’t you rather be on your knees in front of me, eating my pussy?”

Grace’s eyes fluttered as she gripped Robyn’s shoulders, digging her fingers into them.

“God!” she exclaimed, in part because of the sensations coursing through her body, but also as a plea for deliverance from the punishment she would likely receive for engaging in this sacrilegious act.

“Robyn, please…” She could barely formulate the words, her lips slack, her tongue heavy.

“Please what?” Robyn murmured, biting at the spot on her neck just beneath her ear. “Tell me what you want.”

Grace’s hips were bucking to meet the hand that continued to move under her skirt, locating her center, sweat forming on her forehead, and wetness spreading between her legs.

“I… I don’t know,” she managed feebly.

“You don’t know?” Robyn questioned huskily, her mouth running over the soft curve of Grace’s throat, her fingers brushing slowly against her panties.

Grace’s eyes were closed, her lips against Robyn’s hair, inhaling the fragrance of her shampoo, as she murmured,

“I want to be… good for you.”

Robyn smiled against her skin, nibbling on a spot below her jaw,

“Like this?” just as her fingers delved inside her panties, dipping into the abundant wetness there.

The action elicited a keening whine from Grace, as her eyelids batted rapidly and her fingers flexed and curled against Robyn’s back and shoulder blades.

“Does it feel good?” she probed, her fingers hovering around the threshold of Grace’s moist entrance, teasing but not quite entering.

‘God, I shouldn’t be doing this!’ a voice screamed inside Grace’s head, and that’s exactly what she wanted to tell Robyn, but how could she ask her to stop when it was making her feel so good?
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Her train of thought was interrupted when she felt one finger slide inside her, making her eyes bulge and a guttural moan escape her lips. She opened up to welcome the invading digit and then clamped her walls around it, so wet that it made the entry loose and relaxed, yet, she was still so very tight as Robyn’s palm made contact with her clit.

Grace felt herself being lowered to the floor, being straddled and pressed down by Robyn’s hands against her rib cage. She didn’t waste any time slipping her fingers back inside her, at a different, better angle now, which made her arch her back. Her skirt was flung around her waist as her blouse was pulled over her head and her bra was unclasped in only a few deft motions. Her breasts fell free and were then immediately cupped by Robyn’s one unoccupied hand, her hard nipples pinched between her long fingers.

“Who would have ever thought that under the kind of clothes you wear, your body was so hot?” she said with an expression of awe.

Grace looked up at Robyn with wide, virginal eyes, wrapping her legs around her back to enhance the delicious manual penetration, as the fingers deep within curled and thrust just right, as one thumb circled and pushed down on the sensitive, stimulated button that was her clit, making her hips jolt upwards.

“What would people think if they saw little, innocent Grace getting fucked by a girl, inside a church, of all places? And actually enjoying it?” Robyn asked with satisfaction.

“F-fuck!” Grace exclaimed. It was supposed to sound breathy and seductive, but instead, came out as a choked out croak.

Somehow, the forbidden nature of this made Grace become even more aroused. The sensations resonating from her inner core accelerated, intensified and consumed, radiating outwards until her hips elevated off the ground and an incoherent string of curse words escaped her mouth. Cursing was another thing she had never in her life done before.

Her vision blurred around the edges but she could still focus on Robyn who hovered over her, on how her lids were drooping with lust, how her teeth bit into her bottom lip, how her delicate necklace dangled around her neck. She felt her insert another finger inside her. Was that two now? Or was it three? Hell, it really didn’t matter, the more the better! Spreading her thighs further apart, pumping furiously. Then it hit her like an unexpected storm,

“God, Robyn, I’m…” The words cut off by a momentary shortness of breath and a strangled moan.

Robyn simply replied with a questioning hum,

“Stop doubting and just let yourself go,” she coaxed.

“I…don’t…I don’t know…” Still hesitating, just as pleasure took complete control. Grace’s fingers gripped the pew beside her head, her eyes rolling back, her spine levitating. Something between a high-pitched squeal, a squeak and a sob escaped her parted lips, as she cried out the drawn out syllables of Robyn’s name, whose knees were still pressing her to the ground as she convulsed wildly. In that moment, she imagined that this was what being in heaven probably felt like. She locked her ankles around her, in an attempt to hold on to her dissipating orgasm.

Eventually, the writhing slowed and stopped, and Grace collapsed, exhausted after such an intense climax. And inexplicably, she started to cry, but not out of regret, shame or guilt but because she had never felt anything so powerful, and dared she say, so beautiful.

Robyn lifted her and pulled her into her arms,

“Ssshh, it’s okay, love, I’ve got you.”

This was a side of Robyn that Grace had never seen before. Gentle and tender as she ran her fingers through her hair and planted a soft kiss against her forehead.

“You were so good for me,” she said, with no dominant undertones this time, just soothing praise.

Grace managed a muffled “mhmm” into Robyn’s neck, weak after the aftershocks of her orgasm.

Still naked, tucked snugly against her clothed form, they held on to each other in the middle of the floor as Robyn repeated,

“Sleep now, I’ve got you.”

By : Bridget69

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