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19 Year Old Girlfriend Cuckolded Me


My Hot 19 Year Old Asian Girlfriend Cuckolded Me with a 53 Year Old Black Man!

My name is Jim and I live in Pleasant Hill, which is in the East Bay of beautiful Northern California. I’m currently 24 years old, 5′-9″ tall, 175 lbs., have blonde hair, blue eyes, and I work in a local bank as a teller.

Last Spring, I started dating an extremely attractive Asian girl named Nikki, who had worked at a competing lending institution. Last Spring, Nikki had just turned 19. She is 5′-6″ tall, 110 lbs., and she has an absolutely stunning figure. I’m particularly attracted to her relatively large breasts. She was the first Asian girl that I had ever dated.

It took me about a month of dating Nikki before I got her top off and got my first taste of her incredible tits. She has awesome dark nipples that instantly become hard and erect when sucked on.

After that first serious make out session, I distinctly remember Nikki asking me what I thought of her breasts. I told her that they were “awesome” (she knew that I was a breast guy). Nikki must have told me 5 times over the next couple of months that all of her friends (nearly all were Asians) were envious of her large breasts and she reminded frequently that it is very rare for thin Asian girls to have large breasts.

Nikki also told me that because her breasts developed when she was 13 years old, her mother was always making her wear clothes that hid her large breasts. Nevertheless, Nikki added that when she got into high school, she began to notice men looking at her chest. At first she said it made her feel uncomfortable, but after a couple of years of such attention, she said that she just learned to accept that most men found her body attractive. She also said that she didn’t normally dress to show off her figure because it caused too much unwanted attention … from men and, surprisingly, women even. Women looked, she said, but men often starred. Nikki said that her nipples were very, very sensitive and would become erect at the slightest stimulation. As a result, Nikki said that her nipples were often noticeable. When that happened, Nikki said that she found that many, many men would stare at her breasts and nipples with dumb looks on their faces.

Nikki loved clothes and she enjoyed dressing fashionably. Instead of showing cleavage, she said that she preferred wearing tight, snug fitting tops when she wanted to get noticed by guys at school.

The extent of our sexual intimacy after 3 months of dating can be summarized as follows: no more than once a week, Nikki would allow me to fondle and suck her tits and she would masturbate me if I asked her nicely. She said her jerking me off was “my special treat.”

Nikki never let me have intercourse with her as she maintained that she was “saving herself for marriage.”

She eventually let me go down on her and she greatly enjoyed it when I licked her shaved pussy to orgasm. I often begged her to suck my cock, but she always refused saying that such intimacy must be reserved for marriage. Our sexual episodes were a welcome treat for me since she didn’t want to get intimate like that except maybe two to three times a month. Nikki believed that serious and frequent intimacy should be reserved for wedded couples and she was afraid that more frequent intimate encounters would lead to premarital sexual intercourse.

About 3 months after I started dating Nikki, we were invited by my boss to use his townhouse in Donner Lake, California (near Lake Tahoe) for 5 days. His luxury townhouse was one of 4 townhouses in a quiet, fairly secluded part of Donner Lake. It was the middle of summer, and since it was in the mountains, my boss said that nobody would likely be in the other 3 townhouses. Thus, my boss said that we’d probably not see any of the other 3 neighbors.

I took my Honda CRF450 dirt bike and I planned to head down into Nevada to do some dirt bike riding a couple of the days. Nikki enjoys reading, blogging, cooking, and working out. Accordingly, we were both excited to be going to the mountains and chilling for 5 days.

Nikki had been a pretty good gymnast in high school, but she said that she grew too much to be really good. Six months before I met her, a girlfriend had convinced Nikki to enter a female fitness competition. Apparently, the proceeds from the competition went to a children’s charity, so Nikki relented and entered just to participate and have fun. She was surprised that after working out for a couple of months with her friend to prepare for the competition, she took 3rd place out of 25 contestants. She learned from the experience that she enjoyed “body sculpting” (that’s what she called it). So Nikki hoped to find a gym in Lake Tahoe during the days that took off to Nevada to ride my dirt bike.

Nikki and I drove up to the mountain townhouse on a Wednesday and we were happy to find that we were indeed alone. My boss’ townhouse was beautiful and the setting was incredibly picturesque with views of Donner Lake and the mountains below. There were huge pine trees everywhere and the mountain air was crisp and clean. We were going to have a great 5 day vacation.

The following morning, Thursday, I headed down to the Nevada desert and had a great day exploring the off road trails on my motorcycle. Since it was remote and desolate, and as I was riding alone, I took it pretty easy and didn’t do anything too crazy. I got back to the Donner Lake townhouse about 3 pm and as I drove up, I could see a white Jeep parked outside one of the other townhouses. I didn’t think much of it, other than to make a mental note to myself to be nice to the neighbors in case they were friends with my boss or my boss’ wife.

About 6 p.m. that night, we heard a knock on the door. I answered the door to find a very tall, older black man, who was smartly dressed in an expensive 3 piece suit. The man extended his hand to me and immediately said confidently, “hi there, my name is Tom and I own unit #2 over there.” We shook hands and I introduced myself saying, “it’s a pleasure to meet you, my name is Tom.” (Again, I knew that I had to be nice because I thought that this guy must know my boss and if they talked, I wanted to make sure that this guy had only good things to say about me.)

My initial impression was that Tom was a nice, sophisticated, gregarious gentleman. Tom asked if happened to have a crescent wrench as he wanted to change the propane tank on his BBQ. I had some basic tools with my motocross gear and so I told Tom, “yes, let’s go out to my truck and see what I have.”

As we were going through my tools, I eventually found a small crescent wrench that Tom said should work perfectly. We got talking and Tom told me that he’d known my boss and his family for over 10 years. Tom said that he comes up about once a month “just to get away from it all.”

Shortly thereafter, Nikki walked out to see what I was doing. Since it was warm out, she was dressed in her workout outfit (she had just gotten down doing an aerobics workout to a DVD that she’d brought up). Nikki must not have realized it, but her nipples were pretty obvious in her tight top that was wet from sweat.

Tom immediately walked up to Nikki and introduced himself as the owner of unit number 2 and my boss’ neighbor. But in addition to extending his hand, Tom leaned down and gave Nikki a quick kiss on her cheek. I thought that was slightly odd, but I figured that it was maybe something that sophisticated types do. Nikki didn’t seemed surprised at all as she just tilted her head and elevated herself onto her tip toes … it all seemed so natural.

Tom mentioned to Nikki that he’d just been telling me that he’s known my boss’ family for a long time. Tom then told Nikki that he needed a wrench because he wanted to change the propane tank on his BBQ as he was going to be grilling some salmon.

Tom had been cooling checking out Nikki’s figure and he asked her if she’d done any body building. Nikki admitted that she had, but quickly added that it was just for fun and that she was a total rookie and more of an ex-gymnast who now enjoyed working out. Tom said that he’d been a competitive body builder many years ago but that he still enjoyed working out. It was then that I noticed that Tom’s shoulders were wide. Still he didn’t look like the typical huge body builder type to me. He was leaner than I thought most big body builder I’d seen.

Tom then told us that he had tons of salmon in his freezer from a recent fishing trip to Alaska and he asked, “have you folks already eaten dinner?” Nikki said that we had not as we hadn’t even talked about dinner yet. Tom insisted that we join him for dinner on his patio because he really needed to get rid of the salmon and he was just not making a dent in it. Nikki loves salmon (it’s her favorite), so it didn’t surprise me when she said, “only if we can bring over some dessert.” I jokingly told Tom, “Nikki loves salmon, but she’s also getting out of making dinner … but that sounds perfect, it’d be our pleasure to join you.” Tom said, “great, why don’t you come over in an hour as I need to change and get the BBQ ready.” We agreed to meet Tom in an hour.

Before I jumped in the shower, Nikki and I both commented that Tom seemed like a very nice man. We both wondered what he did for a living since it appeared that he had a lot of money. Nikki had me mix together a pre-packaged brownie mix we had brought up with us, while she jumped in the shower. After she got out, I took a quick shower. Nikki spent the next half an hour getting ready. I told Nikki to just go casual, but she always likes to do her make up whenever she goes out … so I knew the drill.

When Nikki came down the stairs at 7 pm to go next door, she looked stunning. She was wearing a short black skirt with a tight white top (she knows that I love tight white tops since they show off her large breasts perfectly … and she knows how her big tits turn me on). She wore a very sheer bra that pushed up her big tits, making them huge. Plus you could see the outline of her nipples and it was still very warm out.

Like an idiot, instead of complimenting Nikki and telling her that she looked totally hot, I half-jokingly told her that she was, “overdressed for a BBQ.” She rolled her eyes at me and said “you know me Jimmy, I like dressing up when I go out.” Apparently trying to get a dig in at me for not complimenting her, Nikki added, “besides Jimmy, there’s no reason to be jealous, Tom is older than my father!” That was true.

Trying to recover from my mistake, I told Nikki that I was not jealous; it was just that I hoped she would dress up and look that hot when I took her into town Friday night for dinner. Nikki confidently teased me by responding, “well, if you’re not jealous when I look this good, maybe you should be Jimmy.” I just ignored her and said, “let’s go.”

We walked two townhouses down to Tom’s unit and knocked on the door. Tom yelled out for us to come in. Nikki and I walked in and Tom rushed up to us saying “welcome neighbors!” Tom was wearing a tight fitting black shirt and cream colored slacks and, in addition, he was wearing a chef’s apron that stated in big, bold letters, “Big Tom.” It then became apparent to me that Tom was indeed a body builder as his chest and arms were big and very defined.

Tom again shook my hand as he said, “please join me out back on the patio, the salmon is looking great.” He then told Nikki, “wow, you look absolutely stunning” and he once again kissed her on the cheek. And, after her kissed her, Tom added, “and you smell great to Nikki.” Responding to Tom’s compliments, Nikki half jokingly said to Tom, “thank you Tom, that’s a way better compliment than I got from my boyfriend.” Not wanted to get in the middle of a quarrel, Tom just smiled and said, “please join me out on the patio you guys.”

So we all went out on the patio where Tom was grilling the salmon. Tom was a perfect gentleman, a great cook, and an excellent host. A little surprisingly given how much older he was than us, Tom was an exceptional conversationalist too. He rarely talked about himself and he made us feel so at ease. Tom asked about us through out the evening and he seemed genuinely interested in us and our lives. Both Nikki and I thoroughly enjoyed dinner.

After a splendid meal, Tom invited us into his living room for some wine. Tom said that he was a wine lover and that was one of his only remaining vices. “That and working too much,” he joked. I told Tom that I was more of a beer guy, but that Nikki enjoys wine. Tom told me that I had to try some of his red wine, which he assured me I would like as it’s his absolute favorite. And he told Nikki that if she enjoys red wine, she would surely love it.

Tom poured us each a glass of wine, which was surprisingly enjoyable. We were soon opening another bottle. We sat around talking and drinking wine for a couple of hours.

After a while, Nikki asked Tom how long he’d been into body building. Tom modestly said, “it’s been a hobby for many years.” Nikki then told Tom that he was a huge man and she nearly giggled when she asked him how tall he was and how much he weighted. Tom humbly said, “oh I don’t know, I guess I’m 6 ft, 5 inches and I probably weight around 250 lbs.”

Tom wanted to change the subject, so he then commented to Nikki that she had a great figure and that since she was 5′-6″ and obviously thin and strong, she had a great start for a female body builder. Tom added that it was obvious that Nikki had “excellent muscular definition from years of gymnastics.”

Nikki must have been feeling at ease from all the wine she had consumed given what she did next. Nikki stood up from the couch that she and I were sitting on and she jokingly said to Tom, “watch this!” She then walked up in front of the chair Tom was sitting in and she flexed her bicep muscle. Tom and I busted out laughing because while Nikki definitely has good definition, she certainly doesn’t have big biceps. Nikki laughed along with us, but then she said, “Jimmy knows how strong I am, so go ahead Tom — feel it, feel that muscle!”

Tom and I again laughed.

Nikki said, “I’m serious Tom, feel it.”

Since Nikki was persisting, Tom relented by reaching out his huge hand and with his thumb and index finger he gently squeezed Nikki’s bicep. Although her bicep looked tiny compared to Tom’s huge hand, Tom said, “hey, very impressive Nikki!”

Nikki then jokingly said, “let’s see if yours is bigger than mine,” which made us all laugh as it was obvious that Tom had some big, super well defined guns for biceps.

Tom laughed and said, “no, no, no … I’ve not done competitions in over a decade.”

Nikki laughingly said, “please Tom, let me feel how big your biceps are.” “Jimmy’s got some big biceps,” Nikki added, “but yours look like they are huge.”

Nikki continued to teasingly asking Tom to “make a muscle” for her. I just sat there smiling and thinking that the wine had made Nikki lose her inhabitations and she was being very entertaining and funny. Nikki then reached down and grabbed Tom’s right bicep with both her hands and she squeezed and said, “wow!” Then Nikki excitedly said, “Oh my God Jimmy, look, I can’t even get both of my hands around Tom’s huge biceps, and he’s not even flexing!”

Tom laughed and jokingly said to me, “hey Jimmy, control your girlfriend.”

It was obvious that Tom was joking, but before I could say anything, Nikki snickered loudly and said, “Jimmy can’t control me … he’s tried, but he can’t control this” and she made a gesture toward her figure.

I didn’t say anything and neither did Tom.

So Nikki started laughing and said, “see, Jimmy knows he can’t control this girl!”

That made Nikki laugh and Tom laughed nervously along with her.

Perhaps to try and make me feel better and to reduce the tension in the air, Tom said, “Nikki, there’s probably very few guys that could control you, given how ridiculously attractive you are!”

Nikki loved Tom’s compliment and she responded, “Oh Tom, that’s so sweet of you.” “Now flex your other bicep for me” Nikki said and she moved around to the left side of Tom’s chair and put her hands around Tom’s left bicep.

Tom again relented and he flexed his left bicep. As he did so, it literally pushed Nikki’s little hands apart, which made Nikki squeal and laugh. As a joke, Tom then began to contract, then relax, then contract and relax his left bicep. Since Tom was so much bigger than tiny, petite Nikki, when Tom flexed his left bicep with Nikki hands around it, the expansion and contraction caused Nikki’s hands, arms, and entire upper body to move in response to big Tom’s flexing.

I then noticed that as Tom was flexing, he was looking directly at Nikki’s big tits, which were moving slightly as he flexed his bicep.

Nikki giggled and said, “Oh my God Jimmy, look how big Tom’s arms are.”

I said, “yes, I see.” What I saw was Tom starring at my girlfriend’s big tits, which were only about a foot away from his face.

Nikki asked Tom how often he worked out.

Tom said that he still works out 4 times a week, “just to stay in decent shape.”

However, it was obvious that Tom was in more than decent shape, he was truly in excellent shape.

Nikki then asked Tom how old he was, and Tom replied, “old enough to be your father.”

Nikki laughed and said, “that’s so funny because that’s what I told Jimmy before we came over tonight.”

Tom got a strange look in his face and he replied, “how did the topic of my age come up in your conversation with Jimmy?”

Nikki then realized that her admission may have been interpreted by Tom as some sort of dig about his age. Trying to make up for the slip, Nikki then quickly said, “Oh, it had nothing to do with your age Tom, but rather Jimmy thought that my outfit was too sexy and he was concerned that it would turn you on too much.”

Defending myself, I said, “that’s not exactly true, I just told Nikki that I was not jealous.” And I added to both of them, “and I’m not the jealous type.”

Tom then just laughed and said, “hey guys, it’s cool, it’s cool.”

Surprisingly, Tom added, “Nikki, it’s not your outfit that would turn on any normal guy, it’s what you have underneath it girl.”

Nikki was eating up Tom’s compliments. She was still holding on to Tom’s big bicep and she said, “you’re so sweet Tom … maybe you need to teach my boyfriend how to talk nice and how to appreciate and treat a woman.”

Not wanting to get in the middle of a spat between Nikki and me, Tom wisely said, “I’m sure Jimmy treats you great.”

Nikki admitted, “most of the time he does, but he can always use a few tips … so this is good for him to hear your compliments … and to see how you appreciate a lady!” I wasn’t sure what Nikki meant by that.

Nikki then sat down on the left arm of the big chair that Tom was sitting in. As she sat down next to Tom, Nikki released Tom’s arm and she reached down and kissed Tom on the cheek and told him that he was very sweet.

Nikki and Tom both looked over at me to gauge my reaction. I was speechless.

Nikki then busted up laughing and said, “wow Jimmy, you really aren’t the jealous type are you!” “Either that, or you’re a cool under pressure,” Nikki added.

She then walked back across the room to the couch that we were sitting on together. As she did so, she really moved her hips as if to show off her hot body for both Tom and I.

As we headed for the door, Nikki asked Tom how old he was. Tom was proud to say that he’d just turned 50 (he looked considerably younger given that he was in such good shape). Nikki and I were both surprised to learn that Tom was 53 years old. Nikki thanked Tom for being a good sport and playing along with her attempt to make me a little jealous.

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