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48 Hours – Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Taking it all in

Exhausted, but satisfied, they lay in bed for a while until they were fully recovered and ready to face the rest of the day.

“OK, another quick shower I’m afraid, then let’s get something to eat, I’m starving,” said Lynn, sliding her legs out from under the duvet and onto the floor.

Chris wasn’t quite so ready, but eventually managed to unlace himself from the corset and get to the bathroom just as Lynn was finishing. He gave himself another quick rub over with the razor and after a quick shower applied some more body lotion which was really soothing and had a lovely scent. He could feel how much softer it made his skin and he loved it.

Back in the bedroom, Lynn had already put on a coordinated lacy emerald green lingerie set and black stockings and proceeded to help Chris get dressed and made-up. He was wearing the corset and stockings again, and had slipped into a deep blue body-con dress decorated with orchids and which made him look quite curvy.

He enjoyed being pampered and relaxed as Lynn applied his make-up, savouring the different fragrances of each layer but mostly the warmth of her touch to his skin. She preferred fingers to brushes because she could feel what she was doing. Once his wig, necklace, earrings and other jewellery were in place, the mirror gave him that same wave of excited contentment that he had yesterday. He loved being Chrissy!

Lynn threw on a mid-length skater dress after she had made herself up and, picking up the smaller of the butt plugs, the one without the tail attached, presented it to him.

“Honey, you know what you have to do,” she smiled, “don’t use too much lube, and once it’s in just leave it there, it’s designed to stay in place.”

Chris went to the bathroom. Although he was a bit concerned, he really wanted to try it, and after all, Lynn had just done it and seemed to really enjoy it. The plug was a good size for a novice, and despite a strange uncomfortable feeling as it first penetrated him and some pain when it was almost home, he eased it in and it gradually stretched him until the narrow neck ‘locked’ it in place. It felt odd, but not especially unpleasant. He walked back to the bedroom, very conscious that he had something up his ass and was walking slightly differently, but it didn’t hurt at all, it was just a very unfamiliar feeling.

“Good girl,” said Lynn, as he turned to show her, “now pull your panties up and let’s go downstairs, I’ll follow in a mo’, can you sort out some breakfast, or brunch now I suppose, I feel quite hungry after all the exertion!”

Chris went down to the kitchen aware of the plug rubbing his insides in a delicious way as he walked, especially if he wiggled his hips or squeezed his cheeks. If he leant back it pressed on his prostrate and it tingled, otherwise it was barely noticeable. He rustled up a ‘tricolore’ salad and added some rocket, parmesan shavings and a good sprinkling of four-star balsamic. When he had finished he thought he’d see whether the butt plug actually had any effect on him if he adopted different positions, so he moved around a bit more and began wiggling his ass and clenching his cheeks. Occasionally he felt a very nice twinge and so he kept going. Just as he had found a really good rhythm Lynn came in and collapsed on the floor in hysterics. Chris laughed too as he could see that it must have looked pretty amusing!

The Salad was delicious, especially as they washed it down with a couple of large glasses of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

“I spoke to the delivery company, they will try to get the missing parcel to us later today and were very apologetic. I said that we would be out until six, so that gives us a bit of free time, how about a coffee and some dessert, my turn to fix it. Why don’t you go relax in the front room, or even practice a bit more dancing with the plug in, ha ha?”

“Very funny, so what are we having?”

“It will be a surprise, and you’d better make sure the curtains are drawn!”

Chris sat down, stood up, walked around, put on the light and drew the curtains across. He put on some relaxing jazz music and sat back down again, trying out various postures and making sure that he smoothed down his dress and kept everything modest. It was quite interesting having to learn how to sit and stand, so he practised it a lot, gradually getting the hang of the preparation required. No more flopping down into the armchair he thought!

“Ta-ra!” Called Lynn, entering the room carrying a large plate held out in front of her.

“I don’t believe it!” Chris exclaimed, as he admired Lynn’s culinary creativity.

“Hope you don’t mind sharing,” she smiled, as she placed the plate on the edge of the coffee table and arranged a towel on the floor with some wipes.

“What’s it called?”

“It’s my variation on a well-known French dish, I call it… coque au chocolat.”

“Ha ha, you are so funny, well you can have first nibble!”

“No honey, get down here with me, this really is a sharing dish.”

Lynn hitched up her dress and knelt on the floor, Chris followed her example and did the same kneeling next to her.

Before him was the dildo, its suction cap firmly fixed to the plate, surrounded by ice cream, some chocolate flakes with a liberal amount of whipped cream. The shaft was smeared in a thick chocolate sauce, everywhere, so thick it was running slowly down the sides.

Lynn started, she ran her tongue along the tip, collecting a nice helping of the sauce as she went, then, leaning forward, turned to face Chris and pulled his head towards her, kissing him while also allowing him to suck the sauce from the end of her tongue.

“Your turn!”

Chris really thought he would be more fazed than he was, in fact, he wasn’t fazed at all. He licked the head of the dildo. It felt really soft and silky and tasted really good too. Lynn bent forward and joined him, their tongues brushed against each other, then their cheeks were together, as they jointly worked on the shaft. Lynn moved up, over and down, pursing her lips around the head gently, bringing her mouth down around the dildo until she reached Chris’s tongue, then slowly pulling up, smearing the sauce as she went. Hand under his chin, she kissed him again, a deep dark chocolatey kiss.

Chris broke the kiss and copied her action. He pursed his lips, felt the head pass by, smooth and tasty. Over the corona, flicking his tongue along the frenulum like he had felt Lynn doing yesterday, and then down, clasping the shaft gently with his lips as he too pulled up, taking some of the sauce with him.

He felt himself becoming aroused. It was an amazingly sexy feeling and he had never imagined just how good it would feel. Girls were so lucky to be able to fill their mouths with a hot sexy cock!

They continued to eat the dessert, slowly and sensually, cleaning the shaft, caressing it together, and frequently stopping for kisses.

The sauce was almost gone, and as she looked Chris directly in the eyes, Lynn took the entire length down her throat, picking up a scoop of ice cream with her tongue as she reached the base and slowly pulled back. At the same time, she had managed to slide her hand along his leg so she could stroke his cock.

She cleaned her lips with her tongue, maintaining her eye contact with him. Chris knew what he had to do, what he wanted to do, or at least try to do. Looking deeply into her eyes, he moved his mouth into position, slowly working down, he felt the tip reach the back of his throat, his mouth felt deliciously full, but he gagged ever so slightly. Lynn had moved her head down to maintain the eye-lock as he progressed. It was very intense, for them both, but Lynn added some extra spice by easing his cock out and pulling on it gently. Chris pushed down further, he gagged again, but kept going, and then it was in, he followed through, he scooped up some ice cream and pulled back, gasping once he was free.

Lynn pounced on his lips, then dove down onto his cock which was now poking up from under the hem of his dress, then back to his lips and deftly pulling her panties aside she thrust down on him and in no time they came together. It was only as they relaxed that Chris remembered he still had the butt plug in!

Fortunately, with Lynn’s towel on the floor, they had not made any mess in the living room, but to avoid any risk of that they retired to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Slipping off their dresses and panties, they washed their faces and private parts, but there was obviously still the butt plug to consider.

“So how adventurous are you feeling?” Asked Lynn, reaching down to his ass and giving the butt plug a short tug, just enough to make Chris bend forwards and flinch. “Fancy popping your cherry?”

Chris, who by now was feeling that didn’t really have any boundaries left, and moreover, his ass was no different from Lynn’s so if she could do it why shouldn’t or couldn’t he! Turning round and looking at Lynn from under his eyelashes, he coyly replied.

“Yes darling, I think I would like to try it, but please be gentle!”

Lynn laughed. “I will, honestly, you’re more of a girl than I am sometimes! Get those stockings off, and you’ll need to do a bit of a flush out, I’ll get the douche, just wait here.”

Chris undressed completely on Lynn’s advice and she then went through the process with him. Chris was not especially impressed for obvious reasons, but did appreciate how essential it was. After the fourth douche, he was fairly happy that the job was done and showered his body all over using Lynn’s body wash for a change. He called Lynn in after he had dried himself off and was applying a good covering of the body lotion he loved so much.

“Oooh! Someone smells nice!” she said. “Put some extra lotion down there and here, have a splash of my Opium Noir. How did you find that douching business?”

“Best to say it’s done now, and needs must I guess!”

“Yes, not my favourite thing either. Some people say it’s best to modify your diet a day or two before to basically change the nature of your shit so it tends to all come out cleaner, chicken soup is a good choice I was told once.”

“Yes, probably too much information at the moment, honey,” Chris replied as he rubbed the body lotion over his ass and Lynn squirted the perfume on his neck. “OK, so what’s next?”

“A bit of shopping I think, you need to choose some clothes!”

“What! Now? After all that?”

“Yes, it’s best that we wait an hour or so before doing anything down there… there will still be some water to come out, and it will give your colon a chance to get its natural balance back and its natural lubricants. You should also put this in.”

“Oh, OK”, Chris answered, a bit put back that he would have to wait for his induction and walk round the shops with the much larger plug in, but on the other hand, he was genuinely excited about the idea of picking out his own clothes.

“Let’s fix up that make-up gorgeous, it’s still looking surprisingly good considering.”

Chris allowed Lynn to work her magic and then got dressed again, but this time with some tight panties under black tights. Lynn advised him that he should have two large pant liners in to help the concealment and soak up anything that leaked out. All set and tucked, he checked his profile as he brushed out his wig. He looked good and he felt very confident.

“All set?”

“Yes, just need my bag. Where are we going?”

“Good question, I thought we would go to the mall, but there is a danger someone will recognise me and want to stop and talk, so we need to cater for that eventuality.

“Oh, yes, good point! How is that going to work exactly?”

“So my idea is that when we get to the car park I’ll drop you by the entrance to the mall. You’ll wait there while I park and I’ll come along and you’ll follow me at a slight distance, not too far away, just so that it doesn’t look like we are together. That will allow us to navigate the shops, then once we are in one we will swap and I’ll tail you until we leave when we swap again.”

“Sorry, so I follow you first, then when I’m in a shop you’ll follow me, but when I leave I have to follow you again.”

“Yes, you got it! I’ll keep a lookout and stay close in the shop, and when you find something you like, hold it up like you are looking at it and if the coast is clear I’ll come over and smile at you if it’s a good choice, in fact, I think we should be able to get everything in New Look, so we’ll head there first. It’s also not a place most of my friends would shop in either, same with Matalan, so we can probably be girlfriends in those, but I think M&S will be a no-go. I’ve also drawn up a bit of an essential wardrobe list too”.

“I’m impressed you’ve thought this through so well, even if I’m not sure I fully get it, but it certainly seems like a plan. Let’s go!”

They jumped in the car and headed out. The mall was pretty busy, but as Chris had already discovered, that was actually advantageous as you disappeared into the crowd. He was not that bothered anyway as on his reckoning he looked pretty good and certainly nothing at all like his male alter-ego. The plug was also a constant reminder to walk properly and maintain his posture.

Clothes shopping with Lynn had always excited him when he had been out with her before. He would imagine her in the short skirt, or sexy top she was looking at, and when it got to lingerie he would always find himself having to surreptitiously conceal the evidence of his arousal!

Now, as a girl, it was completely different, he was far more interested in the look, feel, and styling of the clothes. He knew what he liked, he imagined how he would coordinate things, and wondered whether other girls, or guys, would think he looked hot, something he had never ever done when buying clothes as a man! It was fantastic! The funniest thing of all was that in a real moment of role reversal Lynn got bored with him looking at clothes and wandered off to another shop leaving him in his shopaholic wonderland, returning later to find him trying on a pair of knee-length boots.

Two hours and almost £250 later they left New Look, Matalan and Top Shop with 4 bags full of items. Not quite a complete wardrobe, but almost. For Chris, it had to be the best money he had ever spent. He couldn’t wait to try them all on properly!

In their exuberance, they had relaxed and forgotten the “following rule” and, giggling like a couple of teenagers, they popped into Ann Summers which was right next to the exit. They proceeded to make a little bit of an exhibition of themselves, but simply didn’t care, after all, they hadn’t run into anyone. Lynn even bought Chris a short sexy white and black satin chemise as he still didn’t have any sexy nightwear

As they walked out, laughing, Lynn ran straight into her boss.

“Hello, Lynn,” he said affably, looking at all the bags, including the garish pink one. “Looks like you’ve decided to give the economy a bit of a boost.”

“Oh hi, Alan! Yes, just got carried away, some of this new season stuff is just too irresistible, I’m sure I’ll be bringing a load back though!”

Chris, who had met Alan a few times, was holding back, feeling very nervous in what was a completely new situation. It was, however, obviously they were together.

“And hello. I don’t think we’ve met,” he said to Chris, giving him a big smile before turning to Lynn. “Now Lynn where have you been hiding this charming friend of yours.”

“Oh, Christine and I go way back, we’re old school friends and she’s my sister-in-law these days.” She lied convincingly. “She’s just got her divorce through and we decided to celebrate with some retail therapy.”

“Well, sorry to hear that, but also very charmed, I’m sure,” Alan said, smiling at Chrissy. “My apologies, but I do need to rush as I’ve got an optician’s appointment. See you tomorrow Lynn, and hope to see you again in the not too distant future Christine!”

As Alan rushed off, they watched him go into the opticians and then both bent over laughing.

“Good job he needs the opticians,” said Chris, almost unable to speak through the laughter, I really thought we were busted!

They forgot any pretence and brazenly marched to the car where Lynn suggested that Chris should drive home which he was more than happy to do although he did slip off his heels. He couldn’t get over how all these everyday things that he had done as a man inexplicably felt so different as a woman. He loved it, especially when he caught a guy looking at him while they were stopped at the traffic lights!”

Back at the house, they dumped the bags in the hallway and Lynn dragged Chris into the living room, drawing the curtains.

“OK, time for a little performance I think. I’ve put together a playlist and you’ve got twelve minutes to get naked and turn me on. I’ll be back in a sec. You get those tights and panties off and put these on.” Lynn handed him the white suspender belt, tan stockings and cami-knickers that he had just bought. “Oh, and practice some moves!” She dropped her phone into the docking station and started the music.

Chris looked at the list.

Nelly: ‘Hot In Here.’

Britney Spears: ‘Gimme More.’

Ciara ft. Ludicrous: ‘Ride.’

He hitched up his dress, pulled down the tights and panties and very efficiently attired himself in the stockings, suspender belt and cami-knickers. The cami-knickers felt especially lovely, so silky soft, loose and airy.

Lynn reappeared with a smirk on her face wearing some baggy sweat pants and a tee-shirt, she sat on the chair she had brought in with her from the kitchen.

“I’m ready!” She said and Chris started the playlist and began to dance, awkwardly at first, especially as it was pretty hard in heels, but then getting into a rhythm, sliding his dress up to reveal the stocking tops and bending over, twerking his ass. He leant forward and ran his hands up each leg in turn, taking the dress up with them. He waved his chest in Lynn’s face. With his hands on his hips, he gyrated to the music as the first track faded and the next began.

He cat-walked over to Lynn, slowly, one foot in front of the other, then span round inviting her to unzip his dress with his hands. She stood and slowly pulled the zip down while he gently swayed in time with the music, and when she was done, he used his hands to ease it over his hips, it fell, momentarily catching on the suspenders, then pooled on the floor where he delicately stepped out of it and turned back to face Lynn, easing her back into the chair, giving her a slow lap-dance, his cock tenting in the cami-knickers.

He brought her hands to the sides, and guided her to gradually pull them down, which she slowly did, his cock freeing itself, stiff, but swaying to the rhythm. With his legs slightly bent and taking full advantage of the extra height from his heels, he slightly straddled Lynn who reached out and stroked his balls with one hand, reaching behind and tickling his ass with the other.

He turned away, realising that he would have to do something with the breast forms, and while he wiggled his ass he surreptitiously slipped them out and placed them on the coffee table, turning back to face Lynn while reaching behind to unclip his bra. Undone, he eased it from his shoulders and let it fall to the floor, leaning over Lynn, letting her play with his hardened nipples.

The last track. He placed the toe of his right foot carefully on Lynn’s knee inviting her to unbuckle the strappy sandals while he still managed to sway gently in time to the music. Then the other foot. Finally, he stood back and eased the cami-knickers over his hips, letting go so they fell sensuously down his stockinged legs. Done, Lynn grabbed his arm and pulled him towards her, twisting and then bending him over her knees where she gave him a gentle spanking.

From somewhere she produced the collar and lead, securing it gently around his neck. Then she returned to his ass moving her hand along his crack. She pulled out the plug making Chris groan, then he a finger probing, sliding easily with the smoothness of some lube. One finger, then two, then three stretching. Suddenly, he felt something cold pressing at his sphincter. Lynn pressed the object home and Chris flinched with the slight discomfort rather than pain, and then it was home, cold, but warming quickly, and with the new sensation of the gentle tickling of fur on the back of his knees as the tail fell loose. It was a real turn-on.

She wiped the lube off her hands and called, “Arms out.” The chemise gently drifted down over his chest, the straps resting gently on his shoulders and the material providing a soft silky caress against his skin. He stood up and let the material dance around his body, light as a feather, brushing, tingling, and heightening his sensitivity as he moved to the final tune, the strangely exotic feeling in his ass and the gentle flicking of the tail against his thighs. He was really enjoying it when he heard the music start to fade.

“Here, don’t be sad, one last dance for me,” said Lynn, but this time dancing on your hands and knees.

Chris slunk down, his wrists on the floor, his cock hanging down, while Lynn selected a track on her phone. The music began: Genuine’s ‘Pony’.

It was not easy dancing on your knees, in fact about the only thing Chris could do was waggle his ass as he moved back and forth and turned around. He positioned himself in front of Lynn, looking up dolefully like a puppy, and she moved her hands to her thighs and began to slide down her jogging pants, letting the dildo and strapon pop out into position as she did so.

Resting on his knuckles, he was at the perfect height to play with it as he continued to shake his tail. He was amazed at how much fun it was licking, kissing and sucking a piece of silicone rubber. Lynn began to move back and forth in time with the music, just slow gentle movements, and it was a delicious feeling having to accommodate the motion.

The final track faded and as it did, Lynn reached down and grabbed the leash, using it to pull Chris up, and then, slightly strutting, led him to the bedroom. Once there she asked him to lie on the bed on his stomach facing away from her with his knees slightly bent. She got behind him, he felt the dildo against his ass, sliding down the crack. Lyn pulled on his tail to ease out the plug. Chris sighed as the widest part left his body, and sighed again as he felt the well-lubricated head of the dildo poking at his entrance.

“Relax sweetie, just relax, I will be nice and slow.” Lynn comforted, as she pushed the head harder against the opening until, eventually, it slipped in.

“Is that OK?” she asked, and Chris nodded with an, “Mmmmm.”

Lynn was very gentle. She eased in, little by little, until the entire length was buried. It had hurt slightly as it stretched him, but that had just added to the excitement of his virginity being taken.

“Still OK?” she asked. He was. Now she was in, the pain had gone and all that remained was the intense pleasure or an erogenous zone he had scarcely explored.

She began to move in and out, and as she did Chris found that if he positioned his ass differently he was getting an amazing sensation behind his cock, it was very addictive and soon they were moving in a rhythm and he was loving it. Lynn was careful to keep everything well lubricated and after about ten minutes of an especially good long series of strokes, Chris felt a surge of feeling in his loins, he wasn’t really sure what it was, but it felt unbelievably good and he felt completely satisfied. As she continued to thrust into him, Lynn pulled gently on his lead, forcing his head up and he let out a long groan as an indescribable wave of pleasure caused him to convulse.

Lynn eased off, gently removing the dildo so Chris could turn to face her and they could kiss.

“So darling, I take it that was good for you!”

“Oh yes. It was a bit strange at first, but then it was very nice, very very nice. Nothing like I expected, and the end was amazing, it was like a whole-body orgasm,” he said quietly, smiling serenely.

They kissed and cuddled, the dildo rubbing against Chris’s crack making him want more. He reached down and guided her into him. They both felt like they couldn’t get close enough to each other, that they wanted to be one, that they were one, and were both so contented that it was as if nothing else in the world existed. Chris came again, and Lynn did too. It was such a special moment, and they were so at ease, that they eventually fell asleep in each other’s arms even though it was only late afternoon.

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