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1 sister and 3 brothers

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I’m Gia and I’m 11 and as long as I can remember I’ve always had fingers up my pussy. I have three older brothers nun of us have the same dad my mom is a druggie and gets fucked all the time she sold 3 of my other siblings my mom is pretty young she’s only 28 my brothers. Mate is 19Jay is 18 and Chris is 17. She would have people come over and fuck them, they are had fucked grown woman my mom brought over and that’s how’d she make food money and when she’d sell her body she would make drug money. I was told I was a twin but my sold my sister and my two other sister for drugs. My twin was sold to a woman and this woman is her pimp she’s been pimping my sister out since a very young age. My other two sister are drugged up like my mom I see them ever so often because they still live in the same town.

Anyways for as long as I can remember I have had fingers in my pussy. I had a pretty pink pussy super tight a DD tits and a nice bum. I go to school I’m only 11 but even the teachers know about my fucked up family and almost every lunch break at school I suck dick and eat cum or eat pussy one or the other.

My mom made me take drugs honestly it wasn’t that bad that was the e day I lost my virginity to my three older brother they fucked me every way in and out. They had Dp me right away while I was sucking Matts cock. Me and my mom does drugs a lot of crack but I have a way better tolerance we pop a much of pills.

I stopped going to school to learn now I just wait in the pre school rooms as the kids suck on my tits as I get fucked. I get fucked by every teacher if they pay and I do drugs.

A local news had came to our house cause they had heard about me when they did I had on nothing at all and I had just done had white candy as I like to call it. As we were sitting in the couch I was sitting my Jays dick as Chris and Matt were sucking my tits.

“Miss are those your brothers?” The lady asked “yes” “and how old are you?” “Uh-11 I think yes 11” I said “are you on drugs at the moment?” Yes I told her she then brought out a whole look of cràck and poured it onto me and slapped me and held my face band jerk it towards the camera “this is live say hi you slut” “Hi I’m slut Gia”

Guys honestly I don’t know know

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