A dog named Snoop (Part 2)

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We were told that our adopted 18 month old beagle “Snoop” was very energetic. Turns out he was a horny little doggie.

In a recent story I described how Snoop had become a third party in a hot threesome with my wife and I. After a few training sessions we had him under control and he was a real little stud ! We had him trained so that if he lay down and you rubbed his stomach and balls that was the signal we were gonna get hot and horny.

One weekend when I was out of town, my wife and her friend from work had a “Ladies night out”. She and Laura, a 50 years old divorcee, spent the evening at a local club with a male review. They spent the night playing with male strippers and drinking , before arriving at our house about midnight.
They fixed themselves a drink and went to sit in the family room. Snoop got a little frisky since he had been home alone all evening and my wife told him to lay down and chill out..


Laura had never met Snoop before and she started talking to him, telling him what a cute puppy he was and started to rub his belly with her foot. My wife told Laura that rubbing his belly might not be a good idea because it made him horny. Laura of course just laughed and said “You’re joking, right”? My wife laughed and told her just keep doing it and watch what happens.

Laura kept rubbing and soon Snoop’s red cock started to slide out of his sheath as Laura gasped and giggled. My wife told her to rub his balls a little and sure enough about 4 inches of red dog cock was on display. Laura according to my wife was laughing and saying she had never seen anything like that before. My wife dropped down to the floor and told her to just keep watching. My wife then pulled back his sheath until his entire cock and a big purple knot was exposed. My wife kept playing with his cock and a few squirts of cum dribbled out , which caused Laura to squeal with delight.

My wife went on to tell Laura how Snoop was a pussy licking machine and told her about our fucking sessions with the pup. She spread her legs and slipped off her panties and when my wife turned him loose, sure enough he stuck his head between Laura’s legs and went at it. I don’t know how long it had been since Laura had a hot wet tongue in her pussy but my wife said she exploded like a skyrocket.

Then Snoop whose hard cock was still dripping cum, climbed up onto Laura in a missionary position and started humping away. She was stunned as he pumped away, he was having trouble hitting the right hole, so my wife guided his throbbing cock into Laura’s pussy. He pounded away for a few minutes as Laura whispered ” Good Boy, Snoop” over and over. He finally pulled out and walked around with his big cock pulsating up and down. My wife told Laura he probably wasn’t done yet. Sure enough, he licked the juices dripping form her pussy, then climbed back on and fucked her even harder.

My wife told me this incredible story the next night when I got home and I was really pissed off that I had missed the whole episode. A week or so later, my wife showed me a text she got from Laura, it was a picture of a black Lab with a big hard cock about 8 inches long. Laura had gone to an animal rescue shelter and adopted a two year old the Lab on a trial basis. LOL.

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