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A conservative housewife to cuckoldress Chapter 1

Many guys are impressed with arrangements and soon drinks are served and he again told them to be free and with a wink told them he will see they are dropped in their house. Manoj is very impressed and said Smita you have wonderful super boss. She smiled wickedly and said he fits only one parameter, he is middle aged. Those words are like electric and he had a boner. Smita discretely touched it and said My God u have a boner and he simply smiled.

Rohit moved with the guys and spoke to Smita and told her, her  saree is beautiful and she is also a beauty. She blushed and replied no sir, I am an average woman and he smiled and patted her on the back and moved on. She felt his strong masculine hand on her back. The party ended late in the night and before it ended Rohit has interacted with his guests many times and with a few like Smita he spent more time. Like when he met Smita he casually put his hands on her back and led her to the garden for a walk and showed her since she said the garden is lovely. As they walked back he said you are very beautiful woman Smita and she coyly said there are more beautiful girls including my friend Janki. He said but to me you are the most beautiful woman here. She is flattered. 

[Image: saree3.jpg] 

Of course he has his plans to seduce this MILF and this step is part of it. Soon they returned home. after dinner,

Days passed and the meetings continued with light flirting and exposure of boobs but even this became a routine. But now Smita excluded Vijay as she felt the meet is more exciting with 4 of them. Vijay in fact asked her why she is not inviting and she politely told that the 4 of them are friends for quite some time.  At  his request he too is called occasionally.
He continued to flirt with her touching her hands or back, praising her work etc. She told him to find a GF and he said I find you a beautiful woman. She replied she is happily married clearly indicating she is unavailable.

Just then the Boss sent another invite for a party. The invitees arrived. This time he arranged it on terrace. Now there is a jockey too. As usual drinks flowed and Rohit took pains to see all are comfortable. There is flirting too with guys hitting their favorite girl/woman. A couple of guys including Vijay tried to flirt with Smita too. She moved freely with all and Manoj too had his eyes on a couple of girls. Rohit then said guys those who want to dance can dance. The music is on. Janki and Pradeep are dancing now hugging close and more joined. Manoj is not interested as he is not a dance lover. Rohit is seen dancing with a colleague.
Then he saw Smita and he asked her for   a dance and she looked at her hubby and he indicated OK. So Rohit guided her to the floor where a carpet is laid and a fast song is going on. They danced initially normally but as the songs progressed he hugged her close and whispered I am consumed by your beauty. They took a break and Rohit is quietly sipping drink chatting with Manoj, and a couple of guys. Then he guided her back to floor and this time he took advantage of the slow song and he hugged her, his hands are all over her back and briefly on her hips. She responded but every time he tried to come too close she moved away. Then as the song is about to end he hugged her close and she can feel his hard on which she felt is big. And he kissed her shoulder and said my appreciation for this beauty. She smiled and returned to her hubby’s table.

Now Vijay came and asked her for a dance and she did not want to refuse as it will become too obvious she is Ok with Boss.  Vijay too took a few chances as his hands are all over her back and he even caressed her hips. She felt this guy dances well and is decent. Then a slow song came giving him a chance to hug her close and he hugged  her close and her boobs crashed in his manly chest and he said Bhabhi I am mesmerized by your beauty and she smiled and said I am happily married and he responded I know but give me this kind of chances. She smiled and is pleased this young man is  so enamored with her. May be the first seeds of soft corner have crept in. She now smiled and said   so you will be happy with some dancing and he too smiled yes to start with and may be you will gift me more.This guy is clever she thought.

 Then Rohit said time for dinner and we can have dance post dinner too. Smita and Manoj left after dinner.
As they returned Manoj hugged her and kissed her passionately. She said wait let me change and he said no need since you have to take out whatever you are wearing. She said you are becoming naughty but what makes you horney. He said I saw you dance and Rohit certainly is trying to take advantage. She slapped his cheek and said let me freshen and entered her rest room. She returned and to Manoj she looked like an angel. He pulled her to bed and is all over her. Soon they are in birthday suits and Manoj is tweaking her lovely boobs. She is in heat now and she responded by pressing her hubby’s head in to her boobs. He is licking her nipple and even giving love bites. 
[Image: bs.jpg]
He moved south and is now kissing her navel. She bent over him and kissed his shoulders and neck and back. His kissing her belly button sent her in to erotic zone and she pressed him to her but he moved down south and now she expected him to lick her pussy.

He moved south and is now kissing her navel. She bent over him and kissed his shoulders and neck and back. His kissing her belly button sent her in to erotic zone and she pressed him to her but he moved down south and now she expected him to lick her pussy. contd …….

But he started caressing her lovely and fair thighs showering kisses before he reached her love treasure and his lips kissed her pussy. She jerked up as his expert fingers opened her pussy lips and the tongue is inside her pussy touching her pussy walls. Even as his tongue is licking her pussy walls he inserted his middle finger and started finger fucking her. She moaned as he pleasured her and now he started tongue fucking her too. Oh, Manoj, do not sip yes take the tongue deeper and do it faster on ummmmmmmmmmmm and she had her orgasm.

He drank her juices and swallowed some back to her when he kissed her. Now he adjusted and she guided his hard cock in to her waiting pussy. The cock went in like knife goes in to butter. Her pussy walls are still tight and are holding his shaft tight. He started slowly. As he fucked her in rhythm he asked you seemed to have nice dance with Rohit. Oh yes and he took advantage. What advantage, she smiled and said he put his hands on my ass and pushed me closer. My God   then, Smita could sense that his cock is becoming bigger and she said I could feel his hard cock on my belly she said. You really felt it he said and then he increased his pace and is now ramming her pussy. 

She moaned and said yes Manoj I felt his hard cock for a few seconds before he pushed his torso back and said Sorry like a gentleman. Gentleman My foot he is testing waters. You feel so she asked and absolutely he responded. Is it big he asked her and she responded I think bigger than yours. Really are you sure I am not sure but think so. These words had electric effect and his cock she felt increased by an inch at least and became even harder too. Now he started pounding her hard and fast the mere thought his wife felt another guy’s rock hard cock is making him mad like a bull. Oh,ummmmmmmmm Oh Manoj you are so goooood, fuckkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeee faster and harder, yes fuckkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeee like that and then she climaxed.  Almost at the same time he too climaxed. The couple had wonderful sleep.

Rohit continued mild flirting with Smita in  office but he is flirting with Janki too. One day he told her come let us have our lunch outside. She is shocked and said are you asking for a date? Oh No I am just saying I am bored eating here so let us go out and eat, I would ask you for dinner if it is date, he winked. She is undecided as she did not want to give him any ideas but he simply said I will pick at lunch time and walked to his work. He took her to nice cozy place and ordered a drink for himself and asked her and she said she does not drink and go to office. He smiled and said I will drop you home and go home. She is amazed at his confidence. So as he sipped he said you look so lovely in this saree but why you wear a saree only, you can wear skirts. 

[Image: saree8.jpg][Image: saree8.jpg]

She said I am coming to office and do not want guys to ogle at me, he smiled and said they will ogle at you, you are stunning. He touched her hands too lightly. She knew he is trying to get close. She told her luncheon meeting to her hubby and he has become super horney. She got a pounding and she is happy.

Then one day Rohit told Smita they need to go on business trip and she said no way she does not want to come as she is not involved in that. He told her the client he has to meet is a Lady and he needs her. He convinced her that they will fly out Friday night and be back by Lunch of Saturday. She told Manoj and he is all for it and in fact said you can spend Saturday there and come back on Sunday. Or you mad she shouted and he smiled and he said no I am just thinking that time will give him time to seduce you. You are a devil she said Manoj are you Ok even if he has no big Dick and he said I will prefer a Big Dick but yes still OK. She smiled. He winked and said you can find out in the trip.

They left by Friday Morning flight, a team of 4 and drove straight to client’s office from Airport. They had a nice discussion and the lady introduced him to another 2  guys and said you can discuss some issues with them  too.  Rohit asked other 2 guys to stay back and discuss. Then the lady said join me for lunch. He is glad  with offer as it provides chance to get closer and seal the deal. They had nice lunch. Then Rohit took her to a nice hotel and booked rooms and she said now that the work is over she can fly back. He smiled and said if our guys do well we have reason to celebrate or we may have to meet her again. She too retired to her room and slept. In the evening they went out and he did some shopping and he told her we can go and dance in the night and he told her why not wear a nice skirt. She refused and he smiled as you please at least ware jeans and this time she smiled. He took her to a club and she asked him where other colleagues are and he said they already left as work is over and this visit is to celebrate. She said she too could have flown back and he said there is no celebration without you.
Initially they sat and he ordered drinks and ordered wine for her. She started sipping and they chatted and as usual he started praising her beauty. She reminded him she is married with kid and he responded that makes you more beautiful. This guy knows how to flatter she thought. As they finished he guided her to the stage where couples are dancing with gay abandon. Initially it is just a dance but then he started caressing her back and then as he  brought his hands moved her ass gently squeezing her ass. He smiled and said you have nice legs too. She blushed. They retired to a table to rest and had drink  again .She started sipping and they chatted and as usual he started praising her beauty. She reminded him she is married with kid and he responded that makes you more beautiful. This guy knows how to flatter she thought. As they finished he guided her to the stage where couples are dancing with gay abandon. Initially it is just a dance but then he started caressing her back and then as he  brought his hands moved her ass gently squeezing her ass. He smiled and said you have nice legs too. She blushed. They retired to a table to rest and had drink  again ………..

Then they joined to slow song  and his hands are all over hers, she tried to avoid but he smiled and said this deal belongs to you, let us celebrate. Again his hands are over her ass gripping her ass cheeks and he hugged her closely and her boobs crushed on her manly chest. You are making me breathless she protested. She could feel hard dick over her navel, as she is wearing only a T on her jeans. This time he did not make any attempt and in fact rubbed his dick over her belly.  My God where this is leading she thought. As he continued to hold her tight, he whispered in her ears, you are so beautiful you make guys mad.  His warm breath is over her shoulders and cheeks and she surely is losing control. He gently pulled her T aside and kissed on her shoulder and said sorry you are so lovely could not resist. She blushed and also recollected her hubby’s words.

This allowed him more freedom and this time he whispered to her you can feel if you so like and smiled at her and she is shocked with his audacity. What she does not know is he is in no hurry and is seducing her. As he is about to cup her boobs, she stopped him and said enough, I am married and said let us stop. Respected her wish and they had food and retired to rooms.

She narrated this after lunch to her hubby and he became so tuned on as he fucked her doggy repeatedly asking is he bigger and she said yes he is bigger as I can feel him over my T on the belly. She thought he is perverted and as he slept sleep eluded her as she could not understand why her hubby is so crazy of a big dick. On her part she realized this is a stage where she needs to decide.  Her hubby again asked her to narrate in the night and fucked her wild and then she thought Ok if my hubby wants me to enjoy a big dick why not?

Let us find out about Janki and Pradeep too. As usual the meetings are going on and Vijay is invited to few and not regularly. In one of those Manoj said how is Rohit? Oh he is flirting with you and Smita just smiled and she said he is flirting with me too and has taken me for lunch too. Smita is surprised but thought this guy has eyes on many.  The  surprise is Janki said Vijay is flirting with me  and is he flirting with you and Smita said no these days I do not pay much attention, I am too busy with work. Or Rohit quizzed Janki. Shut up Smita said in mock anger.  Pradeep said so it looks as if both Vijay and Rohit  are trying to seduce you Janki.  She blushed and said you need not worry I only need you. He said  Janki I do not mind if he flirts with you or  seduces you. Manoj said come on guys have drinks and let us take it easy.   Smita suddenly said can you guys really take it if we really fall for their plot? Pradeep said I think so but Manoj  is silent and Smita said  my hubby is silent and Manoj said I can handle if on my terms. They all had a laugh. What janki did not tell them is Vijay and she had a dinner and he caressed her hands and she had nice time and really enjoyed his company.

Janki is also close to another woman who is in late forties and as their discussion moved to sexual actions Janki said my BF wants me to enjoy a big dick. The lady laughed and said are you foolish, once he stretches you with big dick, your BF may find you unattractive as he may feel you are no longer tight and holding his cock tight. Janki is taken aback by such direct talk. The lady said you said try a big dick only after you have become a Mom since your pussy will be stretched by then. But he words are ringing in her ears and now she is scared to think of big dick guys.

So you are allowing Vijay to flirt with you, Not that way he is a nice guy she said and again they had a hearty laugh.

One day Vijay  asked her to join for a party where they can dance. She is undecided and he said come on we can have some fun. So she drove the  car and Vijay joined them and they went to the club at about 8pm It is early and not crowded. Vijay asked Janki to come along and brought bears and snacks and the 3 sat on a table and drinking bear and chatting. Then Vijay said Pradeep are you taking Janki to dance and Pradeep replied no. Ok he said Janki come we will dance and she looked at Pradeep who nodded.  It is a fast dance and Vijay is dancing nicely, her hands on her shoulders and his hands on her waist. Janki is wearing jeans and T. As the second started he moved closer and Janki is surprised that his hands moved lower and cupped her ass. You are a beautiful girl he whispered in her ears and as they danced he kissed her shoulder lightly. Janki looked at Pradeep who smiled.

Next is a slow song and this time his hands on her back he pushed her closer and now she can feel his hard cock resting on her belly. She thought this guy is moving fast and she told look I have a BF who is here and he said relax have fun.  They returned to the table to have another bear and back again to dance. Again they danced and this time he repeated his actions, he cupped her ass with a hand and hugged her so close her boobs crushed on his chest. As the slow dance came he took advantage and his hands are all over her back. Midway he guided her to a corner and told her you look so beautiful, let me kiss you and before she can reply bent and kissed her lips. She responded placing her hands at his back and they exchanged a deep kiss. Pradeep saw this and his cock became rock hard. Janki looked at him and is happy he is OK and thought possibly he had a boner.

Back home, Janki decided to stay with Pradeep and they had wild sex with Janki narrating how he touched her and now she knew her BF enjoyed and his cock has become harder. She realized sooner or later she is going to allow Vijay to fuck her.

But before that she wanted to meet his mom as she is a little scared of her dominating nature and wanted to find out and also how she reacts to her. So Pradeep took her to his parents and introduced her as his GF. His mom smiled and said so now you have become a big boy. He asked Janki a few questions and finally as they are eating dinner she asked so you guys intend to get married and Pradeep said yes. His Mom said she has to meet parents  of Janki too and Janki told her she will bring her parents. To janki it seemed his Mom is OK but she found her truly a dominating lady but thought I am not going to spend much time here and we will spend our time together there. She returned happy at the outcome.

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