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By Author Pen Dragon

I couldn’t wait for school to start for once, so I could see my friends. Penny, and Stacy, because I had something to show them.

“Hey girls,” I got my phone out, “I found a child molester!” We just turned 10, and started 5th grade, but we’re all skinny, and young looking. You know how gymnasts delay puberty by not having enough body fat to menstruate?

Well, now you do, and we got into gymnastics in the hopes of getting a dirty coach. That didn’t work out, Lian is Chinese, and even younger looking. So, we couldn’t seduce her husband away from her. Probably because none of us are oriental, and she takes care of his needs well enough at home.

We were delighted to share our fantasies, and while we didn’t all have that one in common, the other girls came around. So, they followed me back to the girls room, where I could show them the pictures in the handicap stall until the bell rang.

The first one I’m really proud of, because he had his head turned. So, he couldn’t see me, I could get down, and line up the shot perfectly. So, you could see him looking right at the pool through the bars, watching little girls run around in there wet swimsuits.

The next one was just the back of his car, when he drove away. The make and model, with his license plate right in the center.

“Oh, what about his dick?” I just swiped to the next one, looking down at him with his hand in his crotch. “I still can’t see his dick.”

“Well, he didn’t whip it out right by the pool, but look.” I switched to the last picture, with it down his pant leg. The wet spot soaking through his shorts right by the head where the cum shot out. “Sorry, that’s it, but I know where he lives.”

“You do?”

“Yeah, right around the corner actually, but he gets in his car so he can park where he can look, and touch himself through his pants.”

“What’s his face look like?”

“Cute?” I guessed. Honestly, that’s the last thing I cared about.

“You don’t have any pictures of his face, either?”

“No, because if I tried to take one, he’d see me, and know something’s up. I don’t want to scare him off.”

“So, what do you want to do?”

“I’m going over to see him today, after school. So, you better ride my bus, so you can come. I men get off. At my stop?” I shook my head, but they giggled when I couldn’t think of a way to say it that wasn’t dirty. Of course, they’re just as dirty minded, but first we went back to my place to dress up.

Hot and sexy for him, but it’s still August. So, my mom doesn’t have anything to say about me going out dressed like that. Of course, I didn’t even have a bra on, and the girls took off their training bras first thing. They would only get in the way, but we weren’t going to play any bisexual games.

Not today, but we’re not even bi. We got any curiosity out of the way last year, when we took each other’s virginities. We’re just best friends, with a connection through our most perverted fantasies. Stacy’s got the hots for her uncle, ever since he married her aunt, and she found the video from his Bachelor Party on his computer.

Penny’s real name is Penelope, (Stacy is short for Anastacia) but she already wants her Pornstar name to be Peggy something. Maybe like Peggy Carter, if you added a strapon to her outfit, she really wants to nail Lance Hart when she’s old enough to do porno. I mean real adult porno, our fetish fashion photos don’t count, but she cut a hole in a jock strap, and dyed it black with magic marker to stick a vibrator through, until she can buy the real thing.

Me? Call me Simone, I’m a bossy bitch, so my favorite game was always Simone Says. Because I’m the youngest, and my big sister is always in charge, my brother’s probably gay for all I know. Maybe I’m just too young for him to perv on, but irregardless. Now, we had bigger fish to fry, the biggest catch of all, a real live full grown pedophile.

So, we went right up to his house, and I knocked on the door. The girls trying to keep a straight face in the wings, but he pulled the chain out, and looked around the side. “Can I help you?”

“I hope so.” I picked up the front of my sun dress to flash my panties, so the girls followed my lead. “Can we come in?” He shut the door, but then we heard the chain rattle, and swing. he let us in, and locked it back behind him. “What’s this about?”

“Well, you know you like little girls, and I know it too.” I pulled my phone out of my pocket (I picked the dress with phone pockets) “Don’t try to lie.” I showed him the photos.

“So, you’re trying to blackmail me?”

Penny giggled, “We shouldn’t have to blackmail you for sex.” I looked around for a good spot.

“Get on the chair.” I pointed, “Does it recline?”

“Of course.” He kicked the foot rest out. The girls started undressing each other, but not kissing, they couldn’t take there eyes off of him the whole time.

“Don’t touch it, just watch.”

“Yeah,” Stacy laughed, “We don’t want you blowing it in your pants like you always do.”

“Yeah, I know about that too.” I turned back to my phone to bring up the picture, but I’d seen him all over the neighborhood. All summer, once I got a look at his car, and knew what to look out for. At the park, the rose gardens, pretty much anywhere girls got together to play that had a parking lot, where he could park. (Anywhere but the elementary school, where they have security guards, and other adult supervision.)

“I know!” Stacy ran up naked, and got right up on his arm. Her knee between his legs, and Penny followed her lead. I guess I better start using their pornstar names, since I started recording. “Go ahead, and finger me.” She humped the back of his hand until he turned it over, and Penny said “Finger me too.”

“Uh, you’re both wet?” He could hardly believe it.

“Of course! Ah! Oh, yeah. You can stick it in deeper.”

“Yeah, give me the finger. The middle finger.”

“Fuck you! Fuck you both you horny little nympho sluts!” Finally, he got into it. I swear, it shouldn’t take even that long for him to give up the totally not a child molester ruse. Maybe he was one of those it’s okay to look if you don’t touch pedophiles, who don’t want to be child molesters, but that makes it even better!

“You ever fingered a little girl before?” I asked.

“No, not 2 at the same time, and not since middle school.”

“Oh, so who’d you fingerbang in middle school?”


“Middle school girls?”

“No, my little sister’s friends.”

“But not your little sister?”

“No, she’s my sister. I wouldn’t never do that to her, it’s was bad enough that she hates me now, since she found out I let her friends seduce me.”

“Uh!” I rolled my eyes. “Yeah right, you’re seduced by little girls in junior high. You expect us to believe that?”

“Since you came to my house and seduced me?”

I had to laugh, “Is that what you think this is?” I shook my head, “No, she’s going to molest you.”

“What about her?” He looked over at Peggy.

“Oh, you’re going to go buy me a strapon, and a buttplug to fuck you with.” He shook his head, so I stopped the video, and held my thumb over the photo button.

“Say cheese!” You couldn’t see anything but their backs, their legs, and his fingers up their tiny hairless slots. Their hair covered their faces, but not his. It didn’t take a genius to see they’re not 18, though. Maybe put together, they look even younger than 10, but the law doesn’t see it that way.

“Uh!” He pulled his hands out, and covered his face.

“Oh no you don’t. We told you to finger fuck us, so you’re going to fingerfuck us until we’re done.”

“That’s childporn!”

“I know, but if I get arrested for childporn, then you get arrested for child molestation, and registered as a sex offender. So, think about that, how you’ll have to give up cruising around within 200 yards of little girls, and maybe learn to rub it off in your pants with a pair of binoculars.”

“Uh, huh! Don’t stop!”

“You close X?” She sure sounded like she was getting close.

“NGH!” She just nodded, shook her head, and held onto his arm with both hands now. So he couldn’t pull it out, or stop her from raping his finger. “NGHaughH! FUCK! Fugh! Huh!” She fell down panting on his shoulder, and rubbed her bare shaved pussy mound into his palm, gasping, and panting on his neck. “Whew!”

“Well, I can’t get off on this,” Peggy ironically got off his hand, “So get your dick out, now.” He fumbled for it, one handed until Xtacy got down on her knees next to him. She took his hand, and smelled her juices on his finger. Then, she walked over on her knees to hold it up to his mouth.

“Suck it, suck up my cum. You taste it?”

“Mhm!” He nodded.

“Huh, yeah, you like it?”

“Smup, yeah. Sit on my face, I’ll lick another orgasm right out of your horny little cunt!”

“Uh, you really know how to talk dirty to a girl.” She turned, and I covered up the camera quick, because she didn’t have a mask on, and I didn’t have any way to edit this, without having childporn on my computer.

Honestly, I’m probably going to delete this. I know I should, and the threat of exposing him is just as good insurance as actually keeping the evidence, only I don’t go to jail for possession, and production of child pornography.

He didn’t even ask me what I wanted, but here it is. I already have it, and I’m getting more than I ever would have thought to bargain for. Now, Xtacy is up on his face, and Penny is slide-riding him, so the top of his dick is slick, and shiny with her juices smeared all over it.

He sure was surprised that we could even get wet, which if he’s telling the truth about fingering little girls when he was in Jr. High probably just means that he never took the time to really turn them on. We’ve been plotting, and planning all day, me practically all summer, and the other 2 since I showed them the pictures this morning but of course we can get wet, and cum. It just takes a really long time, and most child molesters aren’t patient to find out how.

I’m probably dripping in my panties, which I know will be super stinky after this when I finally get home, and alone in bed to watch the video, and delete it. I know it’ll be hard, and I’m going to have to force myself to get rid of the evidence, but I know have to. I just don’t need to right now…

“Uph phfabp!”

“Ahehin!” Xtacy got off, and turned around to see Penny rub him off with her pussy. “He blew a fart right in my puss!” She crossed her legs tight around both hands, laughing.

“Ah uh! Fuck! Huhn!”

“Ew, sick fuck.” Penny slapped him, to ruin his orgasm. “Look at this mess.” She pulled up his shit, and rubbed his face in it.

“No, wh! Ah, you’re the sick psycho bitches, what’s wrong with you?” He wiped the jizz off his face with both hands.

“What’s wrong with me?” Penny came around to shake her finger in his face. “I’ll tell you what’s wrong with me, I didn’t even get any dick. So now, you’re going to get up, get dressed, go out and get me one. NOW!”

“Okay, okay. Jesus, keep your voice down, you don’t have to yell!” He took his shirt off, and went back to get a clean one, but he’d do it. You better believe he’ll do it, and more. Everything we want, when we want it.

“I’m going to rape the shit out of him, ihihihihn!” Peggy shook her fists in front of her face with glee.

‘lets go,’ I whispered, looking back and forth.

“Oh, we just got here!” They whined.

‘I know, but pose for him, and promise him all kinds of tortures for him to think about when he gets back.’

‘then, we’re just going to go, and leave him here?’

‘that’s right, alone. all alone, only this time, he’s going to have nightmares about us coming back.’


‘he’s not going to be able to think about anything else. Anyone else, every time he gets in the car, he’s going to drive like this.” I put my hands up, and turned. “With his head over his shoulder.”

I turned back, and looked right at him. “That’s right, fucker. Now, you’re going to live in fear of ME. A little girl, you’re going to find out exactly what that feels like to live in fear, or you’re going to go to jail, and find out what it feels like to be manhandled by men. Now go, get us a dick to break you in with.”

I won. I don’t even have to fuck his body, and deal with his shit. Now I was in his fucking head, and I’m never coming out.

“Okay, okay.” He practically slammed the door.

“Now, get dressed so we can go before he gets back.”

“Oh, what about my strapon?”

“It’ll be here when we get back. Trust me, it’s better this way.”

The longer we wait, the better it will be, when we come back. the best part is you can do whatever you want to pedophiles, and they’ll never tell.

It’ll be all our little secrets.

By Author Pen Dragon
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