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A Different Way That Covid Affected Our Family Part 4

This is the final chapter in this series but maybe some future escapades will be added. Thanks to everyone that voted and all the wonderful comments left for this series it was my first attempt at this genre it was fun.

I looked at Jack, my eyes blazing with lust, having just been fucked by our son for the first time. I was now on my back, legs spread wide as our gorgeous daughter was licking my spunk-filled cunt, licking out her brother’s cum. 

Society would label us immoral and evil, having descended into the realms of debauchery and sin. But as a family, we had risen to a plain of unbridled love and passion for each other, having just discovered a loving bond that societies could never break. Where their labels would never be more irrelevant. Demonstrated by Sarah as she looked up; seeing her father, she said, “Don’t just stand there watching, daddy, come and fuck your baby girl’s hot little cunt, I have craved your cock in both my tight holes since forever.”

Sarah went back to sucking on my pussy lips and biting my clit as she undid her jeans and peeled them down over her butt. Presenting her sweet pink pussy lips and tight pink butt hole to her farther to do as he wanted with them. Jack looked at me and then at Tom who’s cock was once again hard and angry, looking ready to fuck me. I had already decided I would give him my arsehole to destroy next.

I gave Jack the nod letting him know we wanted him to be part of this mind-altering experience. I watched as he undid his shorts then pulled his tee-shirt over his head, discarding them both before he stepped behind Sarah’s exposed holes; unclear or uncertain if what he desired was what he would do.

“Go ahead, Jack; you know your daughter wants your beautiful cock inside her. Make love to her; make your baby cum on your cock before you fill her with your seed,” I said, watching as Jack lowered his face to Sarah’s wet pussy and inhaled deeply.

I knew Jack was filled with unrestrainable lust for our daughter since he had seen her and Tom fucking, and I knew once he had a taste of her sweet young nectar, he could never give it up. Which I was happy with because now I had tasted our son Tom’s cock. I was never going to stop having that magnificent piece of meat stretching out both my holes.

Jack lent forward his tongue, running from Sarah’s clit to her tiny pink butt hole. Causing Sarah to moan into my lips and clit the vibration pushing me ever closer to my next orgasm. I knew how good Jack was at eating pussy, and I knew his tongue would have Sarah withering around in an orgasmic mess in no time at all. So I motioned for Tom to join me on the bed so I could throat fuck another load out of him.

True to my word, Sarah’s head snapped up from between my legs as Jack began his assault on her clit. No longer able to give my pussy the full attention it needed to cum, I turned my attention to Tom, massaging his balls while devouring his cock down my throat. Jack grabbed Sarah by the waist and lifted her up, throwing her on the bed next to me. He grabbed the legs of her jeans and pulled them off while she pulled her top over her head. 

Jack crawled between Sarah’s legs, diving face-first back into her cunt, stabbing his tongue into her tight wet fuck hole. His mouth was devouring her cunt lips, his tongue assaulting her clit. Sarah screamed out in delight as an orgasm hit her. She squeezed her legs tight around her daddy’s head, holding Jack’s face hard against her clit and lips as she bucked and ground her cunt against her daddy’s mouth.

Happy to have watched as Jack gave Sarah her first orgasm of the day, I turned my attention back to my sweet son Tom. He placed his hard cock against my lips, I willingly opened them, the head of his cock slid into my waiting mouth. My tongue flicking and licking the underside of his cock as he continued to feed it ever deeper past my tonsils and down my throat. Choking me, causing me to gag. I can swallow Jacks’s cock without effort, but Tom’s cock is just that much thicker and longer and filled my throat to unbreathable proportions.

Tom pulled back to give me time to take a breath of air before he plunged his fat cock back down my throat. Tom pulled on my hair as he began to move my face back and forth on his cock. Tom was in control, and he knew it. He knows I will willingly submit to him, and he can do what he likes with me. I have given my body freely to my son to use how he sees fit. And right now, he wanted to fuck my face as he pulled my head roughly by my hair up and down on the entire length of his cock. 

As I laid on my back, my legs were spread wide, my mouth being used as a fuck toy for my son Tom, my beautiful daughter Sarah once again climbed between my legs. I shuddered as I felt her tongue snake into the wet folds of my cunt. Sarah quickly had me heading towards a gigantic orgasm; her pussy eating skills indicated that mine was not the first pussy she had eaten.

As my daughter pleasured my pussy, my son was vigorously jamming his cock down my throat. It was something which ordinarily I loved doing, but the fact it was Tom’s delicious big cock throat fucking me made all the more intense. And I desired so desperately to please him. Tom pulled his cock from my throat, and I took a deep breath before he plunged it back in. 

With my hand wrapped tightly around the base of his fat cock I was about to suck back down on it when I felt Sarah’s mouth crash against my clit. I looked up and saw Jack was now holding Sarah’s hips tightly as he began fucking her from behind. Like Tom, jack showed no mercy for Sarah’s tight little fuck hole as he slammed into her with the entire length of his fat dick.

Tom and I watched as Jack fucked his baby girl, slamming into her, almost lifting her feet from the ground. She was unable to continue eating me again! And I was once more left feeling deprived of my pending orgasm. It was then I got an idea; releasing my grip on Toms’s cock I crawled to the end of the bed next to Sarah. 

Holding my arse cheeks wide apart, I looked into Tom’s eyes and said, “Come and fuck your mommy’s arse, baby. I want you to empty your balls deep in my bowls.”

Tom didn’t hesitate and stood next to Jack. How that must have looked to anyone outside, a father fucking his daughter on a bed while their son fucked his mother’s arse right alongside. My god, the decadent thought making me almost cum with pure desire. My long-awaited orgasm came a meer moment later as Tom stretched my arsehole open, sliding his magnificent cock into it.  

“Oooohhh Goood, fuuuuuck yeeees fuck my arse, baby, stretch my arsehole open. Oooohhhh yeees,” I screamed through gritted teeth.

My orgasm had been so close for so long, and the thought of my son fucking my arse just sent me crazy. I came hard, spraying Tom’s legs and feet with cum as my cunt erupted, my body shuddering and quivering around in his hands.  

Tom held me tight as his cock sawed in and out of my arse. I had barely recovered from the last orgasm when the next one hit me again, my cunt squirting my girly juices all over Tom. I reached and grabbed hold of Sarah’s hand as she began cumming on her father’s cock. Sarah screamed out aloud as she gripped my hand tight. Her body bucking against her father’s cock.

I would love to think it was the grip my arse had on Tom’s cock that made him unload another load inside me, this time in my mature rectum. But I think it was the fact his love interest, his sister cumming on her daddy’s dick, that pushed him over the edge.

Totally exhausted, I collapsed forward on the bed, Tom crashing down with me, his cock still lodged firmly inside in my arse. I turned my head up to look at him, and he leaned in and kissed me. This scene of mother and son kissing passionately causing Jack to tense up and unload his cum deep in his daughter’s fertile cunt. 

After the boys regained their composure, they climbed off of the bed. I rolled over on my back and sat up. I took hold of Jack’s hips, pulled him towards me, and greedily sucked his and Sarah’s combined cum from his cock. Apparently doing a good job, because he became hard again. I lay back down and spread my legs for him, welcoming him to come and reclaim his wife as he had done so many times after I had been with a lover.  

Sarah leaned over and kissed me. Her tongue sliding into my mouth,

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