A Game Turns Into Reality.

It was a balmy summer evening. Pat and I were sitting outside having a drink.

“You’re staring,” Pat said.


I couldn’t help it. Pat was wearing a white tank top and no bra. It wasn’t see-through, but I could make out the size of her areola.

“Has anyone else seen you dressed like that?” I asked.

Pat took a drink of her wine, “Of course. Only the other morning, I answered the door dressed like this. It was a delivery man with a package. He stared at me the same way you are.”

I knew there was no delivery guy, but I asked Pat what happened anyway.

“He told me he liked tits, and I saw a second package develop in his pants.”

It was a similar situation for me but twofold. My cock began to twitch, and Pat’s nipples grew.

“And?” I asked.

“I asked him inside and got on my knees. He had a nice thick cock that I sucked, and then I let him fuck me.”

I smiled and tipped my beer at Pat, “You should get yourself laid.”

Pat chuckled at my suggestion, but then her expression changed, “You’re serious, aren’t you?” she asked.

“Nevermore,” I said. “Find someone, and then tell me what it was like with another man’s cock buried inside you.”

Pat sipped her wine, “Why would you propose such a naughty thing?”

“Because you want to know what it feels like to have another man’s cock pushed up inside you, as much as I do.”

Pat didn’t deny my statement. She just stared at me.

“What then? A friend, a stranger. In the house, our bed. What about a seedy motel?”

It was a game Pat and I played. Talking about her cheating got us both horny and inevitably ended with a great sex session.

“Come with me,” I told Pat.

I went inside and sat on the sofa. “Stand there,” I instructed Pat and pointed to a spot just in front of me.

Pat obediently stood where I pointed. I reached around and placed my hands on her ass cheeks, rubbing them in a circular motion. Pat was a little too far away, so I pulled her half a step closer. My next instruction was telling Pat to show me her tits. Pat lifted her top and bared her breasts for me.

Gently I moved my hands down the back of Pat’s legs. When I reached bare leg, I reversed direction and went back up Pat’s legs but inside her skirt. My fingers kneaded Pat’s cheeks for a while, and then I hooked a finger on each hand on Pat’s panties and lowered them past her knees. When I let them go, Pat’s panties fell to the floor, and she stepped out of them.

I looked up, “Unfasten your skirt.”

Pat undid the button and then unzipped her skirt. I held it by the hem and tugged at it. Pat’s skirt came over her hips, and it too was on the floor.

Pat looked down at me, smiling, naked, but for her tank-top pulled up to her armpits. Her hairy pussy was only inches in front of me. So close I could smell the aroma of an aroused cunt.

“Turn around and bend over,” I told Pat.

Pat followed my instruction, and when I told her to spread her feet further apart, she had to rest her hands on the coffee table in front of her to steady herself.

Facing me was a sight to behold. Pat’s ass and below her pussy lips. Some of her pubes glistened and had droplets of her juices barely holding on. I leaned forward and removed the beads with my tongue. Pat tasted so good I couldn’t resist spreading her ass cheeks and running my tongue between her pussy lips and up to her asshole.

Pat moaned softly, encouraging me to repeat the process. This time I lingered between her cheeks and felt my chin getting wet. When I looked, Pat was leaking more juices which I readily lapped up, causing even more to escape.

I got Pat to stay as she was while I stood behind her and got my dick out. I passed the head of my dick between Pat’s pussy lips a couple of times and then pushed my hips forward. Only enough to get half my cock inside Pat and a moan from her. Pat wasn’t satisfied and moved back until her ass met my groin.

“Fuck me, please?” Pat said.

I grabbed Pat by the hips and began to fuck her with long slow strokes. Pat’s moans became more high-pitched, which was a sign she was ready to orgasm.

Pat complained when I pulled my dick out of her but happily went upstairs when I told her to. She was quicker than me, and when I arrived at the bedroom, she was lying on the bed with her legs spread, waiting.

As inviting as Pat’s fifty-six-year-old hairy pussy looked, I wanted to taste more of her honey and got Pat to sit on my face while she sucked on my dick. My entree was sweet and wet. The main dish was energetic and satisfying. Desert was much the same as the entree but with a bit of added flavor.

Before we fell asleep, Pat told me she preferred my story to hers and giggled when I told her it would come true one day.

“Of course it will,” Pat said disbelievingly.

I spooned Pat and held her breast in my hand, “O ye, of little faith,” I whispered.

Three weeks later, a work colleague from another branch called in to see me at work on a Wednesday afternoon. We had never physically met. All our communication had been done by phone or computer. Stuart was on his way to another branch and made a detour so he could put a face to a name.

I finished work early, and we went to a bar. We clicked and got along famously. It was great to talk face to face finally until he told me he had split with his wife and was living alone. I sympathized with him, but he said he was okay and then mused his only problem was he wasn’t getting laid.

That’s when I had a light bulb moment.

“Maybe we could help each other out,” I told Stuart.

Stuart was eager to know what I had in mind if it meant him getting some pussy. When I told him I wanted him to fuck my Pat, he was less enthusiastic.

I got us another drink and told Stuart about Pat and me and why I was willing to let him have sex with her. Stuart became more interested when he realized I was serious.

“I will give Pat a ring and ask her to join us. You can make your mind up after you have met her. What do you say?”

Stuart thought for a moment and then said it wouldn’t hurt to meet Pat. He wanted to anyway. I rang Pat, and she said she would be as quick as she could.

While we waited for Pat, I explained to Stuart what I had in mind. I told him what Pat and I did in detail, and I wanted him to replicate everything that happened.

When Pat walked into the bar, I said to Stuart, “I don’t want Pat to know anything about our plan. Not until we put it into action.”

Stuart was worried Pat would go crazy and what she would think of him. I told Stuart I would take all the blame if things didn’t work out. He said he would go along with my plan, but he was dubious, and at any sign, Pat was unhappy it had to be called off, and I explain what was going on.

Pat joined us, and she got along with Stuart, too, the same as I did. Maybe even quicker and better. On the way back to our place, we picked up takeaways and enjoyed them when we got home.

After a couple more drinks, Stuart looked at me, and I nodded.

“Pat,” Stuart said. “Come and stand here, please,” and he pointed to a spot in front of him.

Pat looked at Stuart and then me, “Why, what’s going on?”

“Maybe if you do as you are told, you will find out,” I told Pat.

Pat smiled nervously, but she picked up her drink and stood in front of Stuart.

It was uncanny. When Stuart reached around and placed his hands on Pat’s butt cheeks, he pulled her a fraction closer just as I did.

“Show me your tits,” Stuart said confidently.

I was sitting to Pat’s right, and she looked at me. She looked nervous, so I smiled and tilted my head to the side slightly to tell her I approved. Pat put her glass down and lifted her sweater and bra, allowing her breasts to fall out of its cups.

Things went to plan. Stuart relieved Pat of her panties and pulled her skirt down when Pat unfastened it.

“Turn around and bend over,” Stuart ordered Pat.

Pat obeyed and spread her feet further apart without having to be told. Stuart pushed Pat’s ass cheeks apart and ran his tongue from Pat’s clit to her asshole. Pat turned her head to me, and I could see the desire in her eyes, which increased when Stuart’s cock probed between her pussy lips and then inside her.

“Fuck me,” Pat gasped as she pushed back, filling herself with Stuart’s dick.

Everything had gone according to plan, including Pat and Stuart going to bed. I waited a considerable amount of time and tip-toed up the stairs. I listened outside the bedroom door to Pat and Stuart getting it on and then decided to leave them to it. I fell asleep in the spare bedroom.

At some stage during the night, Pat climbed into bed with me. She asked why I was there, and I told her to go back to Stuart. I didn’t have to tell Pat twice. She left and got back into bed with Stuart.

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