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A Better Word than Fuck?

Fuck — just four letters, such a simple word,

Two explosive consonants either side,

And between, a hard and clumsy vowel.

Fuck — an ugly and brutal little word,

A casual expression of surprise,

Or an expletive of anger, or of pain.

Fuck — a degrading and insulting word,

A curt dismissal, indicating contempt,

Two fingers raised in defiant anger.

Fuck — the sexual act, a savage word,

Copulation, satisfaction of lust,

Naked expression of primal urges.

Fuck – why do we use such an inadequate word,

To describe the most sublime expression of love,

A word with neither beauty nor gracefulness,

For the pinnacle of human intimacy,

The meeting of equals in ecstasy and bliss,

A rapture that is a foretaste of paradise.

Fuck – can the English tongue not find a better word,

Or is this merely a hangover from a time,

When intercourse was an unequal transaction,

A brutal act of possession, or ownership,

When consideration of another’s pleasure,

Was unimportant, no hint of mutual joy.

When my darling one and I make love, coming together

In mutual ecstasy and bliss, words are not enough

To describe the divine rapture of the joy that we feel,

For the uniting of our physical bodies in one flesh

Is so much more than the mere expression of joint desire,

But the consecration of our deep spiritual bond.

Surely such an act of giving deserves a better word,

Something ineffable, imbued with lyrical delight,

A word that sings of tenderness and mutual pleasure,

Of respect, trust and caring, giving rather than taking,

For in the simple biological sexual act,

We rise above our animal selves and touch the divine.

So my dearest love come and lie down beside me,

Sinking into the soft furs in front of the fire,

Your naked flesh bathed in the warm glow of the flames

And the radiance of flickering candlelight,

Painting the melting curves of your body in gold.

Here in the intimate darkness let us begin

That entrancing journey to a land of delight,

Where separate identity is lost in bliss,

And when the swollen crown of my rampant manhood

Slides between your invitingly spreading petals

To find the entrance gate to your inner treasure

Only fucking can fully describe our ecstasy.

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