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416 -Part – 15

This story is part of a series but can be read as a stand alone story.

“Stop it, Barney.” Shelly squealed as two hands slid under her blouse, mauled her massive tits, and tweaked her nipples.

“Who the hell is Barney?” asked Ed as he released her breasts and came to sit across from her at the patio table.

“Barney, the pool boy. He has a real fixation on my tits. So when I’m around, he can hardly keep his eyes off of them,” Shelly said with a giggle.

“Has he actually done that to you? Ed asked.

“Not yet. However, I am sure if I gave him the opportunity, he would.”

“You’d better behave, or I’ll have to paddle that pretty ass of yours.”

“Promises, promises. All I get are promises.”

“That’s what you think. Up to the bedroom now. I want you naked as the day you were born with your head down and your butt up in the air. I’m going to warm up your ass for you.”

“Oh, Ed, you say the sweetest things, but we don’t have time. We are receiving Anna’s lesbian friends today, and I have to get things organized. What are you going to be doing with your time?”

“What do you mean what am I going to be doing?”

“Surely you remember our agreement with Anna that this would be a girls-only occasion? Granted, I can perform miracles; however, I refuse to cut off that magnificent cock of yours so that you could pass yourself off as one of the girls. I’ve become too attached to it to do that.”

“So, what am I supposed to do during the next two days?”

“Since Anna will be part of the group, Tim, her husband, suggested you, and he could also go and have fun. So he has booked both of you in the Rosewood Baha Mar Hotel and Casino. “He says he has a foolproof method for getting you two laid by some suitable woman or couple.”

“What’s the method?”

“What he does is spot a couple where the man is betting heavily and losing, and he watches the reaction of his wife. If he sees that she is getting pissed off at her husband, he will go and schmooze her. He tells me that more often than not, she will go off with him to piss her husband off, and in some instances, the husband will join in the fun. He thinks that between you two handsome hunks, you could have some fun. It will also be an opportunity of finding potential new guests for the resort.”

“And of course, that will give you a free hand to enjoy a little girl on girl fun, won’t it?”

“I certainly hope so. If you leave the video surveillance system on, you will vicariously enjoy all the fun when you get back. Now take me up to the bedroom so I can give you your going away present.”

“Going away present?”

“I see you are still carrying your morning wood. It would be inconsiderate of me to see you suffering all day undrained till you hooked up with some floozy later on tonight.”

“You are so thoughtful to my needs. Is it any wonder that I love you so much? Shall I reciprocate?”

“No, honey, I want to keep the edge till I see if I can join in on the fun later on today. Now off with those shorts and lie down on the bed.”

“Your wish is my command. I love the feel of your mouth and tongue on my cock and balls.”

I set out to give him the blowjob of his life. With my face between his muscular thighs, my tongue swiped at the tip of his cock.  It was already oozing precum at the thought of what was to come.

“Mmmm! I love how you taste, my love.”

“Less talk and more action, woman.”

My tongue swathed his balls with warm saliva and then ran the length of his hard-on to twirl around the tip. I knew this drove him wild. I kept at it while his hips bucked, attempting to get my mouth to wrap around his cock. I resisted and kept torturing him by tickling the sensitive area under his glans.

Finally, he could take no more. His fingers twined in my hair, and he pulled me forward to take his cock into my mouth. I loved the thickness and how it filled my mouth. I let my head bob up and down and took more of him each time, letting my tongue play with him each time I came up for air. When I had him fully lodged in my throat at long last, I felt his cock pulse. I caressed his balls, and he erupted, ejaculating a prodigious amount of cum. I swallowed what I could, but my mouth overflowed. As I drew back for air, a stream of cum and saliva coated his cock.

I cleaned up the tasty mess as he lay there with a shit-eating grin on his face.


After Ed left, I was assailed with self-doubt. Looking in the bathroom mirror, I saw a thirty-something blonde with large breasts and, in my eyes, a still presentable body. Yet here I had sent off the man who I was falling more and more in love with each day into the lion’s mouth with my blessing. What if he met a woman he preferred to me? On the other hand, our parting kiss had been enough to curl my toes and to send a flood of desire coursing through my body.

Brooding, I went back downstairs and had a second cup of coffee. Looking at the roster of women coming today that Anna had provided for me, I noticed that their average age was in the early twenties. It struck me that I was old enough to be their mother. But, another wave of doubt hit me in the face and chilled me. Would they even pay attention to an old broad such as myself? As I brooded on this, my cell phone rang.

Ed’s voice came to me over the sound of a boat motor. “Babe, I wanted to tell you just how much I love you. I don’t want you to worry about me. You are the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

“Ed, I love you too, but what if you meet some woman and decide that she is better for you than me.”

“Unlikely. I have been around and in bachelor’s state for years looking for you. Now that I have found you, I don’t want to lose you.”

“You know that you are echoing the thoughts I was having just now.”

“Enjoy your day, darling. We’ll talk some more about this when I get back. Bye for now.”

My heart soared after this brief chat, and I hurried to the kitchen to ensure that all was ready to welcome our guests. Then I returned to the patio and picked up the book I had been reading, and basked in the sun.


I must have dozed off as I woke up with a start when my mouth was invaded by a warm, velvety tongue. “Wake up, sleepyhead. Your guests are here.” I opened my eyes and saw it was Anna who was hovering over me. She was wearing only bikini bottoms, and I reached up, pulled her towards me, took one of her perky nipples, and gave it a wet and sloppy kiss.

I heard the sound of applause. I looked to see that we were surrounded by a group of girls who had witnessed our greeting and were standing there smiling at our display. Then, Anna slid her hands behind me and removed my t-shirt, exposing my breasts to the group. After that, there was an awed silence as my girls were ogled by one and all.

A young blond said, “OMG, I’m jealous. What size are those absolutely fabulous titties?”

“Libby, behave. Wait till you have been formally introduced before you ask questions like that.

“Shelly, this is Libby. She has a real breast fetish, as you can see. If you give her the opportunity, she will have her face buried between your tits the whole weekend,” Anna said with a giggle.

I looked at the girls clustered around us and saw that the whole group was topless. Libby had an absolutely adorable set of pear-shaped breasts capped with two puffy and very stiff nipples. “Libby,” I said, “They’re 36Ds, and you’re welcome to sample them later on today. Now ladies, please sit, and I’ll have breakfast served. You must be hungry.”

As they ate, I looked the group over. They were all beautiful and seemed very at ease with each other. They appeared to range in age from late teens to very early twenties. Anna told me they were all in university and belonged to the same sorority. Libby was the sorority president, and two of the girls were pledges and would finish their initiation while on the island.

“Who are the pledges?” I asked

She pointed out the two youngest-looking girls. My mouth watered at the sight of those two nubile bodies. She also told me that both she as well as her sister Kookie were members of the sorority.

After breakfast and room assignments, the group decided to meet at the beach and work on their tans. So, once my chores were done, I went down to the beach and found the group assembled at the volleyball net. They were being divided into teams by Libby, who asked me if I wanted to play with them.

“Libby, if I played, I would probably poke my eye out with my nipple. These tits are not made for this type of game.”

“You have a point. As a matter of fact, you have two points,” Libby said, reaching out and pinching my nipples, causing my pussy to flood with desire. “How about being the referee for us?”

“Sure. I can do that.”

Libby turned to the group and yelled, “Tilosinghe left and asses on the right. The losing team will have to pay the price to the winners.”

I smiled because they indeed were aptly named. A cuter bunch of tits and asses I had never seen. I was mesmerized ad watched as they played. Lithe young bodies were flying across with breasts bouncing and sweat adding an extra sheen to their bodies. My mouth was watering, as was my pussy.

Asses ended with the win, and they each grabbed one of the tits team and led them to the lounge chairs. All the girls stripped off their bikini bottoms, and the winners lay down with their legs spread wide. The losers got between their thighs and preceded to give the wantonly offered pussies a thorough tongue lashing.

My eyes feasted on those tight-shaven snatches while my pussy drooled with need. I watched for about fifteen minutes, listened with envy to the moans and cries of joy of the participants with my hand in my bikini bottoms toying with myself. Finally, frustrated and envious, I turned to walk back to the main building.

Suddenly I felt a body rush up to me, and two hands circled my waist and lifted me off the ground. My bikini bottom was pulled off my hips, and my legs were grabbed by two other girls. I was hoisted in the air with my legs splayed open, and Libby moved between them.

“You didn’t think we would leave you out of the fun?” she asked as she lowered her head and put her tongue to work, thoroughly licking and kissing my pussy. For the next what seemed to me hours, I had the girls licking my pussy, toying with my tits, and even had someone’s tongue pleasuring my ass.

I must have had three orgasms before I was let down, a soggy, happy mess. I eventually was able to stand again, and Libby took my hand and led me into the ocean. We swam out side by side and stopped. She stood in the waist-high water and reached out and caressed my breasts. Using her thumbs, she rubbed them in circles around my nipples till they started to ache. Then, lowering her face to them, she began to lick and suck each one till they throbbed, as did my pussy.

She stopped and gave me a passionate kiss. “Shelly, how would you like to be initiated into our sorority?”

“You want me to be a member? Why? I think I should tell you that I am not strictly lesbian. I am bisexual.”

“Most of us are bisexual, but we find it easier to not be in committed relationships while at university. We have selected men who are also of the same frame of mind whom we invite over occasionally to play with us. Also, most of our alumni are of the same bend and are part of the Florida swinging community even after they are married. I am sure that they would be delighted to know of the existence of your resort.

“Now, as to why I would like you to join the sorority, that is a bit more complex. Our current chapter den mother, so to speak, is moving away. I think that a woman such as you would be an ideal replacement for her. You have the maturity, wit, and beauty and, as shown by you running this establishment, the brains we need. Anna suggested I speak to you about it.”

“Wow! You catch me by surprise. This morning I was seeing myself as a washed-out old hag, and now this.”

“Shelly, if I look like you when I reach your age, I’ll consider myself blessed.”

“You’re so sweet. Come give me a kiss. I’d be honored to be initiated into the sorority. As to the den mother thing, I’ll have to discuss it with my partner Ed. I’m pretty sure he’ll agree, but I’ll give you an answer later today.”

“So, where is Ed today?”

“I sent him away for the day so you girls would be free of the lecherous attentions of a dirty old man.”

“I’d like to meet the man who can capture a woman such as you. Do you ever share him?”

“That happens on occasion depending on our mood.”

“Keep me in mind should the occasion arise. Now let’s go take a nap to be ready for the evening festivities.”


I dropped Libby off at her cottage and returned to the house. I was thrilled with how the day was turning out and the boost it had given to my ego. After a nice long shower, I called Ed’s cell phone.

He answered on the first ring. “Hi, babe, how’s it going?”

I proceeded to tell him of what had happened so far and of Libby’s offer. When I informed him that most of the girls were bi, it was evident that he was intrigued. He told me to go ahead and accept as it would please me and because of the potential business opportunity it offered us.

When I asked him how he was doing, he told me that he and Tim were pursuing two cute Latina women as potential playmates for the night. The husbands were drunk as skunks, losing money at craps, and the wives were really pissed off at them. So the advances of two handsome men seemed to be very welcome. I wished him luck, and after the call, I went and lay down for a well-deserved nap.


Supper was delightful. Libby, Anna, Kookie, and I shared a table. I told Libby Ed was on board if I decided to accept the honor of being the group’s den mother. Anna’s delight was apparent as she rushed around the table to give me a kiss.

“Behave, Anna. She still has to be initiated and confirmed as den mother. Hands off her till later,” Libby said.

“Libby, can I have the honor of initiating her?” Anna asked.

“I don’t see why not. What would you think of that, Shelly?”

“It would be my pleasure as Anna is a very dear friend and a business partner,” I answered.

Libby stood up and tapped her glass with her knife to get everyone’s attention.

When she finally got quiet in the room, she stood up and spoke. “Sisters, tonight we have the duty and the honor of initiating three new members in our sisterhood.”

The assembled girls looked around in surprise. “Yes, you heard correctly, three. You are aware of course of Rachel and Judy.” She said, pointing out the young redhead and the other young blond, “In addition, we will be welcoming Shelly as a sister into our sorority.

“Her’s will be an abbreviated pledging, but I can assure you that she is ready for the final step. So now Rachel and Judy go to the sofa and demonstrate to us how two women can give each other pleasure.”

The two youngsters stood and moved over to the sofa and removed the sarongs they were wearing to reveal their slender bodies to an appreciative audience. Rachel, who seemed to be the more dominant of the two, pulled Judy into her lap and, wrapping her arms around her, started kissing her passionately.

Soon her hand went into the bikini bra and started mauling her partner’s tiny tits. “Take off her bra,” ordered Libby.

Two luscious firm tits spilled out of the bra, and Rachel teased and tugged the cherry-sized nipples that were exposed. She derived great pleasure in stretching and pinching them till they turned a deeper shade of red.

“Off with your bra, Judy. Rachel help her with that,” ordered Libby.

In seconds Rachel was stripped to the waist, and two pear-shaped tits were being mauled by Judy. She suckled on each tit in turn, and we could see her sucking each nipple deeply into her mouth. Next, Rachel’s hand was thrust into Judy’s bikini bottoms, and we could detect that she was fingering Judy’s pussy.

“Stop.” Ordered Libby, “Now strip naked and go to each sister and show them your pussy, tits, and ass as they tell you what they want to see and feel.”

The two girls shed their bikini bottoms and went to the seated sisters, where each, in turn, was made to display and offer the portion of their anatomy that the seated sister wanted to examine more closely and in-depth.

It was intensely erotic watching them pose and expose themselves. It was clear that the assembly had been instructed not to let them cum but solely to edge them close to their breaking point. The two youngsters moaned with need. A sheen of sweat coated their bodies.

Finally, Judy came to stand in front of me. I glanced at Libby, and she motioned that it was my turn. I had the girl turn and bend at the waist. I caressed her exposed ass cheek and blew a puff of air at her sensitive ass hole. She shivered with need, and I swear she seemed to gape her ass open in invitation. I curved three fingers and inserted them into her sopping wet cunt while my thumb thrust at her asshole. My fingers were welcomed by a hot and creamy vagina while my thumb was seized in a vise-like grip by her tender ass. She gave a wail and flooded my fingers with warm juice as her legs wobbled, and she collapsed to the floor, her whole body quivering in a massive orgasm.

Libby smiled at me and mouthed, “Well done,” as we both went to help the hapless girl to her feet. She summoned Rachel over. “Rachel, your future sister has disobeyed the rules. She allowed herself to cum. You now will have to punish her. Take her over to the sofa, put her over your knee, and give her a spanking she won’t forget for a long time.”

Rachel dragged poor Judy to the sofa and lay her ass up across her lap. Once in position, she took her time caressing the upthrust bottom and sneaking her hand between Judy’s thighs, fingering her till she relaxed. Then, she raised her hand without warning and brought it down on one of those tempting mounds, causing it to flatten and wobble. Judy let out a muffled complaint, but the first spank was quickly followed by a succession of spanks on alternate cheeks. Soon Judy’s ass took on a warm shade of pink. Finally, after about twenty swats per cheek, Libby told Rachel to stop.

“Good job, Rachel. Now I want you to soothe that punished ass by using your mouth and tongue to help it heal. Then, when she feels better, show us your tribbing technique until you both cum.”

Rachel attacked her task with joy. She placed Judy on her knees with her head resting on a pillow and her ass raised high in the air. Her kisses rained down on that rosy ass, and her tongue laved every inch of exposed skin. She parted the ass cheeks as if she was opening up a peach and her tongue swathed up and down the crack. It became apparent that Judy was very anal as she parted her cheeks to allow Rachel to rim her proffered pucker.

She finally flipped Judy on her back, and the two girls started scissoring each other, pussy to pussy. In their overheated state, it did not take long before their moans filled the room, and they collapsed against each other in orgasmic joy.

My attention had been riveted by the show, and now that it was over. I glanced around and noticed that the spectators were using mouths and hands to pleasure each other. The room reeked with the sweet perfume of overheated pussy. Sheer bliss!

Suddenly Anna was in front of me. She took my hand and said, “You’re up.” She led me to the sofa and had me strip. “Now sit and spread your thighs and show your future sisters your cunt and ass so they can get a close look at what they are going to be able to pleasure in the future. Girls, come on up one at a time and examine her to your heart’s content. Shelly, you are not allowed to cum.”

A procession formed, and I was fingered in either or both holes. My tits were mauled and teased, and I desperately fought to prevent myself from coming as I was manipulated by each girl. Finally, after the last girl was finished, Anna sat down and pulled my face down across her lap. Her soft hands massaged my butt and plunged between my thighs to finger my wet pussy.

Just as I was relaxing and enjoying this treatment, I felt my ass cheeks parted, and something was pushed to lodge deeply in my ass. “Relax, Shelly, it’s only a butt plug.”

No sooner had I relaxed my ass than Anna’s hand started spanking me. It felt like my ass cheeks were on fire. The feel of the butt plug up my tush intensified the feeling, and soon my pussy was literally dripping juice all over Anna’s thigh. She would occasionally stop and jiggle the butt plug or finger my pussy and then resume the spanking. It felt that I could cum on command. The day’s events had been a continual edging for me.

When Anna finished spanking me, she had me lie on the sofa. “Girls,” she announced, “Shelly has always wanted to be the cream filling in a human Oreo cookie. So, Kookie, come here and let’s grant her wish.”

The two dusky beauties surrounded me. I was placed in a 69 position between Anna’s thighs while Kookie placed herself at my back door. Two sets of mouths and tongues attacked my needy holes, and I was only too glad to reciprocate by parting Anna’s chocolate lips to reveal her hot, tender pink inner core. I lapped her sweet pussy juice while her tongue worked its magic on me.

It did not take me long to get Anna to come, and then she and Kookie changed places. I lapped at her younger sister’s core while she used her tongue to ream out my pussy and her fingers to toy with my clit. Finally, when Anna’s tongue thrust into my ass, I could no longer contain myself, and I squirted all over Kookie’s face.

The two of them disengaged, and I looked up to see the admiring faces of the rest of the girls standing over us while playing with each other. I stood up, my legs wobbling, and Libby motioned me to come to her.

She sat in her chair and spread her thighs. “Pledges,” she announced, “you are henceforth our sisters in this sorority. So, come over here, get on your knees and show your acceptance of your new status by kissing my pussy.”

After giving her pussy a deep French kiss, I stood and was wrapped in a huge group hug by the naked girls. Hands roamed all over my body, and kisses were showered on me.

Libby’s voice raised itself over the commotion, “Sisters, I now have a last announcement to make. Shelly has accepted to be our den mother. So, following our ritual, you will all now go and worship her pussy and asshole to seal our newly formed bond. So, Shelly, sit down and spread your thighs to receive our homage. I will lead the way.”

She promptly went to her knees, and again I was delighted to have my supersensitive holes kissed and licked. After the ritual was over, the girls headed out for their bungalows and for whatever trysts they had arranged among themselves. Finally, only Libby and I remained with a bottle of white wine between us.

“Shelly, a part of the ritual is that you and I must spend this night together. Would that please you?”

I stood up silently, took her hand, and dragged her up the hill to our house. The gleam in my eye was all the answer she needed.

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