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Being A Boytoy For A Married Lady Cum

Hey all, my name is Kumar and I am gonna tell you an incident that happened about a year ago which lead me to become a boytoy. This happened while I was employed in an MNC in Bangalore. I had to share my cubicle with this amazing lady named Prerna aged about 31. She was married and had a son of about 4 years. Even though she had a son, I can’t tell you how perfectly maintained she was. She was the perfect figure of 36 – 32 – 36 and she had the ability to excite any guy with her amazing smile. Ever since the day I saw her, I had hots for her and I made up my mind to get closer to her.

So being her cubicle mate helped me a lot in getting close to her. We used to go on breaks together and talk over coffee and snacks. I started telling about my personal life about my girlfriends and relationships and I could almost see that sparkle in her eye when I used to talk about my life.

After persuading a lot, she finally started opening up about her personal life, saying her husband doesn’t trust her and there are some marital problems. I lent my close friendly ear in listening to her and showing concern for her. Since then we started being really close that she started inviting me to her home for lunch.

But I declined by saying that her husband would mind and cause problems at home. She appreciated my concern and pinched my cheek hard. I must say that the pinch was more pleasure than pain, and it kinda turned me on 😉

So, things were going on smooth, until the day our workplace celebrated Halloween. Prerna being a married lady couldn’t dress up as much but she borrowed a knee-length skirt from a colleague and wore it. She looked so gorgeous that everybody had to take a second glance at her. She spread her skirt and asked me how she was looking in a real slutty way.

I was so turned on by this that I pulled her chair close to mine, took her hands in my warm hands and said, “if only you were single, I would have pata-oed you long back.”

She started laughing and pinched my thighs really hard. When her laugh was getting slower, I held her palms in my hands and said, “I mean it” and she stopped laughing. I tried crouching to kiss her palm but she was fast enough in pulling out her hand and started working.

Things were normal for the next few days till one day she called me after our shift and said she needs to talk. I returned to work and went to the cafeteria where she was waiting.

I started walking towards her and there were a lot of things running through my mind. Then I sat next to her and she said that she was quitting work due to personal reasons. I was shattered realizing that I was about to lose her and moreover, not be able to see her, smell her hair, enjoy her company anymore.

Prerna said that she has about 2 weeks until the reliving date and I was just sitting here numb. She said her husband started doubting her lot that he is forcing her to quit her job and stay home.

I hugged her and said, “Prerna, I will miss you a lot yaar, don’t go”. I could see her eyes getting wet and she promised to be in touch with me even after she quits her job. And I tried supporting her and she was not able to understand why her husband was such a moron.

Prerna thanked me for being with her throughout her employment and kissed my cheeks. She insisted I join her for lunch on that weekend, as her husband and her in-laws will not be at home. I reluctantly agreed her invitation, but inside I was so excited to go to her place and be with her.

So I was eagerly waiting for that day and that day finally arrived.

I got dressed in my favorite pair of jeans, and a white t-shirt, and reached her place at about 11 in the morning. She opened the door and took my breath away. She was dressed in a blue saree with a matching blouse, with mascara on her eyes and her hair left open.

I presumed she got out of the shower just a little while back, as her blouse was getting wet because of her hair. She let me in and quickly locked the door so that the neighbors don’t see.

While she had her back towards me, I got on my knees and took out a rose from my pocket. She was shell-shocked at my act and took a second to recover. She herself got on her knees and hugged me tightly, kissing my ear. That was so sexy that I got an instant boner. But I managed to hide it from her and she got up and took the rose to the kitchen to put it in some water.

I followed her to the kitchen, just observing her ass sway with her walk. Guys, I can’t say how turned on by her. She put the rose in some water and I found my seat on the kitchen counter, observing her cook and move around.

Prerna started asking about my personal life and if I had found a girl. I replied saying no, and just kept quiet.

She understood my sadness and assured me that I’ll find a girl whom I deserve, and not to feel lonely or sad till she is there with me.

Saying this, she again turned her back towards me and started cooking. I could see the wet patch on her blouse and her back shimmering because of her wet hair.

I just walked up to her and stood behind her, peeping over her shoulder, watching her cook. In that stance, I could see her deep cleavage and fuck, was it just arousing.

I continued looking at her cleavage and meanwhile, my dick had stiffened up and was literally poking her ass. She understood what was happening and moved away, brushing my dick with her ass. I just stood there, embarrassed and trying to cover my boner showing through my pants, with my hands.

That moment, her son woke up and came to the kitchen, saying he wants to use the loo. She immediately took him to the restroom and helped him remove his pants. And helped him clean up and wash him.

I was just looking at her, looking at her hands playing with his dick, cleaning it. I replied saying, “Prerna, don’t touch him so much yaar. Are you planning to make him a man so soon??”

She started laughing and replied, “Don’t worry, Kumar. He won’t become grown up so soon, at least not by the time you became a man” and winked at me.

I replied asking her if she was flirting with me? For which she looked me through the corner of her eye and was blushing.

She asked me to go and sit at the dining table while she cleans him and gets lunch.

I found my place on the dining table and she joined me in a little while. We had lunch and got to the couch, and started watching TV. I was just looking at her, from the corner of my eye and she was watching TV. All of a sudden, she asked me “Kumar, what are you looking at so much?”.

I replied saying, “You”.

She replied saying, “You’ve been doing that ever since you came here. Do you like me so much?”

Me: “You have no idea”

As soon as I said that, I found my seat next to her and held her hand, saying, “Prerna, please don’t leave the company, I won’t find someone like you no matter what I do”, and I kissed her hand. I could feel her breath getting heavier, which motivated me to kiss her again.

I kissed her again, and slowly made my way up her arms, to her cheek, and I kissed the side of her lips. Meanwhile, my hand started to creep up her open stomach, thanks to her saree.

She moved her head, and was looking into my eyes. I looked deeply into her eyes and slowly started coming close to her lips, and suddenly stopped. I could feel her hot and heavy breath on my skin and she was just so excited.

When I was just staying there, in front of her lips, gazing into her eyes, this time she kissed my lips. Although she just gave a peck on my lips, this was the green signal I was waiting for.

At the same time planed a kiss on her neck and started slowly sucking her neck. Other hand started to move up and cupped her bra. She left a small moan and we could not hold it more.

I turned her around and kissed her forehead, eyes cheeks and finally her big lips. Within few minutes, we had moved on from gentle kiss to a passionate kiss and we were playing with each other tongue. I removed her hair clip and was sucking her saliva and tongue.We broke the kiss for breathing and I said, “I need you Prerna, fully..” and she blushed in shyness

With that response, I slowly lifted her top and she was in her black bra. I removed her earrings, her bangles, and her chain and started kissing her neck and cupped her breasts. Those were the softest things I have ever touched and I could feel her hard nipples in her bra. Removed her straps with my teeth and finally took her bra off.

I lifted my hand and she removed my shirt and made me completely naked. When I hugged her the body heat was flowing from one to another and we were in a diff world. I made her lie down and removed her pants and panties. There she was! The birthday girl in her birthday dress waiting for me to devour and eat fully 🙂 She had hair in her pussy and armpits – just the way I like it.

I wanted to go from the bottom, so kissed and sucked her toes and her ankles then her thighs, inner thighs and finally her love bush. She was wet and the smell was making me crazy. I inserted my tongue as deep as I could and bite her pussy lips with my lips. She was out of control and kept playing with my hair.

The next on target was her navel. I couldn’t control and I bite her and she jumped with a jerk. I moved my hands on her breasts and started licking her armpits. Her sweat and the deo were making me crazy and I made her lie down on me.

She moved her hands on my junior and the touch of a woman can make the junior to become senior 😉 It was already paining since I was erect for a long while so I made her lie down in 69 position. I think she hesitated for a min but the moment I inserted my tongue into her pussy she took me in her mouth and gave a bite. She used her hands to massage my balls and lick my tip. I realized that I could not hold any longer so made her lie down in normal position.

Prerna was dripping wet and I guess she had cum already so it was easy for me to push my dick inside her. Though I inserted slowly, I started hitting her pussy wall much harder. She was moaning to a great extent and I was sucking her nipples so hard that I could almost see her eyes getting teary! She put her legs on my butt and locked them strong so I can go deeper.

After 15 minutes of this, I removed mine and asked her to turn around. Her ass was big so it was bit difficult to get in from behind. I then made her spread her ass and then inserted her pussy from behind.

We both got ecstatic and I was pulling her hair in one hand and groping her breast and pinching her nipple in another. I could sense my balls swelling up after long fuck and I removed them again.

Prerna had cum many times by now but I was waiting to explode. She said she will make me cum but she begged me not to end up cumming in her pussy and have tensions later. She said she will give me a blowjob but I had other ideas.

I made her lie down and started mouth fucking her. She would say stop when I hit her throat and I was sensing my balls bulging again. I asked her to bite me and she was also in her high sense since I was finger fucking her. Both came together and her mouth was almost full of my cum and remaining I put in her breasts. After 40 minutes of lovemaking, we were really tired.

We are still in touch and we rendezvous regularly when her husband is away

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