A fantasy about my daughters friend became real

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I’ve been wanted a piece of her for ages and when I could no longer resist I took a chance and it paid off. She rode me in my car after school.

Every single day for the last 3 years I have driven my now 12 year old daughter and her 12 year old friend Kim to school, my daughter and I get in to the car at 7:20am, drive up the road and pick up Kim, who is always stood waiting on the street corner, at 7:25am, and then I drive them to school and drop them off.

My daughter and Kim have been good friends for many years and Kim is always over at our house, I thought of her as my second daughter really and our two families were very close.


Lately I’d been seeing Kim in a whole different way, as she’s approaching her teenage years, just like my daughter, her body has started to bloom, she wears make-up, takes a lot of pride in her appearance, she used to wear baggy pyjamas or nighties but now she’s started wearing very small night-shorts and a tank top for bed, showing off her curvy goodies as she walked around the house.

My wife and I have been lacking in the bedroom department for quite some time, often we’re both just too tired after longs days at work and I’m lucky if I get to have sex once a month now, very frustrating for a man my age, I’m in my 40’s but still have a very active sex drive and I’ve begun to have sexual thoughts about Kim.

When Kim sleeps over at our house, I always give her a hug and kiss just like I do with my own daughter, something’s we’ve always done, just having her blossoming little body pressed against mine when we hug has been enough to make my cock twitch in my pants, I desired her, I wanted her, my cock needed her.

One morning my daughter wasn’t feeling too well and so her mother decided to take the day off to take care of her at home, but it was a school day and Kim still needed to get to school, so I got in my car and picked her up as usual and told her my daughter wasn’t well.

On the drive to school, Kim sat in the middle of the backseats, she doesn’t normally sit there when there’s two of them in the car, as I looked in the rear-view mirror I saw she was on her phone probably texting my daughter, but then I looked closer and she had her legs slightly apart and because of where she was sitting, I could see up her short skirt, she was wearing bright pink panties.

I dropped her off at school, “I’ll pick you up after school, don’t worry.” she said thanks and got out of the car and I drove to work with an erection.


I couldn’t stop thinking about her all day and I had to have this girl, I do too, I picked her up as usual after school and she jumped in to the back of the car, “Good day?” I asked.

“Yeah, you?” she replied.

“Not bad. Not bad.” I said, she was on her phone again, kids are never off their phones these days, I wasn’t planning on taking her straight home though, “Are you hungry? – I’m pretty hungry. Would you like to grab a burger or something, McDonalds?” I asked.

“Uhm – Sure, sounds good. I’ll let my mom know.” She replied, tapping on her phone to let her mom know she won’t be home straight away.

So we got the shopping centre and headed in to Mc D’s, ordered some food and sat down, we had a long talk while we ate, I purposely steered the conversation to boys and making the occasional joking comment and turning her mind to think about sex, “No boyfriend, ever?” I asked.

“No.” she replied, blushing.


“What about Sarah, she got a boyfriend?” I asked, Sarah is my daughter’s name.

“No. Well, no, I don’t know.” She replied.

We finished our food and went back to the car, once inside I turned the heater on because it had gotten cold outside, I was in the driver’s seat with Kim in the backseat, I turned, “Don’t I get a thank you, for the food?” I asked, playfully.

“Thank you.” She said.

“A kiss would be nice.” I said.

She giggled, then leaned forward and gave me a quick peck on the lips before quickly leaning back, “No, no. A proper one. Come here.” I said, curling my finger to indicate to her that I wanted her to come closer.


She leaned forward and pressed her lips to mine, I quickly reached out and held on to her school shirt so she couldn’t pull away, our lips were locked together and her eyes widened with shock, I managed to slide my tongue in to her mouth and we kissed properly, her eyes closed and she relaxed in to the kiss, which turned passionate, after a couple of minutes a car alarm went off and startled us both.

We pulled away from the kiss and she sat back in the seat, “That was a nice kiss.” I said, she blushed and smiled widely, she was touching her lips with her finger tips, and then her face went mute, “Are you okay?” I asked, at that moment I thought I made a huge mistake and that she was upset, but what happened next proved me very wrong.

Her eyes rolled up to look at me, she threw her phone down on the seat, lunged forward between the front seats and put her arms around me and kissed me again, she was kissing me fast and wild, I pulled her through the seats, turned around and placed her on my lap, the way she was kissing and touching me I could tell she was horny and wanted it.

I managed to get my hands under hers and briefly push her forward, “Wait – what – what are you doing?” I asked her, obviously I was enjoying it and it’s exactly what I wanted, but I was confused by her reaction.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for ages.” She replied, a big smile on her.

“Are you sure?” I asked.


She didn’t speak, just put her face back and kissed me again, here we were in the parking garage, making out passionately in the front seat, she lifted her legs up and pulled off her own panties, she pressed her hand firmly against my crotch and she could feel my hard cock beneath the fabric then she frantically unbuckled my belt, my button and zip, “Get it out.” She said, “Come on.” She growled.

So I helped her release my cock from my pants, she straddled over my lap and gripped my cock in her hand, after jerking it a couple of times, she lifted herself up and lowered herself down on to it, placing my cock between her pussy flaps, she put her hands over my shoulders and held on to the head rest of my seat and pushed herself down hard.

“Ooooh-god.” I groaned, feeling my cock enter her extremely tight hole.

“Argh – Ung!” she moaned, determined to get my cock inside her, her juices flowed and provided lubrication and eventually it was inside her and she started to bounce up and down on my long hard shaft, “Ungh – Ungh – Ooh.” She moaned continuously.

We started to fuck in the front seat, she leaned back, howling with orgasm with her back against the steering wheel, I unbuttoned her school shirt and suckled on her perky little nips, and lifted the front of her skirt up so I could see my cock inside her, I was the most beautiful sight I ever saw, my long shaft vanished in to her body and reappeared, over and over again, her smooth bald pussy pressed against my hairy balls, and my pubes were soaking wet from her juices.

“Ungh – Oooh!”


She put her hand behind her and grabbed hold of the steering wheel, using it to help herself bounce on my cock, and I thrust my hips constantly, pounding my cock in to her pussy, her back kept hitting the horn, “*Beep* – *Beep* – Ungh – *Beep* – Ung – Ooh – *Beep*” she moaned and moaned.

Kim was a really good fuck, it was everything I had fantasized about, as I started to ejaculate, she leaned forward and threw her arms back around me, she stopped bouncing because she was out of breath, so I just kept pounding my cock in to her, “Ungh!”, and I filled her pussy with my glorious victorious ejaculation.

We both fell still and rested, both of us breathing heavy, the windows all steamed up from our intense heated sex, “Oh – Oh wow. That was – wow.” I said, I held her head and lifted it to look at her face, “You okay, sweetheart?” I asked.

Her hair was all wet and her face dripping with sweat, I could see she was completely exhausted, bless her little heart, she couldn’t even speak, she simply nodded and then placed her head back on my shoulder as I held her.

We must have just sat there for about 10 minutes, then we heard car doors opening and car alarms beeping, we both knew we couldn’t be seen in this situation, she got off of me and I helped her climb back in to the back seat and I did up my trousers, my cock and balls felt sloppy, covered in a mix of her juices and my spunk but I just quickly pushed them back in to my pants.

I wiped a window to see if anyone was around, “All clear.”, I wiped the rest of the windows down and opened a window to let some air in, then started the car and drove out of the parking garage.


On the drive back I kept looking in the rear-view mirror, Kim was looking at the mirror and we smiled back at each other, she’d never looked so beautiful, we got to the end of my street and I pulled over to let her out, “Sure you’re okay?” I asked.

“I’m fine.” She replied, we stared at each other for maybe a minute, then she grabbed her phone and opened the door and got out of the car.

She started to walk away but then turned around and ran back to my window, she leaned in and gave me a quick kiss, then she smiled and started skipping towards home.

Kim and I have had many secret rendezvous since that day, even fooling around in my house, which was a bit risky with my wife and daughter being at home at the time, but we kept it hush-hush.

God I love that girl.

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