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A conservative housewife to cuckoldress Chapter 2

Rohit has fucked many a married ladies in his previous company but somehow he found Smita different, may be her conservative dress and conventional beauty compared to the willing wives of earlier and wanted it to be a special affair, not like ok will fuck you for a weak and your hubby gets promoted type sex…………..

He now asked should we have a dance or should we go to bed and she teasingly said yes am feeling sleepy and will now join my husband. He smiled and said honey your nips are telling me differently and he put them between his fingers and said look how hard they are. She blushed. Let us dance and then go to bed together. You are a nut she told him.


As they rose to dance, in one swift motion pulled her skirt up and top too and removed them  and put  it on the sofa and guided her to dance, she protested and he said come on only we are here and hugged her and again patted her as if reassuring her. She yielded and said but you have these shorts and  and he said remove it and she removed them and now both are naked and Rohit put on some slow songs and they danced, rather they hugged and danced and  he squeezed her ass cheeks and pulled her close and his rock hard cock is on her navel now he bent and she rose on her toes and they kissed moving in rhyme to the dance and kissed gently and then passionately, now his other hands are on her boobs and pressed them and she shrieked with joy.


Then he led her to his bedroom and she is so horney she forgot all about Manoj sleeping but Rohit wanted to check and asked Smita to check so they walked to the room and she found Manoj sleeping like log. Rohit asked her to touch him and shake him and as she bent he put both his hands over her tits and pressed them hard, she almost cried in fear and pleasure but Rohit is no mood to let go and she then said he  is fully in sleep and he kissed her right in front of her sleeping hubby. To her surprise she found herself responding and the kiss turned long and passionate with his hands playing with her boobs. Smita is the first to regain senses and calmly guided him out of the room but as they walked out Rohit said I wish I could  fuck you  in that room as he slept. She said shut up idiot forgetting he is her super boss, he smiled kissed her and said ok honey am an idiot deeply in love with this MILF.


Hand in hand and the other hand fondling some parts of body they entered the other bedroom. The moment they entered he hugged her and kissed her and chewed her lips almost biting her lips. She said hey you are biting me and he responded yes darling you are so lovely what to do. She responded by kissing him and biting his lips, her inhibitions gone by drinks in her belly as well as the words of Rohit, she knew she is neither the first nor will be the last, yet she felt a strange bond towards Rohit. She thought it cannot be explained why I am melting in his hands really.


As she bit his lips Rohit thought yes I fucked a few married ladies but this woman I feel is special and I want to enjoy her for longer time and make her mine. But for now I want to fuck her and enjoy and make her enjoy too. 


He guided her to the bed but then Smita said I think it is time to go to our bedroom as my hubby may rise and he said he will not till tomorrow morning. He bent and kissed her and fondled her  tits.  She said no Rohit this is wrong and I have given you too much freedom, I am a happily married wife, let me go and he said yes I know but  you have to take  care of this guy too. She knew her hubby is ok with her getting laid but still she is a bit  scared and as if to ally her fears, he kissed her on the neck, on her earlobe and her eyes and said the moment I saw you I thought you are special.  So all along you are planning she said and laughed, yes one needs to if one wants a precious angel. You are good at flattery but all the while his hands are on her everywhere and he slowly started pressing her lovely tits. His touches and kisses are making her melt and she knows she is surrendering but made one last attempt, Rohit please let me go and he smiled yes I will surely, in the morning. He kissed her on the lips and then looking in to her eyes said I want to spend this night with you my princess. She only could respond by leaning on to his manly chest and say Rohit I like you but feel I am cheating my lovely hubby whom I love so much. Don’t worry honey, we will make him accept our special relationship, leave that to me,


With that he laid her on bed and kissed her neck, her sensitive spot and now she moaned, she all along is suppressing the pleasures and thought what the fuck lemme enjoy. He kissed her eyes and her cheeks  and then he kissed her chin, he showered kisses all over her face. This is totally new to her as Manoj is not in the mood for such foreplay and they end up kissing and he moved to her lovely boobs. Manoj now kissed her earlobes and she realized he is kissing her unknown sensitive spots as these kisses are sending waves of pleasure all over her body. He moved down and showered kisses on her neck and then slowly moved south and now kissed her nips, his tongue is circling her areola and nips. She started melting with his actions and moaned Oh Rohit what have you done to this innocent lady, you are giving soooooooooooo much pleasure and she moaned again ummmmmmmmmmm, uhhh oh come suck them  then he took her tit in his mouth and squeezed her other tit and she said oh no Rohit you are paining me but she is relishing even this pain too. 

He played with her tits, he is squeezing, or licking or sucking her boobs, his tongue is slowly and sensuously licking her boob. She is in ecstasy and she is moaning. While Manoj is a good lover he is not in to foreplay the way Rohit is doing. Rohit is a firm believer that a woman needs to be worshiped and licked at all her erotic spots. Many a time his woman begs him to fuck as his erotic foreplay takes them beyond  limit and they crave for a fuck. After thoroughly enjoying her boobs, Smita is beyond reason and is no longer thinking of her cheating but simply enjoying the pleasures he is giving. Now he moved down further and kissed her navel, his tongue tastes every inch of her silky smooth skin on the belly. She is now moaning uhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh etc. He now kissed her belly button softly. Smita’s navel is  an innie and looks beautiful on her soft belly. Now Rohit kissed there and now his tongue is attempting to enter in to her and she felt a very strange but pleasurable sensation as his tongue tickled her navel, her moans became bigger. After thoroughly enjoying her navel he moved further and Smita shivered in anticipation as she thought now he will invade her pussy. 

Her pussy is now wet and  oozing in anticipation of the pleasure her love hole will receive. But Rohit moved down further and he is now kissing her from above her knee and inching his way to her upper thighs. He kissed and licked every nano inch of her lovely thighs and then he moved to upper thighs  and repeated kissing. He came very close to her pussy, she almost felt his tongue but he moved away making her desperate.


Finally slowly he moved back and now he could smell the strong scent of her arousal as he drew closer to her treasure. He gently kissed her pussy and she gasped, pleasure shooting up her body, her pink lips are swollen.

She looked down at Rohit, the man  between her legs, desire in her eyes. He looked into her eyes as his lips touched her cunt in a kiss. More pleasure waves  shot up her shapely body and she had to stifle a moan. His tongue snaked out and he slowly licked from the lower  of her delicious pussy up to the top, tickling  her clit when he got there. He pushed his tongue in between the folds of her pussy , tasting her, gathering her juices.  Smita now in throes of pleasure and she is pressing his head indicating him to do more. Even while attending to her pussy he has not left her lovely tits, his hands are up on her tits and he is tweaking them and taking her nips in between in his fingers and pulling them and as he pulled her nips she felt pain and pleasure and now she moaned loudly.

As her cunt is well lubricated since she had an orgasm all of his went in smoothly in one stroke. She looked down and saw his cock fully inside her till now loyal and married pussy. She was hot and her pussy muscles had a tight vice like grip on his cock, and he just kept himself deep inside her for a moment, cherishing the intense feelings that had overcome him. As he looked in to her eyes he could see her mangal sutra alone on her and that reminded him she is another man’s wife and his cock is in her married pussy. Those thoughts made his cock to become an inch bigger possibly. She reached up with her hands and pulled his head down to her and kissed him relishing the pleasure she felt as his cock has now entered and touching places her hubby’s cock has never touched.


They kissed passionately and as  he slowly pulled his rod out of her He jammed it back in,  only to push it back in to her pussy with full force and she heaved  as a waves  of pleasure shot up  from her pussy to all over her  body. They held each other close as he began to push his cock in and out of her needy and horney pussy in slow and rhythmic way.  She is enjoying every moment of his thrusts and he seemed in no hurry, fucking her more like a hubby fucks his wife.


He slowly increased his movement now ramming her  fast and  then he withdrew his cock suddenly. Smita is in throes of an orgasm and Rohit could see that look on her face. He smiled and put her in doggy and she took support of bed and he rammed in to her with full force, his cock going in to her pussy as smoothly as a knife cuts butter. A few strokes and already the room is filled with sounds of flesh meeting flesh.  She cried out oh Rooooooooooooohit, come fuckkkkkkkkkkk me faster and deeeeeeeeeeeeper  and then I am cumming cummmmmmmmming and she had her orgasm. Her juices showered his cock and he is ramming her and now his hands held both her boobs squeezing them hard and she is both in pain and pleasure. She began moaning  again, that is it fuckkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeee  hard  fasterrrr, and  yes push  it deeper. If Manoj is to come now he will see his wife bending and taking support her face turned towards him, her face full of pleasure and lust and she is moaning loudly. He may have wondered why she never moaned like this earlier.


Luckily he is still in deep sleep. He now is ramming with full force knowing he is close to cumming and within minutes he ejaculated loads and loads of his white liquid in her married pussy and same time she had her orgasm too.  He let his cock stay in her pussy for a short time before he withdrew from her pussy. They rested on the bed and he held her close and kissed her gently and said it is a real pleasure to have a woman like you and she responded yes Rohit I have also experienced pure bliss. A few minutes later she began playing with his manly chest circling it with her forefinger. She pulled his nipple and then kissed him on his chest and nips as if to thank him for the pleasures.

Rohit felt very erotic, none of his earlier women have done this to him and he felt great being treated like this. As if reading his mind she took his nip in to her mouth and sucked it hard and bit him, oooooooooooooooh he cried and her other hand is puling and stretching his other nip.  She smiled and said I too  need to leave love bites. She is surprised he is getting hard again and now she moved her hinds down and caressed his semi hard cock gently and same time she is kissing his chest, his nips and finally she lifted her head and kissed him on the chin. Rohit is allowing her all the freedom to do what she pleased  but she is a woman possessed, doing acts she has rarely done earlier and enjoying every moment of this adultery and knowing no inhibition need be here, the slut in her is coming out. And he finally took control and pulled her  on to him. Now she is lying on his, her boobs crushed on his chest, her thighs on his body and his cock poking her belly. He kissed her passionately and she is now chewing his upper lip and even biting it. Devil, what you are doing he said smilingly and she replied yes you made me a very bad girl, slut in fact. He kissed her and chiding her said never say or think you are a slut, you are precious princess for me. Her hand took control of his cock and it is almost hard. The kissed again and again and he kissed her on the chin, on her eyes, on her nape on her earlobes and as she rose to enjoy the showering of kisses, he cupped her boobs and squeezed them hard and pulling her slightly up sucked her boobs alternatively. Oh Rohit no more just fuck me and she is surprised she said this and he smiled and said your orders.

Her hand took control of his cock and it is almost hard. The kissed again and again and he kissed her on the chin, on her eyes, on her nape on her earlobes and as she rose to enjoy the showering of kisses, he cupped her boobs and squeezed them hard and pulling her slightly up sucked her boobs alternatively. Oh Rohit no more just fuck me and she is surprised she said this and he smiled and said your orders…………

He asked her to ride him initially, she looked at him with blank face, he understood and he told her  to sit on him with her legs on either side  and let her cunt swallow his cock and as she did it he asked her to ride.  Quick learner she started riding and bouncing   on him and her tits are swinging to her rhythm and he is mighty pleased with the view.

[Image: cow1.jpg] 

He too is thrusting but soon she says is tired. He then went missionary and he rammed her like a possessed man. Smita moaned  and moaned loud and had multiple orgasms before he finally he said honey I am cumming and emptied in to her married tight pussy.  She also reached her climax as his josh hit her innermost pussy walls. She is  in a pleasure zone not reached before. Also Smita could not believe it, it has been months if not years since she had been fucked twice in one night. Exhausted they slept cuddled in each other arms.


Morning Blow job
Smita woke up early as is her habit. She found herself sleeping naked by the side of Rohit and recollected he happenings of the night. She felt guilty but reassured herself she has the blessings of her dear hubby and she is just fulfilling his wish. As she looked she can see Rohit is still in sound sleep and she blushed as she saw his boner, the morning wood. She gently pulled the blanket and there is his manhood, big thick and hard as rock, His balls too bigger and admires smooth skin. She gently touches it with one finger, all the way down to where his legs.

Then she moves her finger up, down a few times , lovingly  caressing his balls. She is in a trance, mesmerized by his big cock, touches him softly, Rohit hasn’t stirred, She looks at the watch and slowly adjusts herself. lays down, her eyes wide open as she she wants to see this big beautiful cock in all its glory.   She feels the fullness of his balls with her soft  touch, finally she rests her palm  over them an  leaves it there. After the briefest pause, to her surprise, Rohit’s   places his  directly over Smita’s palm holding his balls.  She slowly starts moving her palm and his moves in sync, stroking his balls. When they finally she turn her  head, the first thing she  see is the erotic pleasure in his eyes.

Rohit moves her palm  to his erecting cock, Smita’s palm   is now on his hard cock and over it lay his own palm too. He looks in to her eyes which he really loves and likes, and he looks at her lovely lips.  He caresses her lips with index finger and touches them softly.  As he gently touches her lips, she feels a surge of pleasure and her pussy  pulses, she moans  mmmmm, her pussy releases her   juice. Her tongue tries to kiss his finger. He continues to slowly caresses her lips once more, and then she slowly sucks his finger inside. Smita looked in to his eyes again and her hand grips  his cock. She thought I will repay him for his morning wood.

She now looks at Rohit’s erect cock in the morning sunlight.  As she is adjusting her position knowing what she is up, Rohit moves   and stretching his legs he rests his head on the bed rest. Now she leans and kisses his  forehead pulling the foreskin back.

[Image: bj6.jpg]

His now cups her tits and kisses softly and sucks for a few seconds and then allows her  to continue. Mischievously she inserts her fingers, one by one  into her pussy  and then with the wetness on her fingers  she grips his  cock and  kisses it, her lips just a shade over his red dickhead. She moves her hair aside and lowers herself, licking his big hard cock on one side and then repeats in the process tasting her juice.  Now she lowers her head and lovingly takes  Rohit’s dick in her mouth and begins sucking him much like a lollipop into her mouth. 

[Image: bj5.jpg]

Same time she dips a few fingers again in to her pussy and offers them to Rohit looking in to his eyes. She knows he likes her eyes so she looks at him with those expressive eyes now full of lust. Rohit surprised and happy, sucks her fingers one by one and exclaims oh they taste so good baby.

She worships his cock and sucks it ever so gently and slowly inch by inch her head is going down. Then she come back up this time licking her way back and with a smile looks at him and goes back. She repeats this a few times. She wants him to remember this morning blowjob so and she takes her sweet time licking him or swallowing his or just tonguing his cock slit.  Waves of pleasure are showing on both faces. She continues Kissing, licking, sucking his hard cock. She looks at him briefly and his eyes show his state, he is in bliss.  She goes back and now begins to take him back and this time she wants to take him fully. Slowly with an effort she takes him in and Rohit is saying baby you are a good cock sucker take it fully in, let me deep throat you, and finally when he is fully in his dickhead is touching inside her throat.  He almost cummed  She almost faints and then she quickly  comes back and releases his cock out of her mouth.

She knows he loves her eyes; she wants to see if he enjoyed her action.  He pulls her and kisses her passionately and she can sense his heart is beating faster.  She smiles and goes back to his cock and resumes her sucking his cock. She is now licking and sucking his cock with full passion and he is moaning oh Smita darling, you are sooooooooo good, my God what a pleasure so early in the day. He moans louder and louder and she now stops thinking he may cum and she does not him to cum so soon.

She now  licks his balls and take them into her mouth, caressing his hard cock. She sees a few drops and simply licks those drops.

She knows again he may cum so simply raises and looks in to his eyes again and softly says did u enjoy what this slut did for you?  Oh it is pure enjoyment baby but stop calling yourself a slut you are my princess.

She now adjusts between his legs as she now wants to look in to his eyes as she devours his cock. She sucks but now her eyes are looking at him.

Seeing her looking at him naughtily with his cock in her mouth, he feels it is time to shift from blowjob to mouth fucking. He gently pushes head down, his cock filling her throat. Till now resting and enjoying all her action he now is he thrusting his cock inside her mouth  faster and faster, fucking Smita’s mouth and pushing his cock deep down her throat only to bring it back, his cock shining with her salvia. She now allows him to take charge as he pounds her mouth with his big cock.

Then she feels it, the release of loads of cum in to her mouth as his body erupts in a volcano of filled desires. She could feel his hot sperm touching and flowing in to her mouth the unmistakable spurt of cum into her mouth and she swallows as much as she can and some of it flows out of her mouth on to her cheeks. Rohit has already withdrawn his limp cock.

Now she looks up, some of his juices still in her mouth and on her cheeks and looks at him with a sexy smile, he pulls her up and kisses her and tastes his own cum. The kiss is passionate and long. But Smita is not done yet as she he pulls him to her cheeks and makes him lick his own cum and clean her face. Oh my God there is real slut in her he thought.

With her passion doused she though oh My God what have I done, I have tasted another man’s cum and swallowed it too. She suddenly felt shy and embarrassed.

He looked in to her eyes hugged her and said honey no need to feel guilty we both enjoyed and we had a great start, Now you are going to stay over and will go only tomorrow. He kissed her gently at first but then a deep kiss.

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