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A Body Wants What a Body Wants

Their weekend was non-stop sex, then he walks into her work unexpectedly on Monday.

Lori is standing behind the counter at the local diner when he walks in.  Every part of her body lights up, like a bolt of lightning has struck her.  Her mind flashes to the last three days starting with Friday evening…the nonstop fucking that they had engaged in, and the reason she is so tired this morning.  She is sore in both her asshole and her pussy which is now pulsing and beginning to drip.  Her body recognizes him, yearns for him, “Fuck,” she moans quietly.

Danny could not wait to see Lori again.  They had met last week and gone on their first date Friday evening.  After dinner and drinks, they ended up at his apartment.  He could not remember how many times he fucked her, but they had only slept three or four hours over the weekend, the last fuck was at five o’clock this morning before she left to get ready for work.  He had been in every hole she had numerous times, she was insatiable. The Viagra he had helped him keep up with her appetite.  His cock was sore, but the thought of seeing her again is giving him a hard-on as he walks into the diner.

Lori smiles a telling smile when they make eye contact.  She does not know how, but she knows she is going to fuck him…very soon.  She grabs a menu and points to the corner booth at the far end of the diner.  He smiles back and walks to the booth and takes a seat.  He is lost in her beauty as she approaches his table; strawberry blonde hair, hazel green eyes, and those tits, “Oh those tits”, he whispers.  His memory allows him to see them bare although they are covered with her uniform.  He grins as she walks up, his mind’s eye showing him the numerous hickey’s on them, and the bite mark he left on the one, just under the name tag as it turns out.

“Hi,” she says softly as she places the menu on the table.  “I did not expect to see you so soon,” she tells him.

“Hey you,” he replies.  “I got cleaned up and headed to work but needed to see you,” he smiles.  “I called the boss and asked if I could come in a few hours late since it’s slow.”

“How fortunate for me,” she says suggestively.  “You want coffee?” she asks.

“Yes please,” he replies. 

She walks away but not to get coffee, she heads to the restrooms that are adjacent to his booth.  Soon she walks back out and walks by his table, “here,” she says as she tosses her panties onto the table.  “Lil gift,” she giggles.  He lifts them to his nose, smelling her strong scent…they are soaked.  His cock instantly hardens causing him to have to shift in his seat.

Lori soon returns with a coffee cup and silverware, coffee pot in the other hand.  He can see that she is flushed.  Her face is glowing, and her chest is red and blotchy, a clear indicator that she is aroused. 

He orders his breakfast and when she leaves to put it in, he heads to the restroom to wash his hands.  As he walks out, she stops him with a hand in his chest, and she pushes him back into the men’s room.  She pushes him against the far wall and grabs his hand, placing it on her slippery wet pussy under her skirt. 

“See what you do to me?” she whispers as she grabs his neck and pulls his lips to hers, kissing him passionately as he begins to work his fingers in and out of her.

“Fuck, Lori, you’re gonna get fired,” he whispers before biting her neck.

“Shut up and fuck me,” she demands.  She undoes his pants kneeling in front of him, pulling them down with his boxers, freeing his red swollen cock.  She lifts it with her hand and leans in, sucking his balls into her mouth one at a time, then she licks him from his perineum all the way up to his cock head, slathering him in saliva.

“Oh fuck, Lori, you horny slut,” Danny moans as he works his hand into her hair, pulling her onto his cock, pushing it to the back of her mouth.  “Oh, goddamn that feels good,” he moans.  After a few moments of her bobbing on his cock, he pulls her to her feet.  He lifts her skirt to her waist then lifts her onto the washbasin counter, kneeling in front of her and burying his face into her pussy, her lips red and swollen.  He licks her slit collecting her arousal and tastes the remnants of his load from earlier this morning.  He groans loudly as he pulls more out of her by sucking on her opening.

He stands, wraps her legs around him while he rams his sore cock into her hard causing her to grunt.  He lifts her and turns, slamming her against the wall.  He begins to fuck her roughly, banging her against the wall with each urgent thrust.  Lori leans and kisses his neck as he ravages her.  She bites his neck hard, wondering if she has opened his skin.  “Fuck me, fuck me hard!  Fuck me like you want to hurt me,” she orders him, loudly enough to be heard in the diner. 

Danny grunts as his intensity goes over the top.  Slamming her against the wall; so hard he is knocking the breath out of her.  “Fuck!” he growls as he begins to cum inside her.

Lori feels his cum shoot into her pussy and she too cums, shuddering on his cock as he holds her up, her body quivering.

Danny lets her to the floor and she smiles at him.  “Your breakfast should be about ready,” she chuckles and walks out of the restroom, cum running down her thighs.

Danny walks out a few minutes later, “Man I’m hungry,” he says.

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