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1 Sarah

I had this idea a while ago and it really turned me on.

My phone is going off and when I look, it’s my husband texting me. He doesn’t even bother to call. He says he is going to be home late from work again. I just finished putting dinner on the table.

I sit there and eat alone, having a glass of dark red wine. I know he’s fucking someone now. I take off my pants and start fingering my pussy as I finish eating alone. That bastard.

It is a couple of hours later when I hear him come in the door. The food has been in the refrigerator for a while. I am lying in bed naked. I can hear him rummaging around. He gets a beer out of the fridge and starts drinking it, watching TV. I start masturbating again, rubbing my pussy, stroking myself until my cunt is starting to get engorged.

He starts to go toward the bathroom to take a shower but I stop him before he gets the chance.

“Let’s make love,” I say. 

“I’m really tired,” he says.

I grab him by the groin and give his junk a tug, pulling him towards the bedroom.

We are still in the hall when I undo his belt and pull down his pants and underpants. His dick is still pretty soft. I can see it is kind of red, purple, it looks like it already had a good workout. Time for some more. I start massaging the base of his cock and rubbing his balls and he starts to stiffen up a bit. His cock is still a bit damp, from her, whoever she is. I put my face up close to his cock so he can feel my warm breath on it. I can smell pussy on his cock.

Hell, we’ve been together for how many years now? Twenty-five? More than that. I start licking and sucking on the end of his dick. I can taste her pussy on him.

I start squeezing the base of his dick forcing the fluids up towards the tip. Yup, there is a little drop of semen still in his shaft. Aww, she left some behind. Does he know that I know? 

He’s getting pretty hard now. I have to admit he is pretty big when he’s hard. I remember when we first started going out. I was pretty small. His cock seemed SO big! It felt so good in my tight pussy. Now his cock is engorged to nearly full size.

I start sucking hard on his cock. I pull it into my mouth deeper and deeper. I pull on his butt cheeks to force his cock into the back of my throat. He reflexively grabs my short black hair and pulls my head into his groin until my nose is buried in his pubes. I can still smell her pussy on him.

I remember when this would already have made me gag. My gag reflex is pretty much gone now. That took quite a bit of practice. Although, if this goes on long enough and deep enough. Yup, there it goes, still have a bit of gag reflex. The thick slime I choke up covers his cock as I rub it with my hands all over his shaft and balls. I slurp up the excess slime and swallow it.

His balls are pretty slimed up now. I wrap my thumb and forefinger around the base of his scrotum and start squeezing as my palm wraps around his balls nice and tight. He lets out a moan, mostly pleasure. I squeeze a bit harder. Then he really moans, this time involuntarily.

He starts pumping his cock deep down my throat. It was probably that skinny blond from the office. I think about him fucking her as he continues to fuck my mouth. I feel tears running down my cheek, I am so mad, or maybe it is from the blow job. My pussy is wet now. I feel a dampness on the inside of my thigh. Enough of this.

I pull back away from him and stand up. I grab him by the balls and pull him into the bedroom. Where the balls go, the rest of the body will follow. I lay him down on his back and mount him. We are both so wet he slides easily into my cunt, then I start pounding him, bouncing on him, faster and harder.

He is panting pretty hard, but I am starting to think he is not going to be able to cum. Dammit, you are going to cum! I pull off of him and twist around and start sucking his cock again. As I suck his cock, I slap his balls once hard. He reflexively tries to close his legs. I spread his legs apart gently, yet forcefully, all the while sucking on his dick. I push his cock deep down my throat and slap his balls again, really hard this time. He cries out, but I just keep slapping them in a frenzy as I suck his cock. That got him!

He lets out a series of moans as his hot semen spurts into my mouth. I keep my mouth locked on his cock until I squeeze all of the cum out of his shaft. I am not leaving any behind! After his orgasm, he starts to relax. I make sure I get every drop of cum into my mouth running the tip of my tongue over the end of his cock. 

I spoon up beside him and start rubbing his chest. I turn his face so he is looking at me. He has a far-away look in his eyes. I take a deep breath through my nose, I still have a mouthful of cum. I spit it directly into his face.

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