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A dwarf hooks up with a beautiful woman at the circus and becomes dominated by her

He was a hard-working dwarf, content with his life.
The only thing that made him unhappy was the evil
queen. Her name was Oana, and Nicu was not angry at
her for throwing him around. That was part of the act.

He had learned to live with humiliation early. His
father toughened him up as much as he could, and he
grew strong and learned to fight like a man twice his
size, but often that still wasn’t enough. The cruel
tormenting by some schoolmates put a chip on his
shoulder until he was a teenager. One day, he decided
that he wasn’t happy being unhappy all the time, and
with the help of some books, he changed his attitude.

It also helped that certain equipment of his was so
large that the other teenage boys were both curious
and intimidated. He couldn’t wear normal underwear and
had to ease his gigantic organ down one of his pants

In high school, he found one girl who appreciated his
special qualities, and once she met him, she gave up
all the other boys she had been offering herself to
and focused completely on Nicu. She and he explored
the Internet together and tried everything they came
across, no matter how bizarre. When her family moved
away, both of them wanted to die like Romeo and

Nicu was left with a tremendous sex drive but no place
to direct it. He began to get involved in athletics,
mostly gymnastics, and he was good enough to win a few
small tournaments. It was at one of the contests that
the circus owner approached him.

Nicu was horrified and turned him down flat, but when
he graduated from high school, he found out that he
didn’t have many opportunities in his impoverished
country. He had no money for college, and the circus
job paid more than double that of any other position
he had applied for. He called the owner, and in a
week, he was on the road, where he realized he would
probably spend the rest of his life.

Sometimes, there were other dwarves in the company.
Whenever there was a dwarf woman, life was good,
because they became friends, and usually lovers. He
just had to be careful, because they weren’t built for
what he had. A couple of them had fainted the first
time they saw him naked.

But mostly, it was a one-dwarf show. He learned to
become a good clown and was often a key player in the
comedy skits. He also approached other acts, and soon
he had so many small roles that he was in one of the
three rings almost constantly every night.

That was how he liked it. He wanted to be as busy as
possible to keep his mind off sex. He was disgusted
that he had to masturbate at least twice a day to keep
his nerves steady. While he was doing this, he was
thinking of the wild and exotic lovemaking with his
high school girlfriend.

The highlight of the show was a skit with Oana, one of
the trapeze artists. She was tall, about 6 feet 4, and
muscular but not masculine looking. In fact, she was
strikingly beautiful, and even though her body was
sleek and tight, she looked voluptuous because of her
large breasts and buttocks that were as round as
bowling balls. She did solo contortions and then flew
over the crowd with the other trapeze artists wearing
an outfit that looked like it had been painted on her.
It barely controlled her bosom, and it was cut so that
her buttocks burst out on both sides. When she was in
action, every man’s eyes were glued on her, and she
knew it.

In their comedy skit, she was the evil queen from the
fairytale, but unlike the cartoon, she hadn’t turned
herself into a hag. She was wearing a crown over her
long hair that had been piled high into an elegant
royal hairdo, but she wore a skimpy, ragged costume
that showed lots of skin and curves. He was dressed as
one of the seven dwarves. She had a shiny red apple
and knocked at his cottage door looking for the

It was a broad pantomime. He was uncooperative and
made fun of her, pulling up parts of her rags to show
lots of T and A, but not enough that the skit wasn’t
family friendly. She got more and more angry. Finally,
she picked him up and threw him across the ring, and
the audience went wild.

He wasn’t hurt, because he landed in a strategically
placed pit full of straw, and he also had lots of
padding under his clothes. Plus he had learned how to
fall from his days in competition.

As the audience screamed or laughed or both, he jumped
right up and went back to tormenting her and pulling
at her clothes. Next time she threw him even further.
On the third toss, he did a few funny flips in mid-
air, landed on his feet and ran out of the tent to the
applause of the audience. She stalked out after him.

At first, he hated the act, but after a few weeks, he
applied his positive attitude, and soon he was working
on ways to make it funnier and to achieve more daring
moves during the final toss.

The hardest part was getting Oana to work with him.
She didn’t put herself out for anyone. Every man in
the circus and the audience was panting for her, and
she knew it. She not only played the prima donna, but
she also had a nasty sense of humor and never enjoyed
herself as much as when she was tormenting or
humiliating someone.

One night, he was sitting next to her at the late
dinner after the show, and he pleaded with her for
some time the next day to rehearse one of his new
ideas. She turned her back to him and ignored him, but
he persisted. She got irritated and turned to him and
lifted him out of his chair with her strong arms and
pulled him to her. As she did this, she pulled back
the robe she was wearing and exposed one of her large
breasts. While holding him tight with one arm, she
grabbed his head and pressed his mouth to her nipple.

“Is baby a little Grumpy tonight,” she said loudly as
he struggled to get away from her. “Or maybe he’s a
little Bashful.” The circus performers roared at her
jokes and his red face as he struggled at her naked
breast. Finally, she let him go, and he dropped to the
floor and ran out of the room to more laughter.

He went to his wagon and fumed. It wasn’t the worst
humiliation of his life, even though it happened in
front of his fellow performers, but it was the final
straw. He knew there were other circuses going through
the same East European countries that his traveled in,
and he was confident that with his skills and ideas,
he could get another job. Maybe he might even find a
woman for himself in one of them. He masturbated
himself to sleep.

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