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48 Hours – Chapter 6

Chapter 6: A Special Package

Lynn was the first to stir, and realising it was five, shook Chris gently to wake him up. It was, after all, five in the afternoon! They got up for the second time that Sunday, but so much had happened that somehow it almost felt like it was a whole new day that they were starting.

They both freshened up in the bathroom and got dressed again. Chris felt a bit sore and uncomfortable down below, but nowhere near as bad as he had thought it might feel. He kept on the stockings, but did get Lynn to help him with the corset as he had not mastered it at all. He selected a pencil skirt with a bold red and white pattern and a black long-sleeved top, all from the earlier shopping trip, and added some new clip-on earrings with a long chain necklace to complete his look.

“It looks good, honey, you should try the other stuff on, how about a bit of a fashion show, eh! We can see if anything needs to go back. There’s a couple of things you got that I’d like to try on too, just to get an idea.”

Downstairs, Lynn cleared up a bit and moved the coffee table out of the way so there was more floor room. Chris tried on the various outfits, insisting on zipping up the skater dress himself even though it meant contorting his arms into positions they had not adopted for a long time, if ever! It did take ten minutes before he had finally got it on, but he did feel very pleased with himself.

“See what we girls have to go through,” said Lynn, “but it does get easier with practice, and honestly Chrissy, I really like that on you, let me get some pictures! Put those new court shoes on.”

Chris tried on the new shoes. They were black patent courts shoes, extra-wide, with four-inch heels, and he really noticed the difference from the three-inch ones, tottering about unsteadily. He loved the way they shaped his legs, though, and he loved the way they made you walk, so elegant. It was also fun being so much taller, six foot one! He had always dreamt of being taller. Lynn was full of compliments and impressed with how he was coping with all the new challenges. She was quite carried away and took a lot of pictures on her phone.

Lynn also tried on the skater dress and decided she would just have to get one. Chris immediately felt a real sense of pride, but with just a hint of jealousy that she might look better in it and it was his dress, but then he realised that actually, it was really nice that they could share, a whole new bond between them.

It had just got to six o’clock and since there was nothing new left to try Lynn suggested it was time to chill out with a curry and some TV.

“But, Lynn, aren’t you bored with the TV?” Chris asked with a sincere look on his face, “I mean, you’ve been watching him all weekend!”

Lynn cracked up. “Well, I honestly didn’t see that one coming.” She stuttered out through her laughter, “but, hey honey, don’t give up your day job, at least not yet!”

Lynn phoned through an order to the restaurant for delivery while Chris went to get a bottle of wine and they sat down to watch an episode of “Dining with Friends and Enemies” which they always found quite amusing when they needed to just chill out.

At the sound of the doorbell, Lynn jumped up, commenting that the restaurant must be quiet as they had never been that quick before.

Chris carried on watching one of the contestants who was getting hysterical while making a complete hash of her panna cotta dessert which had just turned into a pile of gloop on the plates.

Lynn had answered the door expecting the curry, but instead, it was the delivery girl with the missing package.

“I’m so sorry,” she said, “it was at the back of the van and…” She choked up a bit, unable to finish her sentence.

“That’s all right,” said Lynn, “I am really impressed you’ve come all the way back, I wasn’t really expecting it today.”

The girl suddenly burst into tears.

“Hey, what’s the matter, look you’d better come in, here.” Lynn offered her her hand.

“No, no it’s alright, honestly, I’ll be OK,” she sobbed.

“Come on inside, I absolutely insist, you’re not going anywhere in this state!”

The girl followed Lynn into the hallway, still carrying the package.

“Through here, let me make you a drink, what would you like?”

“Thank you, [sniff] a coffee would be nice, if that’s OK.” She continued to sob as they reached the kitchen and Lynn beckoned her to sit at the table, taking the parcel and placing it by the back door.


“Oh yes, lovely, [sob] but don’t go to any trouble.”

“No trouble, now sit down.”

Chris had heard the commotion, but was engrossed in the unfolding culinary nightmare so just carried on watching.

The coffee machine hissed into action, a sudden escape of steam indicating it had finished.

“Here you are, now first things first, I’m Lynn.”

“Sara, [sniff] Sara without an ‘h’.”

“Now, Sara, what’s the matter? You shouldn’t get so upset over a stupid delivery, we all make mistakes!” Comforted Lynn, sitting next to her.

“I’m so sorry, it’s just that I, [sob] I only started this job this week and it’s been so hard to get one, and I, [sob] really like it, and, [sob] now I’ve had a verbal warning, [sob] because I forgot, [sob] yours.”

“Oh, you poor thing!” Lynn said, putting her arm round her. “That’s just so unreasonable. Now look, I’m going to email your company and tell them how professional you’ve been, coming back and all that. It’s a Sunday after all!”

“But it is my fault, [sob] and I might have ruined your day, [sob] and…”

“Well, you didn’t, and you haven’t. I have had the most amazing day, and you should have had one too! Have you got to rush off, because if not there’s a curry on the way and you are very welcome to share it with us as there is always far too much.”

“Thank you, that’s really kind, but I shouldn’t.”

“Yes, you should. I presume you don’t have anything else to deliver.”


“Then that’s settled, it would be lovely for you to join us and it will make me feel better as I feel party responsible for the state you are in.”

“That’s lovely of you, [sob] but it was nothing to do with you and I was also a bit cheeky to your husband this morning as well, [sob] so he might not want to see me.”

Lynn had got a bit carried away with her Good Samaritan routine and had completely overlooked the fact that her husband was in femme mode.

“He deserved it answering the door dressed like a fairy queen,” Lynn replied thinking quickly. “Anyway, he thought it was funny too. Unfortunately, he has had to fly off this afternoon as he has a business meeting tomorrow morning.”

“Oh, well, if you’ve got guests, I definitely don’t want to be in the way.”

“You won’t be, it’s only my sister-in-law. She’ll be glad for some extra company,” Lynn was quite impressed with the sister-in-law line she had used earlier as it would even explain away any likeness Sara might notice!

Finally, Sara laughed.

“You are so lovely. Thank you for being so kind. Will you really send them an email?”

“Yes, first thing tomorrow. Now go dry your eyes. The bathroom is at the top of the stairs. Come down when you’re ready, and you are very welcome to use the makeup in the bathroom to fix your mascara if you want.”

She trotted off up the stairs. Lynn was not sure what Chris would think about her unilateral invite and when she rushed into the living room, Chris was still laughing at the impending panna cotta debacle where it looked like the offending overly competitive couple were heading for divorce.

“Chris, I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve invited in the delivery girl to share our curry.”


The doorbell rang again.

“Shit, look, no time to explain, but you’re my sister-in-law again, got it, sister-in-law?”

“Well, err, I guess, but honestly, Lynn, I don’t believe it!”

“Sorry, honey, she was so upset, anyway, look, her name is Sara, I’ll get the food, can you go lay the table?”

“Sure,” said Chris in a resigned tone, rolling his eyes, and wandering off to the kitchen.

Lynn appeared with the food and began piling the aluminium trays on the work surface as Chris put out the plates and cutlery.

Some gentle footsteps on the stairs indicated that their guest was on the way. Chris readied himself.

“Oh, you look much better.” Said Lynn, as Sara popped her head round the door and came in. “This is my sister-in-law Chrissy, Chrissy, this is Sara.”

“Hello, Lynn has just been so nice to me, after my dreadful day. I hope you don’t mind me joining you.”

“Of course not, and no surprise about Lynn being nice, she is a very nice person. My brother is very lucky,” replied Chris in his best feminine voice and playing his part well.

They sat at the kitchen table to eat while Sara, who obviously enjoyed talking, told them about herself. She explained that she had used to be the manager of a clothes shop in a small town in the North of England, but had had to move away and been out of work for some time. She had finally managed to get the delivery job after lots of interviews. She revealed that she was thirty-two, even though Chris would have had her in her early twenties, but he did notice that she was wearing a lot of make-up. She had a small flat on the outskirts of the town, but had only just moved there, and was now looking to start a new life, having moved away for reasons she didn’t want to go into. And no, she didn’t have a boyfriend, at least not yet.

They all got on really well and Lynn brought out some ice cream for dessert. Chris suggested that they make an affogato and he got the machine to come up with some extra strong espresso. It went down really well. The simple things are definitely the best!

When they had finished, Sara said that she would really need to go since although she had tomorrow off, she needed to organise a few things, but that she had had a really lovely time, and wished she could stay longer.

“You are such a lovely couple,” she said standing up, smiling, but leaving Chris and Lynn staring at each other somewhat shocked.

She laughed. “Don’t look so surprised,” and, turning to Chris, added, “I did get a pretty good look at you this morning after all, and, although I would say you are pretty convincing. When you relax, you give it away. You just aren’t naturally feminine enough for socialising; you still have quite a few male tells, but what does it matter, you’re beautiful; you’re both beautiful; such beautiful people and I’ve had such a lovely time, and, well, I hope I’ve just met my first real friends here… yes… I’m sure I have, and, well, I hope I haven’t said too much.” She looked at them, a slightly worried look on her face, tears forming in her eyes.

Chris was struck dumb on two counts. Firstly, he had been ‘exposed’ and secondly, he was not apparently as convincing as a woman as he thought (although he did later consider that he had been fooling himself somewhat!)

Lynn, stepped in to break the silence.

“Well, Sara, we’ve had a lovely time too. It’s actually all really new for us too, like really new, this weekend-new, in fact, and I know you’ll be discrete. This will sound odd, but thank you for telling us, and accepting us, that is what is actually so fantastic, and yes, we’d love to count you as one of our friends.”

“Thanks, Lynn, and Chrissy, and seriously, if you’ve only been a girl since Saturday, then you are absolutely amazing,” she smiled, “Oh, and no need to thank me, or worry about me being discrete, as I’m sure you know the old saying, it takes one to know one.”

This time, it was Lynn and Chris who stared at Sara, whose face burst into a huge radiant smile, her tears having evaporated.

“I’ve only been Sara full-time since I moved here. It was my aim to get a job and start afresh full-time as the girl I always felt I needed to be, and you know it’s not easy getting a job when you are transgender. Not everyone accepts it. Well, not in my experience anyway. That’s why I got so upset earlier. I was trying so hard not to, but I just really want this job and to make a go of my new life!”

“Oh my God, you little minx,” said Lynn, laughing, “I just can’t believe it, you are just so totally girl!”

“Well, thank you, that’s exactly right, I am!”

They laughed!

“Look, you can’t leave right now, not after that revelation,” said Lynn, “can she, Chrissy?”

Chris got up, his eyes were watering after listening to her story, “I don’t know what to say,” he said, “It’s not even been forty-eight hours and I feel like my whole life has been turned inside-out, and I can’t believe, I, well, I don’t even know what to say.”

Sara moved over to him and gave him a great big hug. He could smell her delicious perfume, feel her inviting warmth, and was more than a little turned on by her embrace. She pulled her head back to look into his tear-filled eyes.

“You great big silly,” she said, “let it out, be you, I know, I’ve been through it all, and you are way more than passable by the way… here…”

She leant forward and kissed him lightly on his top lip, then equally lightly on his bottom lip, she brushed his cheek with her hand, wiping away a tear, then kissed him again just a little more forcefully.

Chris stepped back and looked at Lynn who smiled back at him. “Go on, kiss her, you both deserve it.”

Chris looked into Sara’s eyes, then he looked down at her lips. He watched them in slow motion as they slowly moved in and touched his again. He felt her tongue gently force open his mouth, flicking the end of his tongue. Their lips locked together. As they kissed, their hands wandered, exploring each other’s bodies. Chris felt her warm ass in the tight jeans while Sara stroked his sides and then slowly, and deliberately unzipped his skirt.

Sara pulled back again to look at Lynn who immediately accepted the invitation and moved behind Chris, getting down on her haunches to lower his skirt, then his panties. After helping him step out of them, she stood up again, all the time maintaining eye-lock with Sara who was still passionately snogging Chris.

Lynn moved round, knelt down, and took what she wanted. It was as hard as it had been all weekend, harder in fact. She let her lips run down the length and drew his balls into her mouth, then opened wide to rub them with her tongue before slowly running her lips back to the glans where they met Sara’s. Sara, who had joined her, crouching down and steadying herself on Chris’s thigh, sucked his cock into her mouth, rubbing her lips across the corona, flicking the frenulum with her tongue, all the time sighing deeply.

She pulled off, and Lynn took a turn. Maybe she was feeling competitive, but she just slipped him all the way down in one move and held him there, using those tiny pushes to really tease him with her throat. Out of breath, she took a gulp of air and Sara, seising her opportunity, followed through just as deep. This time, it was too much for Chris, he came hard, shaking and groaning while Sara moved back, collecting his cream on her tongue. When he was completely spent, Lynn moved over and kissed her, sharing their prize, as they slowly rose to their feet.

Chris reached down and rubbed the bulge in the front of Sara’s jeans. She had certainly not been lying. She kissed him again, letting the cum smear his lips like a balm, their tongues playing with the taste. Lynn leant in and kissed him too, but Chris knew what he had to do as he gently used his hand to steer Lynn’s face and lips towards Sara’s. When they met, kissing passionately, he slowly dropped to his knees and begin to pry down the jeans that contained his last taboo of the weekend. A real cock.

Sara shimmied her hips to help him, and at last, he managed to get the jeans over her hips, down her beautiful legs, and free both her feet. He gradually moved up, her legs were so smooth, so warm, so fragrant and felt like the most luxurious silk. He wanted to dwell, but there was something more important he needed, and he soon reached the black and white spotted panties desperately restraining the thing he currently desired most in the world.

She smelt clean, slightly perfumed, but not shower fresh. It was a fabulous, intoxicating smell. His mouth was drawing him impatiently to that sexy bulge which he kissed, then outlined with his tongue, finding the glans, kissing it and licking it. He drew as much as he could into his mouth through the cotton, carrying on until the panties were wet and translucent, a pinkish flesh coloured tinges in the cotton displaying his target.

He eased her panties down enough that when he let go they just slid down her super smooth legs to her ankles. Her cock was free. It bounced into his face, dampening his cheek with a smattering of pre-cum. He greedily took in the tip, tickling it with his tongue while his left hand caressed her balls and his right wrapped round the shaft, gently stroking. It felt so beautiful, so warm, so soft and so giving. It flinched as he toyed with its most sensitive zones and it smelt of Sara, it smelt of sex and it smelt of cum.

Lynn and Sara continued to kiss, touching each other’s breasts, teasing their nipples. Chris was relishing his new experience, taking Sara deeper, using longer strokes, but never forgetting to use his tongue. At last, he had her in his throat, he held it there like Lynn had, but he also reached out with his tongue which was a bit longer than Lynn’s, so he could tickle her balls. He gagged and had to pull back as she streamed into his throat. It was like a pump, the torrent hitting the roof of his mouth and filling his cheeks.

Sara cried out as she climaxed, Lynn supporting her. She reached down and pulled Chrissy up. There was so much cum, and nowhere for it, that he had to swallow. Then they kissed, lips locked together again, but this time enjoying Sara’s cum, with its different taste, but same sensual feeling. Lynn bent down and excitedly cleaned Sara up, grabbing her cock and Chris’s cock and alternating between them.

Chris and Sara broke their embrace. Lynn looked up at them through her lashes, achieving both an innocent and dirty look at the same time.

“Sara, please stay with us tonight!”

Sara smiled, and playfully said, “OK, I think I will, but I need to quickly fold up all these clothes if I’m wearing them tomorrow, I’ll need a toothbrush, and remember, I won’t look the same in the morning without my make-up!

“Chris knows ALL about not looking the same in the morning, don’t you, breakfast face,” laughed Lynn, although Chris wasn’t sure he fully saw the funny side of that one.

The weekend was drawing to a close with a finale they could never have imagined. They adjourned to the bedroom where they completed the evening with Sara as a very excited and willing sandwich filling. After some kissing, cuddling and playing, Chris gently eased into her ass, slowly filling her and working rhythmically on her prostate while bathing his senses in the sweet smell of her hair. Lynn positioned herself carefully with one leg over Sara and pushed her glowing labia onto her rather large and beautiful cock, letting it slide in, stretching her vagina delightfully as she ground her g-spot, desperate for release.

Lynn came twice, or was it three times, before Chris, in a sudden burst, released his load. Sara, who had been quietly coming in waves throughout the whole incredible experience, shuddered with him as her stream of body orgasms finally overwhelmed her and left her spent, trembling gently. They lay for a while, hot, drained and blissfully happy.

Turning off the lights so that there was just a faint glow from the moon through the window, they all prepared for bed. Sara first, then Chris, then Lynn, the darkness helping to maintain the magic. As they cuddled together, Sara still in the middle, their eyes closed. With no make-up, they were simply themselves. There was no longer a need for a façade or pretence, there was no he or she, they were just happy and contented human beings, cuddled together, with sharing a beautiful feeling of contentment, love and trust.

In the morning, Chris could barely open his eyes from the soreness caused by all the eye makeup and the tiredness from what had, without any doubt, been the most amazing two days of his life.

He looked at his beautiful wife, and their new beautiful androgynous friend, both still sleeping, while he without thinking too hard, pulled on a pair of panties before donning his suit.

This was a new beginning! He felt more confident in himself than he had ever done before. He was Chris, and Chris could be whoever he wanted to be! He felt stronger and more self-assured than he had done for a very long time.

It was difficult to grasp how so much could have happened in two days. How a mere forty-eight hours could have changed his life so dramatically. But it had!

He noticed the unopened package in the kitchen as he left for the office. “I wonder what the hell is in that?” He thought and then reflected that it hardly mattered. In reality, it was the package that had brought Sara, and there was no doubt that she was the most amazing little package that one could ever have dreamt about coming into their life.

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